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Jim_Iain - 9/5 and 9/17 Equinox B2B - Come along for a Live Blog


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1 hour ago, Jim_Iain said:

The driver missed the Suite Luggage Drop which is right at the front door.   We just gave them to a regular porter.   


In the picture from the ship the drop off and entrance is right by the where the porters are with carts.



Is that a new scupture?  I do not recall seeing it on either EDGE departure.

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1 hour ago, funatseascott said:

Yes, Santal 33 from Le Labo.  To me, manly smell so not sure what the ladies think of it.  My wife brings her own stuff, so it won’t bother her.


Our Butler is Orlando, so guessing we aren’t neighbors on deck 11.

Orlando was our butler, too, a few weeks ago, eager to help.

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Have a wonderful cruise Jim!

I will check up on this thread to read your posts. Thanks for taking us armchair cruising. We got off the Equinox on August 27. Enjoyed it a lot. Wonderful crew and staff.

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1 hour ago, Jim_Iain said:

Recently there were questions of binoculars.    They have upgraded them in a RS to a nice pair from those cheap kids ones they always had.    They are about 6-7 inches tall.    Will have to give them a try.



Nice upgrade!  We can leave ours home.


Not sure about the toiletries..I love all  the CO Bigelow products.. I use them at our vacation home and were happy to see them on  EDGE.


.  As long as the products are not allergy inducing..okay for a cruise week or two,

Worst ever was when they had the lemongrass products....best as a mosquito repellent!


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Everything looks simply wonderful.  The photos are fabulous.  99 days to go for us!

Can you please let us know if the balcony gets morning sun, afternoon sun or if completely shaded?

Thanks, Jim.   

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On 9/1/2021 at 4:07 PM, Jim_Iain said:

As a preface I will tell you a little about us.   I am Jim and actively participated in CC and love all the wonderful folks here.   Iain on the other hand has never logged onto CC but hears all the trials and tribulations on a regular basis.  

Iain was born and grew up in Scotland and immigrated to the U.S. in the 70.   He holds dual citizenship so finds it easier to clear immigration when in Europe than I do.  I grew up in the North East -  NY, NJ, PA, MA and moving every year or two left me with no sense of being from anywhere in particular.    I moved to California May 17, 1974 -  a memorable day as it was the day of the Patty Hurst SLA shoot out.


We have been together for 34 years and have  3 adult children and 5 Grand kids.  


We live in the middle of Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale which is a town of 150,000.   Sunnyvale is located about 10 miles north of San Jose and 40 miles south of San Francisco.    We share our neighborhood with tech giants like Apple, LinkedIn and Google.    We are very convenient to either SJC or SFO but find it easier to fly in and out of San Jose Airport.  For this trip we ended up cancelling our SJC flight and booking one out of SFO.

I live a few minutes from you(:

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6 hours ago, Jim_Iain said:

Thanks for the information.    I jotted it down and will make sure we enjoy those first couple beaches.   Is it pretty safe to drive a golf cart around.    Iain thinks I'm nuts... but we all knew that already .

It is very safe..we have done it many times

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4 hours ago, MartinsCruise said:


We are still up for the golf cart race.  😄


Bon Voyage!  I'll happily be watching sail away knowing that we'll be on the next time it leaves FLL.

WE have done the golf carts before...follow us..:)( kidding)...we stop and  snorkel a lot

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2 hours ago, Jim_Iain said:



Lots of small boats in channel and the Coast Guard with a machine gun mounted was aggressively keeping them away.








Can't wait to sail by that point in November!! Bon voyage!

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8 hours ago, Jim_Iain said:


The also have new bathroom items.    It's a brand I have never heard of but we can all research it together.   Le Labo's Sental 33



Interesting.  Looked it up on the internet.  The shower gel seems to have a long list of ingredients, but they don't list them separately.  Trying to read them on the label is difficult.  Will be interested to hear what you think of it.  It's definitely an upscale price.

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A few more book suggestions:  🤔🧐🙂 


We all have different views about good books....for reference, I used to read Agatha Christie years ago.  Then I stumbled into Sayers and Tey and they raised the bar big time for what I expected from a mystery.  I don’t like “cosy mysteries” with titles like “The Apple Pie Murder” or something similar....just a frame of reference for what I prefer and what I recommend to others.


BTW, if you read no other books by Dorothy L. Sayers, make it “Murder Must Advertise”.  The ending is stunning and stays with you.  And “The Nine Tailors”, often noted as one of the best mysteries ever written.


Elizabeth George’s Inspector Lynley Series.  Wonderful characters.  Need to read them in order.  Just great books.


Donna Leon’s Brunetti series.  Takes place in Venice....you really get a feel for Italian daily life, (for the Venetian’s true view of tourists and the cruise ships at times).  I think they could be read out of order.  Love them....you feel like you are in Italy.  Not procedural or forensic, but more of a dogged inspector who keeps plugging.


Any books by Tana French. Some are haunting....hard to put down.


Any books by P. D. James.  



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8 hours ago, Jim_Iain said:

It takes less then 5 minutes and then you just drop by your muster station and the give you a 1-2 minute refresher on the lifejackets.

We were only  given a sticker for our card recently on Silhouette, no refresher, but they did ask for our room number. I had however gone through the safety drill a number of times on the app, after getting an email advising us to go through it before we left home.


BTW how did you attach your pictures with a space between them?

Mine attach stuck together, as the first 2 of yours in post #344, on the sail.

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12 hours ago, Jim_Iain said:

Someone asked earlier how we got from Embassy Suites to the Port.    I compared Uber and Lyft again and this time we took Lyft.

   We chose the one with 10 minute waiting time but he was there in about 3 minutes.





interesting your uber and lyft prices are similiar.


from the ship to hard rock casino, uber was like $19 and lyft was $16.
coming back (casino to ship), uber was $15 and lyft was $12.


my conspiracy theory:

i loaded a $25 giftcard for my uber acct.

uber might be taking advantage of that and charging me 20% more?


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18 hours ago, MartinsCruise said:

Do they have another way of tracing those who are possibly at risk because they were close to someone who tested positive or are they just giving up on quarantining? 

I asked a couple people and the said the could use things like your room key security cameras.   Weather they can do that or not i don't know.

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17 hours ago, MartinsCruise said:

Doug used to have MGB's and we would go on road rallies in our younger years.  Those were a lot of fun but we would sometimes end up getting lost.  For better or worse he has moved on to Corvettes.  This may help with racing. lol

Nice toy indeed.     I had a Corvette when I was in Collage.     At that time and I'm showing my age gas was as low as 25 cents per gallon.     Boy could that car drink the  fuel.    

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16 hours ago, micheleata said:


We felt very safe on the Southern route.  There was hardly any traffic and a lot of other carts.   The Northern route had more traffic, but I still felt pretty safe.  We drove thru the donkey Sanctuary also.  They come right up to you and follow your cart around.   Interesting experience, and it felt good to give a donation.

Sounds like a fun day for sure.     Is the Donkey Sanctuary shown on the map?     

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