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The Daily for Friday September 10, 2021


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Today is Sewing Machine Day, Swap Ideas Day, and TV Dinner Day

"I have tried to know absolutely nothing about a great many things, and I have succeeded fairly well. - Robert Benchley"

Meal suggestion for today - Australian Style Grilled Shrimp

Drink of the Day - Gimlet

Wine of the day - Nasiakos 2018 Agiorgitiko (Peloponnese) Greece

Destination of the Day - Cascade Norfolk Island Australia

Ships with Passengers

At Sea Pacific
Nieuw Amsterdam Destination Seattle

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Eurodam 14:00-22:00

Ships without Passengers

At Sea Pacific
Koningsdam Drifting

Corfu GR

Ensenada MX
Noordam Anchorage

Ijmuiden NL

Puerto Vallarta MX

San Diego

Scheveningen NL
Oosterdam Anchorage

Stirrup Cay
Nieuw Statendam Amchorage



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Thank you for the TGIF Daily, Rich.  I'll have a microwave dinner occasionally which I think is the modern equivalent of the TV dinner.  A big salute to sewing machines and Swapping Ideas.  I like the Benchley quote.  I haven't been to Norfolk Island although think I was scheduled there once but diverted due to weather.  I'll pass on the shrimp.


Today’s care list:

Welfare of furloughed crews
Western (Especially BC and Lake Tahoe) wildfires
cat shepard’s friend undergoing chemo for stage four cancer
JAM37 DH fighting Covid but contuing to show improvement
Allen;s biopsy result
dfish friend Donna in hip surgery instead of cruising
StLouisCruiser larngoscopy
Kb4863 awaiting covid test results after possible exposure
Lady Hudson’s BIL recovering from nasty fall
From the rotation:
irishjim awaiting surgery for ear cancer September 14
Scout Jamie C recovering from major surgery


Celebrations and Shoutouts

Welcome aboard Jajmd
2 BHB with passengers
Front Line Health Care Workers
good pathology for durangoscots
Cruisin single’s conversation with radiologist (and negative covid test)
dfish and Sue in Seattle meeting Cruising0Along
Notseh2o visit with mom
Overhead Fred at the Cottage and negative
HorizonChaser1957 free of timeshare
Getaway for segarsmoker
and Staff Captain Sabine, HAL’s likely first female Captain(I know this is a repeat but she’s worth it)




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Good morning all and thank you for today’s report Rich.  A nod to sewing machines.  Always nice to swap ideas. I haven’t had a TV dinner in years, I loved the beans and franks one when I was little.  Fun quote today.  The meal suggestion sounds nice today.  I do like a gin gimlet made with Rose’s Lime Juice on occasion.  I haven’t been to today’s port yet and can’t wait to see the photos.  Prayers for all on our prayer list today and cheers to everyone celebrating a happy event.  

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Good Friday morning.  I gave my sewing machine away when we moved south.  I swap ideas daily with my fellow card makers.  And we haven't had a TV dinner in decades.  Do eat some frozen but not a whole dinner.  Interesting Benchley quote.  Love the menu suggestion, will wait for Kazu's recipe to print.  Have not been to today's port, will wait for the photo's.

Major prayers for our care list and loud shout-outs to the celebration list.  Prayers for all our travelers heading to the ports for their fabulous cruises on our BHB.

Stay safe, social distance, and wear your mask.


The gimlet is a cocktail made of gin and lime juice. A 1928 description of the drink was: gin, and a spot of lime. The description in the 1953 Raymond Chandler novel The Long Goodbye stated that "a real gimlet is half gin and half Rose's lime juice cordial and nothing else." Wikipedia
Main alcohol: Gin
Ingredients: Four parts Gin, One part sweetened Lime Juice
Preparation: Mix and serve. Garnish with a slice of lime.
Served: Straight or on the rocks
Standard garnish: Lime
Drinkware: Cocktail glass


Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 3.12.07 PM.png

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Good Morning everyone, and thank you Rich for the Daily Report and Roy for the Cares and Celebration Report.


TV dinners came in an aluminum compartmented plate. Is "Swanson's" still a producer? We may have tried them initially when introduced. What I remember are the ads on TV and that piece of beef looked grey. 

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Good Morning. Thanks for the daily and the lists.

I remember having a TV dinner once (maybe twice) a long time ago. It was terrible. There was a great scene involving TV dinners in an old Woody Allen film. A guy opens Wood's freezer ands ees it is filled with TV dinners. He says: I see you cook a lot of TV dinners. Woody relpied, "Who bothers to ccok them, I just suck on them frozen". 

