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11-18-21 Thursday Weigh-In Happy Thanksgiving---Almost.


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Hope you all had a loss this Thursday 

That the numbers went your way


Thanksgiving is coming so be good

Will be hard with all the food


Lose this week so in case you have a gain 

The next week you will at least stay the same


This is the first week of many to Christmas and New Year

Parties, dinners, family, friends, food and drink will be near


So we must try our best not to have gains these weeks by saying no

That would be a great gift to ourselves you know


So Happy Holidays To All

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Just to remind you I'm going to be gone. Leaving this Monday.

Think I'm only going have Internet two of the cruises. Will try to come in a few times.

Don't think I'll get on more. will take a break. I spend to much time on the computer.


Izena said she will start Thursdays for everyone. In case she's busy, remember

anyone can start it.


What's nice there is some US ports I can use my phone with no problems, can check

in with "kids" and friends. Mainly that's what I use the internet for on cruises. Nothing

else because I'm on vacation. Just want to relax and watch the sea and of course see the

shows and play some games with the crew and in the casino. Won't make food the

main focus. Usually just eat two meals on the cruises these days.                                                                                                                                                                                 


Welcome back to ones coming back from their cruises and Bon Voyage to those

on cruises the months coming.


Again Happy Holidays to Everyone!🎅🤶🎄

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Belle have a great time.  Relax 


I remained at the low end of my 5lb maintainence  range..  My wt fluctuates daily regardless of intake — have finally gotten use to it and goal is to stay in a range  rather a specific number. 

Have my Kayak lesson tomorrow - off course there is a cool front coming in so will be in the 60’s.  Very excited. 

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Izena - have never been in a kayak - been in lots of canoes though!!!  Hope you have a wonderful time.


Belle thanks for starting this thread - hope you have a wonderful time on your cruises and get the chance to just relax (and spend time in the casino!!!)


I stayed the same this week.  not anywhere close to what I want to be, but I didn't gain so that is a plus!


Have a wonderful week all.  Jan   

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HI all!


Belle ~ thanks for starting the thread. No worry about Thanksgiving gains for me, we already had ours.

Have a great time on your cruises. I think my cruises were 65% capacity at around 2800.


I am down 0.2 lbs since Sunday but up since before the cruises, still in the 160's though.


Have a great week & stay safe.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Belle what are your cruises?  I’m fantasizing about B2B in the future.  

Jo at least your holding steady.


Jan - I think kayaking is very similar to canoeing.  I’m starting with an open kayak which is what’s used for warmer waters.  My main concern is getting in and out,  and if my shoulders will be okay.   

Ombud From last weeks post —  I still have issues posting - I tend to stay logged in—- when I have a problem posting it helps to log out then back in


Bought fixings for stuffing -  only thing I want for turkey day— plan to spend it alone. TN bunch have never been here for any holiday  and my son and GD are going to Corpus Christi to see her mom.   I’ve had invites but feels better to stay home.  (I can stuff my self with stuffing LOL)

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Hi! I've decided to join because with all of these Holidays coming, I need all the accountability partners I can to stay course. We have a Christmas cruise planned and I want to lose a few pounds before then. I've been working at it for a little while and can see the difference in the muffin top hanging over the jeans! But the scale hasn't moved much yet. Down about 1 lb so far. But I have been exercising 3-4 times/week so that is a vast improvement! Used to be very dedicated to working out, but we all know what happened!! Time for me to get serious again. 

Belle - Have a great time! It always goes so fast and I'm never ready to get off at the end so I think B2B is a great idea.

Izena - We are avid kayakers! I just received new kayak racks for my birthday. It is so much fun! Your arms will be a little sore when you first start, but you'll build up the muscles quickly. And if they start hurting, you can always just float and enjoy being in nature without having to work! 


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WOW I’ve never seen this site this quiet.


Kayaking lesson was great. Learned a lot —=arms didn’t get tired.  I have a group lesson with park system in 2 weeks.  Went through scuba diving suitcase — I can now fit into the dive suit I wore 30 years ago.  


Jazzper (13 y/o small dog)  has decided he doesn’t want to go to dog park or walk the trails anymore.  He did AGREE to walk the neighborhood —obviously he’s a spoiled brat.  

