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Legend review


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We sailed out of NY on May 31st for an 8 night cruise on the Legend.

Embarktation was very crowded because we got there at prime time. Next time we will wait until an hour or so to board. Everything went smoothly, no problems as we had all our paper work in order, (thanks to cruise critic).


We were in cabin 8225, room was very clean. We were very happy with our room staff, always a smile and a friendly greeting. Throughout the week, they learned our names and always greeted our daughter and asked her how her day was going. Loved those people.


The food was great, we had a waiter that got to know us, how we like our food prepared, and knew what drinks we wanted before we even asked for them. We got a kick out of how he flipped open the napkin and layed it on our lap. I had steak most of the time and I am very picky about how my steak is done and I can tell you that I did not have one complaint about the formal dining room at all. A+

The food in the Unicorn Cafe was good although I didn't really eat that much during the day.

Daughter LOVED the never ending supply of French fries.


The entertainment was good in the follies lounge. We had a great time with all the game show type games we were able to participate in, they have some really fun people running those shows. After participating in the shows, you can go back to your cabin and watch yourself on tv.

We also had a blast doing the karoake. Daughter got some high fives and a standing "O". One passenger was so nice, he went back to his cabin, retreived a trophy he had won at a game show and he gave it to my daughter! He said "the captain saw her sing ;o)and loved it and wanted her to have this!" Brought tears to my eyes.


Ports of call: San Juan-nothing to do, kind of a "get off & check things out" place.

St. Thomas- shopped & got a nice peridot ring (good price) and then took a taxi to coki (sp) beach, had the BEST time just snorkeling on our own. Was very surprised to see a lot of junky places along the way to the beach, cars on blocks without wheels, goats running loose on the road, but none the less it was a positive experience.

Tortola-was nice. We took a snorkeling excursion, it was fun for the most part, it's just that we saw more fish when we went on our own in St. Thomas.


Okay, now I've been thinking about how I want to write this next part and I know no matter how I write it, I'm going to get flamed for it. I think that when you read it, you need to keep in mind that this was my own personal experience. You can have 100 different people write 100 different reviews, what might be no problem to some people, could be a major problem to others.

I can tell you that I personally had a VERY MAJOR problem. The smoking on this cruise was so unbelieveable, we just could not get over how bad it was.

They say there are "designated smoking areas", what a bunch of bunk! I could not escape it.

EVERY single night club on the ship is smoking.

The casino is smoking, you have to walk through smoke filled areas to get to a non smoking area. I waited in the lobby while dh gambled in the casino, can you believe a guy came up next to me and lit up a cigarette? I went to the pursers desk and nothing was done about it. I had gone to the pursers desk the day before and complained about not having anywhere for a non smoker to go & dance or gamble. The purser was nice and helpful but that didn't stop things from getting even worse.

We got on an elevator with another couple, I smelled smoke and said to the man, "do you have a cigarette in your hand (he was trying to hide it) he said "yes" I told him that I'd really appreciate if you wouldn't do that, my daughter who is standing right behind you has asthma", he said "sorry" and moved on.

Could NOT use our balcony at all. Of course we were surrounded with people who smoke, one privacy divider was fine, it went from ship wall to the balcony, the other one was placed underneath this big metal arch that would not allow the privacy wall to go all the way to the arch leaving about a 7" gap in one spot and another chunk of it was missing toward the bottom. Of course we were stuck next to a chain smoking couple who used their balcony most of the time they were on the ship. I can honestly tell you that everytime I tried to sit out there, they were there smoking and I'd have to go back in. I got NO USE at all out of my balcony!

The lido deck was a joke, there were people on all sides of us smoking, it was like a requirement to be on that deck. Back by the adult pool the security people showed me the "non smoking" spot, I said "you mean right there where those people are smoking" they said "yes" and nothing was done, they just turn their heads and ignore it. There were wet cigarette butts on the deck to the hot tub, there were people sitting on the edge of the pool smoking, I even got to watch one idiot use the bins that they put the dirty dishes in as his own personal ashtray. I was also treated to cigar smoke throughout random areas of the ship, which I think they are supposed to do only in designated areas.


We were so upset by all the smoke we actually talked about disembarktation. We would have had to get off in San Juan and then fly home and part of the reason we took THIS cruise is because we didn't have to fly. (We don't fly).

At times, I felt like I was in a floating ashtray. I was and am VERY upset that we paid for the same use of the ship that the smokers did and we couldn't partake in anything that didn't incude smoke.

When we got home, I called Carnival and asked them about the video they sent me before the cruise, didn't show true reality. Why weren't there any people smoking in it? Why didn't they show wet floating cigarette butts on the deck of the hot tub, people smoking in the elevator, crushed butts on the steps on Medussas Lair during a childrens "get to know" party?

I got pretty much of a monotone response, "we'll make note of it and forward it to the offices". So pretty much-big deal, we have your money, move on.

I will move on for sure. I thought I did my home work, but I guess I didn't. We should've driven to FL and taken the Paradise.

