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The Daily for Saturday September 11, 2021


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Today is 911 Remembrance, Make Your Bed Day, and No News is Good News Day

"The story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello, goodbye. - Jimi Hendrix"

Meal suggestion for today - Beer Wisconsin Bratwurst

Drink of the Day - French Connection

Wine of the day - Mascota Vineyards Unanime Malbec 2016

Destination of the Day - Rhodes Greece

Ships with Passengers

At Sea
Eurodam 00:00 - 24:00

Seattle, WA
Nieuw Amsterdam 07:00 - 16:00

Ships without Passengers

At Sea Pacific
Koningsdam Drifting

Corfu GR

Ensenada MX
Noordam Anchorage

Ijmuiden NL

Port Everglades
Nieuw Statendam

Puerto Vallarta MX

San Diego

Scheveningen NL
Oosterdam Anchorage





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Thank you for the Saturday Daily, Rich.  I'd love to have my bed made by a HAL steward.  No news would certainly have been good news 20 years ago today.  Interesting quote by Hendrix.  Have not been to Rhodes.  I'll pass on the meal.


  I'm going to start with an annual  9/11 version of my lists with the regular lists coming later:

9/11 In memoriam and heroes

In memory of:

Firefighter Keven O’Rourke, FDNY
PANYNJ Police Officer Bruce Reynolds–Officer Reynolds was on patrol on the George Washington Bridge and diverted to the World Trade Center where he perished in the Collapse of the South Tower




Captain John Ogonowski, AA 11, World Trade Center
Captain Victor Saracini, UA 175, W/orld Trade Center
Captain Jason Dahl, UA 93, Shanksville, PA
Captain Charles Burlingame, AA 77. Pentagon–”A pilot will fight to the ends of the earth to save his aircraft–He just will!”  Captain Beverly Bass
2990 others that day
At least 2000 since then from illness related to toxic substances encountered during rescue including Cruisin single’s DH


My 9/11 Heroes(Many now retired)

Captain Beverly Bass(Ret)
Mayor Claude Elliott(Ret)
Constable Oz Fudge(Ret)
Gander Academy teacher Diane Davis and Gander Legion Staffer Beulah Cooper (together Beulah Davis)
Reporter Janice Goudie and Brian Moser (Together Janice Moser)
Nick and Diane
Kevin Tuereff
and SPCA Executive Bonnie Harris

And a quote of the day”Suddenly I’m Flying Paris to Dallas; Across the Atlantic and Feeling Calm; When Suddenly someone on Air to Air Traffic said “At 846 we had a terrorist action”; and the one thing I loved more then anything was used as the BOMB–Sud-den-ly I’m in a ho-tel” , Captain Beverly Bass

We will and should never forget the horror of 9/11 but I firmly believe that if that is ALL we remember it's a victory for the terrorists.



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Today’s care list:

Welfare of furloughed crews
Western (Especially BC and Lake Tahoe) wildfires
cat shepard’s friend undergoing chemo for stage four cancer
JAM37 DH fighting Covid but contuing to show improvement
Allen;s biopsy result
dfish friend Donna in hip surgery instead of cruising
StLouisCruiser larngoscopy
Kb4863 awaiting covid test results after possible exposure
Lady Hudson’s BIL recovering from nasty fall
Fluid in Sam’s lungs
From the rotation:
Krazy Kruizer DH Joe
Me awaiting PET test results


Celebrations and Shoutouts

Welcome aboard Jajmd
2 BHB with passengers
Front Line Health Care Workers
Bon Voyage Dfish and Sue
Notseh2o visit with mom
Overhead Fred at the Cottage and negative

Welcome home Atexsix, dobiemom, travelingbuns, and Lafnvegas
Getaway for segarsmoker
Bon Voyage Atexsix, dobiemom, travelingbuns, and Lafnvegas
kazu covering the daily meal suggestion
and Staff Captain Sabine, HAL’s likely first female Captain(I know this is a repeat but she’s worth it)




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Good morning!

 I am surely remembering all of those who died on 9/11 and their families, as well as those who died in the 20 years of aftermath. 

It does seem that lately “no news really IS good news”!


I’ve never been to Rhodes, Greece, so I’m really looking forward to pictures.


Thanks for our Daily Report! 

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Good morning Dailyites. Thank you Rich for our Daily. 


Woke up feeling icky about 3. Don't know if it's due to the flu shot I had yesterday. My coffee doesn't even taste good..


Today we will be watching September 11th tributes and remembrances. Thank you Roy for posting your remembrances. Will continue to pray for all who lost their lives and left loved ones behind. A sad day for America. 


