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Back From The Legend


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We had great weather all week, sunny,calm seas, very hot 85 to 90 in all the ports.No problem finding chairs near the pool great itinerary.This was our first time on Carnival things that we did not like.The food in Truffles left alot to be desired,Prime Rib was very tough we tried a second piece was no better T Bone steak was just as bad.We had no luck eating Breakfast and lunch there we enjoyed having Breakfast and lunch on the Lido deck.There were many nights in Truffles with guests wearing shorts and nothing being said to them as they walked by the sign that read No Shorts at dinner.I did not realize that Formal Dress meant Sport Coat and Jeans we talked to people who had cruised Carnival before and they were very disapointed also,I am not here to bash Carnival but i think they need to improve certain things like serving desserts that were Frozen,making you walk through a smoked filled lounge to get to the dinning room this was our second cruise first one was on NCL Dawn that we enjoyed very much. I will try not to judge Carnival by just one cruise so maybe will try again in the future.

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Just goes to show that there are always different strokes for different folks. We absolutely loved the Legend. I know Carnival isn't for everyone. I hope you enjoy your next cruise on whichever line you choose.



2004 Legend March 28th
2003 Paradise
2002 Paradise
2000 Destiny
1999 Fascination
1998 Fantasy
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We were on the Legend last month and had a great time! I have to agree about the prime rib though. Very tough. We saw jeans more on the first and last nights and didn't think too much about that. In between I really can't remember. [img]http://messages.cruisecritic.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]


Navigator OTS 10/04
Legend 04/04
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Enchantment OTS 10/02
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Sensation 08/99
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Here is my take. I loved the ship. We hated the weather but Carnival told us they had no control over that...LOL. I did not see but a few wearing jeans. They were young and guess they could care less. They paid not me. Food was ok with us. Not great but good. I do think that the bar you walk thru is really a bad location and I smoked.....cigar bar.....could have been located someplace else.

10/03 Legend
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I just got back to and I agree with the poster. It was our first cruise, so I don't have anything to compare it to. I was not happy with the beef in Truffle. I order the prime ribb medium and it could have walked away. I could have had them replace it but I figured that I was not going to starve to death. We always had a snack before we went to bed. My husband said the coffee wasn't that good there either. There was many people wearing shorts and jeans, but they really didn't bother me. Overall I had a great time and can't wait to start planning my next cruise.
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I was on the same cruise as Hstrybuf and everything was great. I ordered strip steaks most nights and they always came out perfect(med rare) my prime rib both nights came out med. rare. I never care what people are wearing in the dining room it's not my business to care or complain. Maybe those people don't own suits or dress pants. You're on vacation you should just have fun and relax and enjoy yourself. Some people always find the littlest thing to complain about. Life is to short just enjoy it. You're on a cruise what is not to like and complain about. Some of you people forget they are feeding over 2,000 people and not every meal can be perfect.
Maybe for your next cruise try Royal Caribbean, I've done that and I can tell you from personal experience the food is much better on Carnival.
I wouldn't hesitate sailing Carnival again.

-The Carnival Legend
until the Carnival Legend
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I also agree with Jeeplady. The are feeding over 1000 people for dinner at a time, and if I can only come up with a rare steak and coffee not that strong thats prety good. I loved this cruise. I can not wait to go on the next one.
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I agreee about the cigar bar --and my brother - in - law, who was lookking for a nice cigar bar - ALSO agrees. He was looking for a nice lounge like the ONYX on the Destiny - He was not happy that there were MANY place to smoke cigarettes, and not many for cigar smokers. I loved our cruise. We dressed up every night and ate in the Truffles rest and all our food was great - and yes, there were some jerks that don't have a clue on how to dress, but I didn't care. Attitude ---if you go looking for problems, you're gonna find them!!

