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Star Trek Cruise and non-fans


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Hi all


I was wondering, for anyone who has done a Star Trek cruise, what's it like for non fans?


My wife and I both love cruising, and I'm a Trek fan, though she's not. 


When events are going on board the ship, are there still areas that are 'non-trek'?  Is the pool deck taken every day with huge events or could she swim and enjoy the sun without someone trying to nerve pinch her? 🙂


Thanks in advance

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The Star Trek cruise is great fun, but most facilities and activities are Trek. Offhand, the only 100% Trek-free facilities that I can think of are the spa and the MDR. Many venues are re-themed to appeal to fans. It is truly an immersive experience. All shows in the large venues are Trek, though there are some non-Trek things like a piano player/singer in one of the bars. The cruise director is not the regular ship's CD, he's an employee of the charter company. There are parties and Star Trek movies on the pool deck much of the time, though there are some theme-free times. Thinking about it a little more, the solarium didn't have any Trek theming, so your wife could spend time there to take a dip. Also, there are quiet areas away from the pool deck where you can sit on a deck chair and read or just relax.


Several of the TV channels are dedicated to Trek. This year, there was a channel that ran the Original Series 24/7, one for Next Gen, one for DS9, one for Voyager, one for Enterprise, one for Discovery, and one that split between Picard and Lower Decks. There were also channels that showed the movies non-stop. There were still a few other stations that showed news and non-Trek movies.


I've attached the preview schedule we were sent before this year's cruise. There were more activities added, but this gives you an idea of the scope of the trip.


All that being said, there are many great people on the trip and plenty of folks don't talk Trek 24/7. Most people don't wear costumes the whole cruise, though some do. Most people are more like me -- I wear Trek T-shirts most days, that's the extent of my costuming.


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I'm a fan (not a non-fan)--I gather that non-fans often love it, even to where they become more enthusiastic than the ST fan down the line (one of the cruise FB admins is the "non-fan"--his husband was the ST person, but he ended up being more into these cruises). I think it's fun either way--people will be dressed up (including themed costume nights, like Roaring '20s), and there are excellent parties with a good band and awesome DJ. There are fun themed drinks to try. There are shows put on by celebrities every evening, and note that ST actors are usually "other things" as well: Anthony Rapp (RENT), Wilson Cruz (My So-Called Life, RENT), Kate Mulgrew (Orange Is the New Black), Doug Jones (Shape of Water, Pan's Labyrinth, etc.)..and so on. So even if a person's not into ST, they might still see a celebrity they like. I'd also imagine that there are times when normal facilities are more free to use because the ST fans are all doing something.


There's no "normal" stuff, of course. No normal lounge singers/bands, no normal stage show (most of the entertainers are given shore leave during ECP's theme cruises), no normal balloon drop...whatever. And last year, the escape room was closed. However, there are hardly any kids AT ALL. I think we had 2 or 3 under 18s last time, and even in the "before times" (before Covid), it was maybe double that or so? So if the non-fan (or fan) hates having little kids running around and screaming all day, this is a great cruise for it. Of course, you have to put up with a bunch of drunk Trek adults running around and screaming instead. 😄


EDIT, re "Is the pool deck taken every day with huge events or could she swim and enjoy the sun without someone trying to nerve pinch her?"


The pool deck is usually free...there's a launch party on day 1 that she'll want to attend, LOL...celebrities and craziness. There's a t-shirt party on the second day with free drinks for an hour (I think it's held around lunchtime?), and I think the new Collective group party (people with 5+ cruises) was held on the pool deck, although it may have been at an "off" time? I know I felt no need to use the pool then, anyway. But as I say, she may find it a bit more free than usual, too, at other times. I don't know.

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My husband is less of a fan than I am, but we both enjoyed the two Star Trek cruises we were on. You won't see many children because I think the age allowed is 13 or over. Anyone younger than that is generally part of a celebrity's family. 


The food and drinks get renamed to Star Trek themes, and the decor is Trek, but it's basically the same food and venues as any other time on the ship. 


My favorite non-fan story was from actor Casey Biggs (from Deep Space 9). His wife didn't want to come along, but his sister was like "Free cruise? I am THERE!" She enjoyed the pool, the spa, the food and usual stuff. One day he went back to their cabin after rehearsal and found her sitting there, watching one of the Star Trek shows on the TV. She turned to him and asked "Have you seen this? It's GOOD!"


While the cruise is certainly great for Trekkies, there is a lot for a non-Trek-fan to do and love as well. The only person who might not enjoy it would be someone who actively hates Star Trek.

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