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8-26-21 Thursday Weigh-In -- Last Weigh Of August


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The months are going so fast

Why won't summer last


As you can see it's getting darker at night

Wishing it would stay lighter with all my might


Doesn't it seem like we eat better in summer

Winter so much good comfort food it's a bummer


Only thing good with months not seeming to last

Some of us our cruises are coming fast


So whatever month it is-- eating healthy and losing some weight each day

That's our goal, so it adds up to pounds lost for Weigh-In Thursdays


So wishing you all had a good week

That you got some weight off you seek







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Its hard to evaluate this summer as I spent most of my time at home. It was a hot summer I shall say and I gained some significant amount of weight but in any case its nothing compared to the time spent on a cruise.. If I managed to have this time this year 

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Hi All!

This week was wild.  My sweet dil got sick last week and tested positive for covid.  Thank God she had been vaccinated.  It was a mild stomach issue and coughing.  Anyway we got to keep the 3month old grandson for 10 days!  Now I know why God does not let old women have children.  He is a chunk of love but Very heavy.  Doing all the weight lifting I did loose 1.5 pounds this week.  He went home yesterday.  I called them and told her I needed to borrow him for one more week for another good loss!

During the week we got another casino offer from Celebrity and booked Another cruise.  We now have our first on Sept 11.  Time to start packing......Susan

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Susan - We have a 1 month old grandson - love holding him, but, like you said very heavy - not sure how I held my kids when they were little, love him,  ... but have to switch off with DH, the arms just won't take the weight! 


Glad your DIL had a mild case and the baby didn't get it!    Jan

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Susan - what an ingenious was to loose wt. congrats on the loss and a cruise coming up so quickly.  Thank goodness for the vaccine!!!

Jan the same is good.  

Roger welcome.  This is a great site for motivation .


im down  1 lb.  I’m getting close to fitting into a medium. 



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Up another 1/2" so that's +1" in August. Not too bad as its over a cruise & 1st week home (don't know why I also gain the 1st week back). 


Yes, those babies are heavy, Jan & Susan


Welcome Roger88

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Roger---Welcome. Yes join us and get some of the stay at home gain off.

We kept coming in during 2020 and thru now and had loss's and not many gains.

Jan---Glad you had a nice dinner with family and that be why not a loss. Maybe in the

next few days. Least you didn't gain.

Susan---Sorry your DD was sick. Glad she's better. You got a double blessing. Got to

watch your Grandson and lose weight! Lucky you, you get to cruise in two weeks!

Izena---Another good loss . You were maintaining and you lost. Medium--Good Job!

Ombud---You know why the 1st week home you can gain. Is your use to eating more and

different things then at home. Your body and you liked it. So 1s week home it's hard to eat less.

Me---I'm down a few pounds.


Everyone have a good weekend.  Next weigh-in will be in Sept. Where has the year gone?

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Belle thanks for this thread. Good job down lbs.


boring day. Cooked weeks chicken.  Need to rehang curtains ( too heavy need to put in molly/ expanding  bolts never done before will procrastinate for a few weeks).

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It's been a long month at work and hot days here in Vermont. Fortunately, its in the 70's today and yesterday. I lost another pound and just hit my 20 lbs lost goal so I'm motivated for more. I also notice that I'm working for every pound lost now and the easy weight is gone. 


I have 47 lbs to go to get to what they say is my ideal weight is (184lbs). I'll evaluate my ideal weight number when I get closer. 

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Hi all!


Belle ~ I have to agree, where has the summer gone?!! I only started wearing my sandals a week or so ago!!


Craxe77 ~ 20 lbs is a nice loss, WTG!


Susan ~ great re booking another cruise! Glad your DDIL wasn't too sick with Covid & you got to mind your grandchild.


I'm down 0.8 lbs so pretty happy about that. Now I'm in the mid 160's & want to be 150 at some point.

Just 9 more weeks 'til my cruise sails away so I'm really looking forward to that.


 Have a nice weekend & stay safe.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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The scale casts a long shadow…


Despite hard work in the gym and making pretty good decisions food wise I gained 4.5 pounds this week. That not only means I wiped out all my losses since my July 24th weigh in, I also ended up gaining weight in August. This feels like a devastating setback.


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Optimus -  Don’t focus on the number.  You have a great routine. I think your scale is haunted.


Craxe - good job meeting your 20lb goal.  I was able to achieve my ultimate goal in 13 months by setting small achievable goals throughout the year.


Jo - great job on loss.  You can get to the 150’s .  Knowing we might actually be able to cruise soon.


Susan — this is a welfare check.  Are you being affected by Hurricane IDA?

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Very quiet here.   Same routine walk, count calories and play on iPad.   A month since surgery mind finally back to normal.  One incision line  has a firm  quarter size firmness with redness.  Incision line not infected- yesterday started on antibiotics go back Thursday  I hope that what ever it is doesn’t require surgery and can be managed with office visits.  Thought of having anesthesia again concerns me.   

i hope everyone is healthy, and happy with their eating plans.

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Here it is after midnight so it's September 1st.  MY BIRTHDAY!🎂


I know others in here have September Birthday's too but I'm the 1st on the 1st!🙂



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On 8/28/2021 at 10:12 AM, optimusprime82 said:

Despite hard work in the gym and making pretty good decisions food wise I gained

1 of the issues I had with WW was that it focused on 'that' number not the BFA number. That's why I measure not weigh.  I personally don't really care if it's muscle.  So hard work in gym = ^ muscle


All told, back to my pre-cruise measurement

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HI all!


Belle ~ wishing you many happy healthy returns of the day! Happy birthday.🎂


I'm a little scared for tomorrow's weigh in as I was at our annual siblings' day at my sister's cottage.

She's a good cook & baker so there may have been some brownies & butter tarts consumed.


See you tomorrow. Stay safe.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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