Looking forward to hearing from our @DeeniEncinitas soon. Denise Hope you and David loved your 2 month getaway.  I've missed you sister. I'm sorry your cruises were canceled. Again.. Pray your next sailing is a GO! 


Bratwurst sounds darn good. I'll wait to get Jacqui's post. That's what we will have for dinner. I would be making my bed right now if my sweet husband wasn't still in it!


For Gerry:




Going to an outdoor Jazz concert to tonight. It's been cooling off pretty quickly in the evening,  so looking forward to wine and cheese under the stars tonight.


Love, Blessings, Cheers and Prayers. 



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Good morning everyone and thanks for the daily report.  I remember that day like it was yesterday, perfect September weather then all of the sudden we were sent home from work and the world changed.  The bed gets made every day.  The news tires me out most days so no news is great news.  Brats sound nice for dinner.  I’ll have to think about the quote, not sure that I agree with the latter half of it.  Have not been to today’s port so I look forward to seeing the photos.  Prayers for everyone on our prayer list today and cheers to everyone celebrating a happy event. Bon voyage @dfish!

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Good Morning. Thanks for the daily and the lists. A special thanks to Roy for the list of 9/11 victims and heros.In one way 9/11 seems like yesterday and in another way - a lifetime ago. We will certainly remember the victims and the heros of that awful day. I will celebrate by working on a volunteer project to better our community.

It's a good day for firing up the grill, so brats would be a good choice for dinner.

Stay safe everyone.


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Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report.  I certainly remember where I was on 9/11.  The world changed that day.  It’s also good to remember how kind our neighbors to the north were to Americans in transit when planes were grounded.  @dfish Bon Voyage to you and Sue, have a great cruise.

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Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! The events from 20 years ago are still vividly etched in my mind. I suspect they always will be. 

Thank you for keeping our lists Roy. Good morning Dailyite family. Bon voyage @dfishDebbie & Sister Sue! May it be everything you are hoping for & more!  The deer family has already wandered through and some of have generously eaten some of my weeds.


Another challenging day of trying to get Bindi walks in between rain squalls. And I have friends coming over for dinner. Just a simple sheet pan dinner with some Mediterranean flavors. It’s a new recipe, so I hope it turns out. There will be wine of course. 

PT went well yesterday. I start back at the gym tomorrow. Just a leisurely 15 bike ride and some machines. Then perhaps some core exercises. Sunday mornings are usually very quiet, so I should not have a problem with machines or social distancing. Looking forward to seeing what I can do. 

Prayers for all who need our support. Cheers to all who are celebrating. A special thank you to the citizens of the world & their Countries, who supported the USA through the aftermath of the 9/11 horrific events.❤️ Stay well everyone!



Mascota Vineyards Unanime Malbec 2016

This Argentinian Malbec has excellent ratings and a decent price. Several online distributors with prices starting at $24.99. Not my usual wine of choice, I do enjoy an occasional glass of a good one. And this might be one of them. Both reviewers and consumers have given this one excellent ratings. 

TA90 Tim Atkin: Opi Sadler is very good at making value for money reds, both from Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. This is an excellent example of the latter, showing plenty of sweet, juicy, berry fruit, supple tannins and a backdrop of spicy oak. 2018-22. Alcohol: 14.5%

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Good morning.  Make the bed everyday, but I too would like a room steward to be doing it.  My late MIL used to say no news is good news all the time.  911 should be remembered daily.  Like the first part of the Hendrix quote but not the last.

Have not been to Greece, looking forward to the photo's.

Prayers for our world, our care list, and those who do not know they need them.  Raising a glass to the celebration list.  @dfishhave a fabulous cruise.

French Connection:

A French Connection is a cocktail made with equal parts Cognac and Amaretto liqueur. The cocktail is named for the Gene Hackman film of the same name. Wikipedia
Main alcohol: Amaretto, Cognac
Ingredients: 1 1/6 oz (1 part) Cognac, 1 1/6 oz (1 part) Disaronno liqueur
Preparation: Pour all ingredients directly into old fashioned glass filled with ice cubes. Stir gently.
Served: On the rocks; poured over ice
Drinkware: Old Fashioned glass


Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 4.35.30 PM.png

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Good morning all - I echo the thanks for the special list today of those we need to remember.  


I woke this morning and the sky is as blue as it was 20 years ago, the air feels just as clear and crisp.  Last night my husband and I reflected on that day, remembering so clearly many of the details.  I have newspapers and news magazines printed just after but still cannot bring myself to open and read.  Though I'm sure many of the memorial programs and shows are well done, I cannot bring myself to watch.  I saw a fire truck from that day at a museum a few years ago and broke down.  Today will be one of personal and quiet reflection.