Everyone enjoy the holiday — I’ll start thursdays  discussion — so-everyone remember to weigh early Thursday or perhaps Wednesday — that will be before your big meals .

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I posted this morning & now its gone!! Ugh



Posted that last Thursday and just checked back. Its there when I migrate over to another board. But gone when I return. 


Massive confusion over the holidays and its getting worse. S thought we were combining Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.  Nope. Doing 1 Thursday and the other Sunday, 3 days later.  Sara understood.  Trying to find if Dan did. He's bringing turkey. Need broth for matzo ball soup


From last Thursday:

Bad luck continuing. Turned away 3 times from getting the booster. Technically I meet the criteria.  7 months after J&J / 18+ (obviously) but no underlying risks. (Well I went Friday expecting to be denied. Honestly he only wanted to know which one I wanted. Slightly off for 36 hrs. )


Toilet leaked from the bottom so I shut it off. Shower drips. Its not the faucet. So glad I have 2 other bathrooms. Plumber can't get here until Monday 


If this post is deleted as well, then I give up!!!!





Edited by Ombud
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Sorry I haven't been on, been busy with the usual getting ready for

cruises and other things that have come up. Had my home test yesterday.

I passed!


Just want to wish you all a ----

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Hanukkan

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year


Whatever else you celebrate while I'm gone.


My wish to you all--No Gains for you during the Holiday Season!

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No one has talked since I left. What's up with that?


I'm sailing--My Happy Place. Love my view from the balcony.

Won in casino last night. Listening to music as I type.

Can it get any better?😊 Yes it can---No cooking, No cleaning.😀


Take care.

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Belle, I'm on overload. Toilet turned out to be a loose fitting ($198), shower needs a return visit with a new valve, hard to rewrite Thanksgiving to be low calorie.  I'm finishing off holiday shopping as I don't want to go to too many places between Thanksgiving and the covid test


Enjoy your cruise!! 🛳 🚢 

Making appointment for covid test tomorrow 


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Thank you all---Jan and Ombud you both sail in Dec. don't you?


Jan so far good in the casino hope it keeps it up .Want to see $$$$$$$


Ombud sorry your having troubles in the bathroom! Sounds personal as I type that!😀

Just doing coastal and Mexico cruises, suppose to be Hawaii cruises too but Hawaii

didn't want us. Been to these places many times but want to cruise and most are free

from casino. Ombud I'm sailing solo.


Jo yes everyone wearing their masks, just off when they eat. Also suppose to put mask

on after you sip your drink. Most are. Everyone being good. Ship half full. Crew really

been nice and friendly.


Hope everyone has a good weigh-in. I haven't been to bad but glad I'm not weighing!😄

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Belle,  if you do a lot of California Coastals maybe we'll bump into each other onboard some day. I'm thinking of doing some out of my home port: SF


I fly out in 14 days. Our ship is supposed to be about 40% booked. No waiting for anything guess 


Jan, when do you go? 

Izena, what are you making tomorrow?

On 11/18/2021 at 1:28 PM, Mommyof3sweetboys said:

you can always just float and enjoy being in nature without having to work! 

Sounds like a perfect activity for Lake Gatun (I'll be there in less than 3 weeks)


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Ombud I’m having the same problems.  I posted yesterday  it appeared to be accepted but gone today.   Hope this goes through. 

Belle I’m so glad your cruising — congratulations on casino wins -  I’m delighted if I break even. 

im alone tomorrow — TX son and GD are going to Corpus to see her mom. I’ve opted to be alone - declined several invites.  Making dressing will have with chicken and some cranberry sauce.  

im worried/ concerned — Jazzper  stomach bothering him today.  Happening more often.  

Everyone who is with family ENJOY being together and the food - we have lots to be thankful for. — especially  that we can have family gatherings again.  



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Before I switch over to the new thread - Yes I leave on a 7 night cruise from Miami on the 11th of December - we will go 1 day before.  I am excited - it has been more than 2 years since we have been on a cruise (along with most others).  I just want to get through the covid testing without any hitches!!!  Talk with all later.  Jan

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