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9-16-21 Thursday Weigh-In--Third Weigh-In of The Month


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I---Inches Less

N---Nice Figure




P---Painless  (some times)


E---Eating Right

M---Mostly Healthy


E---Eating Light and Exercise

R---Right thing to do

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Forgot that it was Thursday --- days kind of go into themselves.  I will weigh myself tomorrow.  I'm having my son and his spouse over for dinner - So looking forward to spending some time with them.


Thanks for starting this weeks thread Belle!   Jan

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Might start weighing in on Friday instead of Saturday since it has been ruining my weekends a bit recently. Plus since I work from home it’s bit easier to weigh myself at a consistent time on Friday instead waiting by the scale on Saturday morning when I could be out doing something fun. 

My wife’s bosses’ younger brother passed away from Covid on Tuesday night at the age of 58. He was hesitant to get vaccinated but relented and got the first dose but then traveled to Florida before getting the second dose and caught it there. Not sure of how healthy he was prior to Covid but 58 is still a pretty young age to be dead from something he could have been vaccinated against six months ago. 

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Thanks Belle for the start of another week.


 Maintaining. I have been in high 120,s for a month. Not thinking about losing any more — trying to figure out how to maintain.  Really terrified at how easy it would be to slip back into old habits.  Daily reminder can’t have just one piece of chocolate it would quickly turn into a whole bag.   Check up was due to the bad mental condition I was in after surgery — the medications I received during surgery really did a number on my brain - finally feel like myself.


dog sitting for 5 days. Family going to Co for fallen firefighters memorial. They lost a son in law from covid.  Whole family going.  “Max” is small fat dog.  Owners are part of my dog park family.  

sad about your Hawaii cruises but understand islands not wanting tourists.    Had to have been a hard decision — losing lots of business.  I think this is our new normal.  

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Hi all!


Belle ~ nice start to the thread.


optimusprime82 ~ oh dear sorry to hear of such a young person dying from Covid. The ones I've known of were in nursing homes.


Izena ~ neat being in the 120's!! I can't remember when I was that light. Most recently, in 2012 after surgery, I was 135 about 30 lbs less than I am now. Way back in the 1960's I was 97 lbs after getting my appendix out. Maybe I need another surgery, lol! Anyhow bad news this week, up 0.8 lbs.

DH was up 9 lbs from where he wants to be & is only eating breakfast & drinking coffee these last 2 days.I OTOH will be having a big lunch & supper of leftovers!


Have a nice weekend & stay safe.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Finally weighed myself today - unfortunately it was after breakfast and two cups of coffee.   I am down 0.2# this week.  (last week I was up 2.0#.   At least I wasn't up again this week!!!


Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Jan

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I must be sending electrical vibes again.  I got and email from Carnival that showed upon my iPhone but not iPad ???


oh well I got it.  The CDC. Has changed Cruise pre testing from 72 hours to 48 hours.  My cruise leaves on Monday  which means I get tested on a Saturday.  There is a tele a health option but don’t know how that will work — I have never face timed — just the thought makes me want to cancel the cruise.  All the joy of anticipating a cruise has turned into  anxiety attacks.   My cruise is November 8th out of Galveston.  At this moment  I’m ready to change focus to road trips.  I’m going to call Carnival and  make sure if we can’t meet CDC requirement because test results aren’t available  in 48 hours we get a full refund - glad I’m not flying.  

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Need to brag— reached my clothing goal -  I now fit into M leggings and capris.  Weight related goals included, 

Weigh less than150 - never expected I could actually get to 120,s

Clothing - get rid of  XX and L,  -  M leggings fit today without squeezing 

            Or tugging.


when I started on this site a year ago I weighed 198.8. Now 1288.  Everyone here has helped me achieve this goal.  Thank you 


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Great job everyone. Congrats Izena on reaching your goals!


I weighed in yesterday and was down, weighed in today and I was down again. After almost a month of frustrating gains followed by minuscule losses I’m within .4 pounds of my lowest weigh-in from last month. Continuing with the Metamucil 14 day cleanse and have started drinking my breakfast and lunch then having a normal dinner. I’ve noticed myself being irritable which is probably hunger related lol. 

Going down to Cincinnati tomorrow, hoping to take in a Reds game and then we have concert Monday night. The concert is requiring proof of vaccination or a negative test plus masks so we’re hopefully going to be safe. 

Here’s a few shots from our twenty-four hour trip to Epcot/Magic Kingdom last week for our 14th wedding anniversary. Haven’t gone through all the photos yet, so I only have Epcot for you today. 05755709-1B6E-43EA-B7E7-56CA7366FE74.thumb.jpeg.c394300312c4c4279848e660369f1900.jpeg2B00D1D7-9743-448A-B7B4-2406D3EB4EE8.thumb.jpeg.3613909d1ff6d840afd1c8abf33bb2fa.jpeg0DC6992F-EEB5-458A-9F30-5CF277F4C5D0.thumb.jpeg.b204781c08e4f45d464a7039ce41b629.jpeg4159A85C-090D-446A-82A9-A4CA39923A44.thumb.jpeg.693be4802b7f836405567a2a3b6bf2eb.jpegBF73C407-48C6-4DCD-A798-E711C0220575.thumb.jpeg.4e4f13a1079d8a398881c22b6cbc60a0.jpegBFDE4F14-A9CC-4EB9-9E93-94FDEE4CA902.thumb.jpeg.326ddba45d825f46ccfb002a48528450.jpegA07A1070-0FC6-4671-8372-2EAEE12234E1.thumb.jpeg.4a02e8cf681378d5e75a9879eea24578.jpeg751D36AC-0380-4A92-A6B1-F6CF9F1208EF.thumb.jpeg.1ba1473afb9844ac854e85148ce8a33a.jpeg


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Wishing you all a nice Sunday in however you spend the day.