I did learn something I hadn't known though...Cantor Charity Day.  Back then my husband had a lot of contact with Wall Street brokers and firms, and Cantor Fitzgerald was one.  CF had offices on the 102-105th floors of the WTC and lost 2/3 of its employees assigned to that office that day - 658 souls.  To honor them and keep their memory alive, each year on September 11 they hold a Charity Day.  100% of their global profits (global!) goes to a fund and is distributed to charities - many of which provide assistance to people who have suffered great loss due to disaster.  To date they have raised over $180 million.  (https://www.cantor.com/philanthropy/global-charity-day/charity-day-2021/)


So for me, while I share prayers and concern for all on the list...I'm going to add a little extra to those families who continue to live with the pain and loss of that day.  Extra prayers for all in the military who stand ready to prevent and defend us from another such attack, and wishes that somehow we can get back to the feeling that we had in our hearts on 9/12/2001...that we can put aside the differences that don't matter and all come together for a common good.

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Thanks for the Daily, Rich and our Saturday smile 🙂 


911 Remebrance is a sad day in history.  So many lives lost.  Thank you @rafinmdfor your memorial list ♥️  Our bed is made every day - look forward to the day when our steward does it for us.  No news is good news sure seems applicable in these times.




Not sure I get the Hendrix quote.  Today’s drink sounds intrigung but sweet.  DH would love today’s wine selection.


Beer Wisconsin Bratwurst - This recipe  is perfect for tail gate season.  It’s a solid 5* and recommends you do NOT use pre-cooked brats.  As well the beer should be an IPA or high quality beer.






@dfisha very big Bon Voyage to you today 🚢 🥂 


@ger_77I finally discovered where you got the term cardoardeaux (which I have subsequently stolen 😉 )




We have been to Rhodes and really found it enchanting.  My pics are the old style but it’s beautiful from the sea and land.  Definitely visit if you can.


Prayers for everyone the Care list & those that need them and 🥂 to those on the Celebratory/Shout Out list.


Have a good Saturday everyone!




Stay safe & please don’t forget your 😷 


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18 minutes ago, msmayor said:

Cantor Charity Day.  Back then my husband had a lot of contact with Wall Street brokers and firms, and Cantor Fitzgerald was one.  CF had offices on the 102-105th floors of the WTC and lost 2/3 of its employees assigned to that office that day - 658 souls.  To honor them and keep their memory alive, each year on September 11 they hold a Charity Day.  100% of their global profits (global!) goes to a fund and is distributed to charities - many of which provide assistance to people who have suffered great loss due to disaster.  To date they have raised over $180 million.  (https://www.cantor.com/philanthropy/global-charity-day/charity-day-2021/)



Thank you for sharing this. What a wonderful tribute to their employees.

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Thank you for the Daily, the Lists and the Recipes.


Remembering and reflecting this morning. Special prayers for the loved ones that were left behind. I agree with @msmayor regarding September 12th...if we could only have continued that behavior and way of thinking of being united.


The meal sounds good for another day.


Looking forward to pictures of the port.


DH is still sleeping, so that is really good. Hopefully he reports feeling better again today.


@dfish Wishing you a wonderful embarkation day.


@StLouis Cruiser I am happy they found nothing and hope the prescription works.


@Lady Hudson any update on your BIL?


Today marks 90 days until our embarking on a BHB. 


Prayers and praises for those on our lists.

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Good  morning  to  all. @msmayor, I  have  the  same  difficulty with  reading  about  and  seeing  9/11 stories  and  remembrances. Perhaps  it  is  because  we  are  still in  the area. Each   day  I  walk  my  dog  past  the  neighborhood  Memorial  and  I  read  the  names  of  those  who  died. My uncle  was  still  in  the  Police  force  in  NYC  and  both  of  his sons  had  just  started their days  in  their  respective  precincts.  My mom  and  I  waited  all  day  before  we  heard  from  all  3  that  they  were  alright. So  many  others  were  not. The  smoldering  toxic  smoke  cloud was  visible from  our  Hudson  River  town and  I  know  so  many  who  were suffering  from  that  afterwards.


DH  has  taken  to  making  our  bed  every  morning   and  I  still  find  it  a  nice  surprise. I  don't  get  Jimi's  quote  but  I  did  love  his  music. The  recipe  looks  delicious  but I  would  not  have  majority  agreement for  it. I  made  the  shrimp  last  night  with  rice  and  a  salad  and  all  the  food  was  gone!

No  leftovers  available  so  it  must  have  been  good.



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