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Need advice on what type of hairbraiding for daughter.


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We just got back from our Destiny vacation, where my children wanted to have braids. In case you are considering this, I tried to make an appointment in the ships salon, but they don't do that kind of braiding so we chose to have it done in Dominica, since there were no excursions we were interested in.


My oldest daughter has VERY curly hair, and never wears it down (think puffy). It was a thrill for her to feel like she had long straight hair from all her braids hanging. For her it was worth the time and the discomfort. We did bring our own comb, because it made my daughter feel better. I asked the braider if she minded using my comb, and she was fine with it.


Much to my dismay, since my children go to public school, we have, in fact, been visited by the lice fairy - not a fun ride, I can assure you. In my experience, I found out that head lice is the second most common childhood ailment, and can be spread through sharing hats, sweaters, headphones, and of course combs. It is more prevelant among girls, and it takes 10 days to 2 weeks before live bugs appear. Considering this, it is my opinion that some of these girls who claim to have gotten head lice from their visit to an island, could very likely have started their vacation with nits in their heads. btw, my head is itching as I type this.


As far as hair loss, this was the first time my girls had their whole heads done ($50.00 and $40.00 for their whole heads in Dominica, approx 50 braids), and I was absolutely amazed at how much breakage there was when we took the braids out.


Let me say that my children sat in the heat for approximately an hour having their hair pulled and tugged, and for them, it was time well spent. They both loved the outcome, and didn't have to fuss with hairstyles for the remainder of the vacation.


The women braiding were somewhat aggressive (this is their livelyhood, and there is a lot of competition at the port), but as long as you take it in stride, and take in the whole experience as a part of your vacation, it shouldn't surprise or bother you. I had a wonderful conversation with the women braiding my children's hair, and learned some things about life on their island.


As with anything else, there are pros and cons. I hope I've helped with my experience.

For my children, it was worth the effort, and the results were adorable, but I don't think we'll be doing it again anytime soon. But like the vacation itself, it was a new experience and a fond memory.

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this has certainly been interesting. i had the same thought as happycruisin that because of incubation periods the lice were probably present for some children prior to vacation. as mentioned it is very prevalent in schoolchildren.

i hope carmel has some new insights from everyones input and islandDelight, i'd love to have your skill in braiding! i'm so hair-challenged. my sisters used to braid my hair when we were teens and in college, i've never had much talent beyond basic braids so i definitely am amazed at the styles u can create yourself.


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This thread has been so educational, thank you to everyone. I am not at all certain we will do any braids now. My daughter's hair tends to break easily anyway, I kind of hate to risk it. I may wait and see if she even wants to go through this. I haven't really discussed it with her. She may not even care about getting the braids.


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I bet your daughter would probably rather swim with the dolphins or something like that - I bet that would be more memorable ( at least in a happy way) than getting her hair yanked and pulled on for a couple of hours.

Maybe go with her and get a braiding book and she can pick out what she would like for you to try on her hair. That sounds fun! A good way to kill time before the cruise!


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Island Delight -


I should just invite you over to my house to braid my daughter's hair before the cruise!



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