Opti---Sorry about your wife's boss brother. Wish people would understand getting

the vaccine saves you and others around you. 

Congrats on losing the weight you want, soon you will be lower. Great pictures. See you got

exercise walking all day. You flew down for just one day?  Did you spend the night?


Izena---You have done so well in losing weight and maintaining.  (closest thing to a gold star)

Congrats on wearing buying smaller size clothes. Glad your feeling better.

Yes few weeks ago changed to 2 days, making it that you have to buy a home test, get results in

15 minutes. People are liking them and getting results fast. Has to be one your cruise says. Long shot

to get any other test back in time. Some cities people might get lucky but not most. With cruising 

now it's like your waiting around for the "other shoe to drop" as the saying goes.


Jo-- I remember when weighing certain weights during the years and saying I weigh to much----

Now I wish I weighed that now, I would be very happy.  We have such different opinions at

certain times/ages in our lives.  How is your husband doing? Did he lose weight? Trouble is

men can lose weight just by dropping a food or beer. Us women would still gain on what they eat and they call it a diet!😀


Jan--Be happy it wasn't a gain especially since you had family over for dinner and maybe ate more.

Maybe if didn't have company might of been more of a loss and will come off this week. 

Don't you have a cruise coming up soon?


Susan--Is on her cruise now I believe. Hope she's having fun.


Ombud---Where are you?

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Well it was High Holydays and we're heading right into another set of holidays so  I'm at the food table. To counteract that we went on a long long off trail walk today to check out the stream where he played with Butters. After about 3 miles Koda just laid down. I explained to him that no one at the house was going to drive up and pick us up so he just had to walk home. This guy comes up behind us stating there's no way your dog understands you and laughs. I am officially the crazy dog lady. At any rate Koda got up and walked the last mile plus home. I'm pooped but I'm doing everything I can to counteract all the food we're eating we're eating.


Butters, my sister's dog 


Edited by Ombud
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Ombud - I personally think that Koda understands what you are saying!  I've been having a lot of talks with my dog about "patience being a virtue"  She has dinner at 6 pm, but she starts asking around 5:15.  They are amazing!  Jan

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Add me too list of crazy dog ladies.  He’s wrong they do understand.  I walked a friends dog this morning about a mile — 3/4 way he just laid down (his trademark- his mom bought a stroller as a back for their walks). He got up and tried it again luckily we were able to finish walk only because of Jazzper.    

Belle thanks for your comment about the ease of home test kits. I tend to overthink everything.  I ordered the kits for the three of us -  I’ll have them walk me through the process.   This was written on Sunday and didn’t post

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Hello on this Tuesday Afternoon.


Ombud--Hope you enjoyed your High Holidays and didn't gain. Good

for walking. People who don't have pets don't understand.


Jan--I think our pets understand us. My cat I had for 14 years understood me

and did what I said when he wanted too!😀


Izena--Glad I could help. Haven't ordered mine yet because the 1st cruise got

cancelled. Waiting longer to see if other cruises go.

Tell me how it goes. Says takes 2 to 3 days to get the tests in the mail.

Tell me how long it took for you to get yours please.


Hope everyone is enjoying their day and had a good weekend. I had a quiet one.

Yesterday just went to the dentist and food shopping. I live such an exciting life!


Thinking things change as we get older and with this virus the world has really changed

Was talking to a friend this weekend about it and our lives and saying glad we did things

with our husbands, traveled to places we thought we would never see. Enjoyed

our families and friends.  Had sad times too, death of a spouse or other people in our

 lives but we made it . 


Is this how you feel to? That we will get on with our lives even if different. Be happy

we are here. Happy that we can still travel some, hoping our cruises sail that we

enjoy them even if different from the past.









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Finally read the entire thread.


Optimus, sorry to learn about your brother in law. Travel is dangerous for those who aren't fully vaccinated.🥺 Those Florida pics look inviting but I'm not looking forward to cruising from there


Belle did you pick a replacement cruise? 


Izena, enjoy doggy sitting. 


Jan, Koda isn't patient either .... and too picky


Jo, how's your 'diet buddy' (aka: husband) doing?



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Belle I ordered the kit recommended by carnival, on Monday it arrived yesterday.  Big I sign on front of each test kit not to open u til instructed. No instructions in package. After spinning the box around a few time’s found instruction to down load app. So far so good.


I’m getting restless in the evening and get the munchies. I gave in last night first time in a year (exceeded by snack allotment for the life savers and. Halloween sized tootsie rolls).  My new goal is to not let the scale read 130 or higher.  All of September I’ve  been 128-129 .  

opti I enjoy your pictures.  

Belle -  we have reached the golden years - a new regular activity  is funeral  and  dealing with loss.  remember my father commenting on frequency of funerals as he got older.  


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Good evening Ombud and Izena


Ombud--Yes did pick replacement cruises but think I'm going to change them.

See what happens in Oct. if get offers and decide.  Good luck on the measurements.


Izena-- Short time that you got your test, which is good. What I don't like is

the expire date on them. Guess FDA extended them 3 months. Most not good past

date in Dec. 25th or so. Not good for everyone. Messes up my Jan. cruise.

They won't tell you the date before you get them or give money back. Said not

making more for awhile. What the heck. The 2 day time frame is wrong. Something should

be done for us cruisers. Land test can't get back in time unless very lucky and live

in a big city that have many test sites. 


Yes as they say--Growing older is not for the weak. Whoever called them the Golden Years?

Guess they could retire at 50, must of never been sick or had a pain, had ton's of money. Didn't have

a spouse or children that ever gave them trouble!😀

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