The dinner and drink sound like winners for today.

Stay safe everyone.

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Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich.


Thank you for keeping our lists, Roy! Morning Dailyite family. I am excited - my twice relocated Bird of Paradise that I had just about given up on - has a blossom. It is small, but a lovely sight. 
Thinking of you today, Sandy! Hope the test finds the issue and helps you find a solution to your cough.  Debbie & Caroline enjoy your get together!


No clue what I will do today besides PT and my PT homework. And Bindi walks. The weather is a 100% improvement from yesterday’s. 

Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all who are celebrating! Stay well everyone!



Nasiakos 2018 Agiorgitiko (Peloponnese)

This red has very good - excellent ratings from both consumers and reviewers. I found a few online distributors with prices starting at $17.97. This sounds like one I would like to at least taste. 

90WE This red starts with red fruit, warming spice and cedar aromas, and on the palate, an elegant balance of forest fruit, spice and smoke. The wine's style is soft and rich, with a lingering blackberry finish. Pair with lamb, soft cheeses. 

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Good morning everyone. The only time I used a sewing machine was in home ex class in middle school or junior high as it was called back then. I made a beautiful white corduroy skating skirt lines with red satin. I also made a top with one arm hole too small for me to get my arm through. I was a great knitter though. I made a hat and sweater for my first born daughter that was worn home from the hospital by my three children, five grandsons and is wrapped in tissue paper and waiting for my great grandchild some where down the road.

Sam has had a few incidents that took us to our nurse and instant care. He had a chest X-ray that showed some fluid in his lungs and the doc at instant care wanted to give him heavy duty antibiotics. We sent the report to him internist and pulmonologist who both said no, just a diuretic. It’s been my experience that those instant care places throw antibiotics at everyone.

While all these emergencies rattled me, he’s fine.

Today I finally have an appointment with the lady who is going to takeover the insurance companies for me. Her car was in a repair shop when Ida hit here and the shop got flooded and her car was totaled.

I’m off to the podiatrist so he can check my infected ingrown toe nail. He killed me last week so I’m hoping it’s ok now.

Stay safe everyone,


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Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our TGIF smile


I have several good friends who love sewing so will celebrate sewing machine day for them.  Love swapping ideas with people.  Only tried a TV dinner once when I was in University.  Once was enough 😉 


LOL on the Benchley quote 😂 


Love today’s meal suggestion -  Australian Style Grilled Shrimp




This recipe is 5* rated and pretty easy to prepare.  It’s been a hit when I have served it.  Make sure to marinate your shrimp long enough.  For safety’s sake, I prefer the fridge method.  https://www.food.com/recipe/australian-shrimp-on-the-barbie-142234




And since we’re talking about cooking, ever walk into the kitchen and wonder why you went there.  I solved that problem:




Prayers for everyone on the Care list & for those that need them and 🥂 to those on the Celebratory / Shout Out list.


Have a great Friday everyone !!!!!




Stay safe and please don’t forget your 😷 

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Good morning. Thank you for the Daily, the Lists and the Recipes.


I have never owned a sewing machine, but know a few special ladies that have or do. My husband eats TV dinners when I am not here to cook which isn't very often. Swapping ideas can at times be educational, fun or funny depending on the subject.


Interesting quote and the meal sounds good.


@kazu Jacqui, thank you for taking on the meal recipe in Debbie's absence.

@dfish Debbie, enjoy your cruise to the fullest.

@StLouis Cruiser Sandi, thinking of you today and hoping for resolution.


DH continues to feel better. By the evening he is worn out even though he isn't doing anything during the day. Sleep is still hit or miss but better than a week ago. The coughing is the biggest issue now.


The cruise we booked Wednesday is a Royal Caribbean on the Mariner OTS in late February 2022. (The day we embark will be exactly two months after we disembark the Nieuw Amsterdam.) This will be my first time on Royal Caribbean. It will also be the shortest cruise I have been on as it is a four night to Nassau and Coco Cay.


Prayers and praises for those on our lists.

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Good  morning everyone  and  thanks  to  Rich  for  the  Daily. Thanks  also  to  Roy  for  our  lists  and  the  Food  and  Beverage  Departments.


@kazu, I  loved  the  "Lone Ranger" comic  and  thank  you  for  the  shrimp  recipe. If  I  can  get  shrimp  later  today, it  will  appear  tonight  for  dinner  as  I  am  certain  everyone  will  enjoy  it.