Carnival Destiny 4/00
Carnival Victory 4/02
Carnival Legend 5/7/04

till our next cruise on the Legend

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  • 2 months later...
Does it really matter what people are wearing for dinner. I wear a suit and tie all year long ( yes I own one....actually more then one). I am paying to go on a relaxing cruise....not a fashion show. If you are comfortable wearing a suit, them more power to ya.....I am sailing Monday on the Victory....and I have my jeans packed up to wear for dinner and so does the rest of my party. There is some much to pick on you should pick and choose what is really important.
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Im a firm believer in the power of EXPECTATION.

I do NOT go on Carnival for the food nor do I expect a gourmet dining experience.

I go on Carnival because it can be relaxing and fun. I dont worry about what other people wear as long as they are respectful. For formal nights I bring a sport jacket and tie, button down shirt, nice pants and dress shoes. If I felt like wearing a tuxedo, I would. I dont begrudge others for what they choose to wear, although it does annoy me when I see people dressed as slobs on formal night. I think that's disrespectful to those that want to dress up... But Carnival isnt as uptight as other cruise lines on formal night... That's why I like Carnival.

I go out to restaurants that cost more for dinner than I do for one night on the cruise. For about $100 to $125 a day for all meals, entertainment, and lodging, it would take a pretty horrible experience for me to generally complain.

Its all about EXPECTATION. If you expect a 5 star dining and travel experience, you will be dissapointed.

If you go on Carnival, as I do, with an expectation for fun, ok food, decent service, a chance to get away to a few special destinations, a chance to relax on a lounge chair and catch up on reading, multiple locations for a few drinks, a lot of people watching, some decent entertainment, and an expectation to lose a day's wages in the casino, then you wont be disappointed. And - for $25 per person, you can have a GREAT dinner in the supper club. I went twice on the Conquest last October. The steak was great there and well worth the extra money. It was cheap if you ask me.

I see Carnival as sort of a Marriott experience. (JW - don't be mad)
If I want a Ritz Carlton experience, I'd stay at a Ritz Carlton or a Four Seasons Hotel. I'm looking for value. That's what I EXPECT when I cruise Carnival.

I've cruised Carnival since the early 80's onboard the Tropicale. Ive never been disappointed and I'm off on my 7th Carnival cruise next month on the Legend.
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MFS2K you are a man that talks sense. On formal night I wear a black suit, white shirt and tie ( maybe even a pair of shoes), but on the other nights it is denim or maybe a pair of khakis. If others feel they are disrespected so be it. I paid my money just like them ( unless they took and inside cabin on the crews deck) and am entitled to dress however I please. You should see the post on the thread I started about jeans....people are just immature....for lack using a more appropriate word and keeping profanity off the board, not my style.
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Judy, I'm betting they haven't changed the location of the smoking lounge. It is more of an open area but you'll probably still see people in there smoking. Sorry. Even as a smoker I couldn't fathom why they put it where they did. :confused:

inforem, I'm sure you'll have a great cruise. Too bad though that you think people who follow the "suggested" dress code are immature. We [b]ALL[/b] paid for our cruises and dressing appropriately [b]is[/b] expected from the smallest, immature child to the oldest adult. :rolleyes:
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I just got off the Legend to Bermuda as well and had a great time...
I like to get dressed up...gowns and all for formal nights, so I do...
I like to see other people dressed up, but if they aren't, so be it...
I'm there to have a good time...what somebody wears or doesn't wear is their choice...

Everything I had to eat was great...My husband had one or two meals that were good or ok but not great...that's out of 20 something meals...that's a pretty good batting average if you ask me

already booked the legend for next summer!

Can't beat cruising!
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SnowwhiteNYC - You seem to also have a great attitude about cruising on Carnival.....

I read so much about the cruise diverted to bermuda, and so many people complaining. Glad to hear you had a good time
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hstrybuf, Thanks I really didn't think it would have been moved. This will be the first cruise that I will check my table assignment when I board just to ensure I'm not close to the smokey area. My parents were smokers so it really doesn't bother me unless I'm eating then it drives me crazy!
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