I  was  never  very  good  with  the  sewing  machine  but  salute  those  who  enjoy  it. I  love  swapping  ideas  and  I  have  never  tried  a  TV  dinner. We  have  not  been  to  the  port  but  hope  to  see  pictures later.


School  buses  were  out  early    when  Fred  and I  were  walking,the  sun  was  not  up  yet  but  I  guess  the  older  students  use  them  for  the  first  run. I  could feel  the  hint  of  fall  in  the  air as  well.


@StLouisCruisers, thinking  of  you  today  and  I  hope  all  goes  well  with  your  test


Have  a  nice  day,everyone  but  be  careful.




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A couple updates from me.  I didn't see it in the daily yesterday but it looks like Zuiderdam restart has been delayed until December.  It looks like both @irishjim and @Cruising-along had September bookings.

I am scheduled for a Covid test this afternoon.  No special reason but I have a high school reunion in upstate New York next weekend.



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Good morning, all! I’m up early today. My sewing machine is on Salt Spring right now. This past year is the first time I’ve finally been comfortable using it. I’ve done more sewing in the past year than in the 60 years before that added up! The meal sounds good, but DH does not eat shrimp so we’ll pass.

Well, the package from my unofficial son was delivered yesterday. It is a beautiful fruit basket. He said he wanted something DH and I could both enjoy, and knows we are back on our diets. Fruit was a perfect choice, and I’m looking forward to using the basket for holding  fabric or wool for the current project of the day once it’s empty.


The message that came with it.



The salmon have started running in the Vedder River now. When we went to walk today’s section of the river trail yesterday, there were new signs up that hadn’t been there before. That section of the trail is a little more rustic and less populated than the popular biking sections. At one point there were large wet footprints crossing the trail from the river to a path going into the undergrowth. I didn’t follow them!😳



We also got our new cabin assignment for the 2023 GWV. It’s not what I was hoping for, and much smaller than our original cabin on the Zaandam, but it could certainly be worse. It’s also showing on our account, but we haven’t been notified, so it may not be final.

Happy Friday, and enjoy the weekend even if you aren’t on a BHB!



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11 minutes ago, rafinmd said:

A couple updates from me.  I didn't see it in the daily yesterday but it looks like Zuiderdam restart has been delayed until December.  It looks like both @irishjim and @Cruising-along had September bookings.


Yes, Zuiderdam, Oosterdam & Noordam have all had some cruises cancelled & replaced with others.  Here’s the listing in case anyone needs it.







11 minutes ago, rafinmd said:

I am scheduled for a Covid test this afternoon.  No special reason but I have a high school reunion in upstate New York next weekend.


Good luck with the test, Roy.  I hope you fail (negative) 😄 

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Good Morning All,

We had a short thunderstorm with RAIN last night, and it was glorious. Thankful for what we received, and would love to have more.


Ill celebrate my sewing machine next week. Am still in the midst of a digitizing project for an embroidery. I love ❤️ 💕 my Bernina.


Yesterday’s field trip to watch a train be built was interesting, but a bit disappointing. When we got there, it was already classified and ready to roll. We got to watch some switching to put the 2 strings together with the power, then head out the main line. The lecture was interesting. Glad I did it, no need to repeat it.😉

Today’s activity is an all day class in building structures. I’ve figured some of it out, but can use some professional help.🤨 The goal is a few structures under the Christmas tree.


Have a great day everyone!

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Good morning, thanks for the Daily!  My sewing machine used to languish in the spare room until we started hearing about a possible pandemic.  That's when it took up residence on our dining room table and the mask-making began.  I even learned how to repair it, thanks to YouTube; it's amazing how resourceful you can become when you really need to!


I love swapping ideas with people, getting new ones to put to use right away, and tucking the rest away for another time.  I remember having the occasional TV dinner as a child - what a treat they were, especially the fried chicken.  I bet they don't taste the same today.


It looks like fall is coming to the "frozen tundra", just yesterday we saw a couple of V's of geese flying over our house, and most of the songbirds are gone as well.  Our yard has grown very quiet over the past couple of weeks, most noticeable in the early morning when we sit on the deck to read the paper, or in the evenings having dinner out there.


I think we're going to use the good weather today to give both vehicles a good cleaning, inside and out.  DH will take one over for a car wash while I do the inside of the other, then we'll switch vehicles and get both of them ready for the upcoming seasons.  It's time to replace the lightweight floor mats with the heavier, deep grooved mats that will hold slush and snow without leaking out onto the carpet, or onto the back of your slacks.   That should keep us busy for a couple of hours today!


I like today's menu, but we've been invited over to friends for dinner tonight - they recently relocated from another city a couple of hours away, but we haven't been able to get together since they've settled in.  It will be a chance to see their new home and have a leisurely dinner together.  I'm not sure what's on the menu, but he's a great cook, so I'm sure it will be delicious.  And wine.


@StLouisCruisersgood luck with your laryngoscopy today; hopefully they can find the source of your cough and remedy it.

@dfishI'm excited for you, knowing tomorrow you sail!

@mamaofamihope Sam's issues are easily remedied.  You have so much on your plate!


Prayers for everyone who needs them and even for those who don't think they do.  Raising the glasses together to celebrate all on the happy list.  Stay safe, wash your hands, wear your mask, be well, and hydrate!


Smooth Sailing!  🙂🙂🙂


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Well every day seems to be TGIF for this retiree so I was just thankful to wake up on this side of the grass!


If your booked for a soon to be cruise one has to be able to adapt to changes some by Mother Nature! Didn’t realize how much damage was done to Puerto Vallarta from a hurricane Aug 29 and now Hurricane Olaf looks like it’s headed toward Cabo San Lucas! Add to that the daily restriction/protocol announcements from different ports of call makes for interesting planning.


What I do know is that we will be very happy even if we have to spend all 23 days from Seattle to Florida on-board the MS Nieuw Amsterdam!🛳


Have a great day and a memorable weekend.

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42 minutes ago, rafinmd said:

A couple updates from me.  I didn't see it in the daily yesterday but it looks like Zuiderdam restart has been delayed until December.  It looks like both @irishjim and @Cruising-along had September bookings.

I am scheduled for a Covid test this afternoon.  No special reason but I have a high school reunion in upstate New York next weekend.



Praying your test this afternoon is negative.

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Wow, I'm so late today!  I may have to get used to being late because I finally talked DH into going back to our Sun City gym, and we did that this morning.  We walked over and back which is a 2.5 mile walk so no treadmill needed.  I've been wanting to get back over there to use all the weight machines (about 15 of them).  Instead DH was looking online for a piece of equipment for our own home that would take the place of going to the gym.  We looked at one in person and I just didn't feel it was going to be sturdy enough or easy enough to use.  We went to the Sun City gym 6 days a week from 2012 through 2019 except while cruising.  I had muscles you wouldn't believe!  Now I have none so this morning I tried to be gentle on myself but I know I will be aching the next couple of days.  One machine, an upper chest press, I couldn't even lift 20 lbs on it and that is the minimum weight! It was always the hardest machine so I have a long way to go.  I'll keep you all updated as we progress.  💪


So good morning to all!  I have several hours before I leave for the laryngoscopy.  Surprisingly, I'm not nervous about it.  I have no idea how it will feel so maybe that's why I'm not worried yet.  Thank you @kazu, @cat shepard, @JAM37, @ger_77and all others who wished me well.  @Horizon chaser 1957what a nice gift from your unofficial son!  So thoughtful!  Enjoy it!  @mamaofamiI hope Sam is doing okay now.  Sorry for his latest trouble and I'm sure you didn't need any more worries, either.  @rafinmdgood luck failing your Covid test today!  Thanks also for placing me on the Care list and I send prayers to all on there who are in need of them.  Cheers to the Celebration list as well.


As for the days, menu suggestion, and port of call, I have not been to Cascade on Norfolk Island, Australia.  So many new ports in Australia to see.  I'll have to find out which ship HAL is sending to all these new places.  I hope to see some nice photos today of Norfolk Island.  The menu suggestion looks great.  Thanks @kazufor taking over the food department for @dfish.  I hope Debbie and sister have a wonderful time.  


As for sewing machine day, I do own one and have used it here and there.  Lately it's only use was constructing the cross stitch Christmas stockings but during the pandemic I haven't done any work on my stocking.  It's just sitting in a drawer while I peruse CC all day.  That has got to change!  Swap ideas day sounds like a constructive way to get things done.  And TV dinner day, well I haven't had one of those in many, many years.  I admit as a child they weren't too bad, but I'm sure things have changed since then. 


Sorry to go on and on.  So much to talk about sometimes.  I'll let you all know later how the test went.  I'm not sure if they will tell me anything today or not, but I hope so.  It would be great if I knew of a way to fix this cough.  Have a great Friday everyone! 

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