Maybe other cruise ships are like this, I don't know, but I can tell you that I will find out more about non smoking areas BEFORE I cruise again. I ignorantly thought that by 2004 that there'd surely have to be SOMETHING/ANYTHING offered to non smokers.


Sorry if this review offends anyone, this was my experience. I will live and learn.

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Thank you for the review! You really should not apologize for your honest opinion. That is how you felt and you have a good reason to complain. My DH smokes and he tries to be considerate of those around him. I guess he has too since I do not smoke and I constantly remind him of it! icon_razz.gif


It does worry me that there aren't any non-smoking areas on the ship. My son will be traveling with us and he also suffers from asthma! icon_frown.gif



Until the MIRACLE sails


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I am so sorry that you had that problem with Smoking passengers on the Legend.

We felt just the opposite on this years Triumph cruise... we remarked several times how the smoking seemed to be less than in previous years...


I think the fact that cigarretes are SO cheap on the ship gives the smokers a free pass to smoke like crazy all week!!


It makes me wish that the Paradise was not being changed!

Thanks for your honest review,




Ecstacy October 1992

Destiny October 1999




Triumph May 2004




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Just my personal experience but I smoked on our first Legend cruise and had quit by our second. I felt comfortable on both.


I hope no one does NOT cruise the Legend because of this review which bends reality quite a bit


[This message was edited by CruisingIsLife on 06-10-04 at 12:47 PM.]

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all I can say is WOW sorry I am loss for words







Enchantment of the Seas


Voyager of the Seas

Conquest March 30th 2003

Glory May 29th 2004

Caribbean Princess Oct 23 2004

Legend November 19 2004





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Thanks for your response. I'm glad that YOU found "plenty of non smoking" areas on the ship, I also found those same areas and they were occupied by smokers.

I don't mean to laugh but when you say a whole side of a ship is non smoking it kind of sounds like a joke to me. You make it seem like I missed that part of the boat. I can assure you I was there and so were the smokers and the staff did nothing to stop it. Because you say that it isn't a smoking area doesn't make it so.

You say you don't understand what is going through my mind that would make me want to complain about this? Does a daughter who's has asthma and has a cigarette 2 feet from her face in a non smoking area mean anything? Or am I supposed to do like the staff and just turn my head?


The fact that I stayed out of the bars and casinos because it was non smoking was MY choice and was what I had to do to stay away from the smoke. The fact that the smokers made a decision to smoke where they were not supposed to does not mean that I do not have a right to be upset about it. Although there are rules set in place, it didn't matter.


With all due respect, I think you've lost your mind....kinda, to think I'm absurd for expecting to have a non smoking placed offered to people who don't smoke. Yes this IS 2004 and in case you haven't taken a look around times are changing. To say I'm "inaccurate and absurd" is not only YOUR opinion, but is completly disrespectful.


As I've said, this is MY experience, you seem only to be offended by my negative reaction to smokers you say nothing about the rest of my positive experience with the ship. Are you going to ridicule others who write something positive that happens to be contrary to your beliefs?

Sheesh, get a grip. I am entitled to my own opinion. I knew when I wrote this that there'd be people like you who just wouldn't get it.


Either way, thanks for your response.

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I was on the Legend last October and on the Triumph in March. I also noticed that the smokers onboard did not bother to stay in the "smoking area" on the Lido deck. I expect the casino and lounges to be smoke filled but I also expect some courtesy from the smokers when I am up on the Lido deck and there are DESIGNATED smoking and non-smoking areas. Emme, I am with you on this subject. Keep sounding off.



Beating the Winter Blues on the Legend



Tropicale 9/95, Sensation 9/97, Carnival Destiny 10/00, Fascination 3/02, Imagination 3/03, Carnival Legend 10/28/03, Carnival Triumph 3/13/04

Carnival Legend 3/19/05

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Sorry to hear that the smoking was that bad!!! We went out one nightto dinner and requested non - smoking - guess where the non - smoking area was - right next to the bar??? huh? go figure - and there was only a half wall separation - it was in no way shape or form in an area where no smoke would reach. Come to think of it I also had the same thing happen in an AC buffet - the smoking was right next to non-smoking with nothing to block the smoke! Thankfully I am not really bothered by smoke but I do not care for it in my face while I am trying to eat!!!! Sadly to say - there's not much you can do about it.


Legend 10/04/03


Legend CTN 10/22/04!!!! Here we come!!



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My opinion is different. My wife is very, very, very, very, ................. very "anti". We were on the Legend twice, a 3 day to nowhere in Oct 02, the an 8-day from NYC last June, and another one on her this October. She never complained once.

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After considerable thought on the matter I have come to the conclusion that it really does not matter what anyone says (even though we do kinda discuss things here). What matters is your personal experience. While I truly believe that Carnival does an outstanding job of providing an environment where each guest can make a cruise just what they want it to be, for you this was not possible.


From what you said above, everywhere you turned there was smoke and you did not like it. More than not liking it or even being able to tolerate it you had some valid medical concerns regarding your daughter. It's a real shame that you were unable to make your cruise experience the fabulous vacation I am sure you were planning on and hoping for.


In view of your strong objections to situations that I have seen individually at different times on different ships (not all at once like you have, pervading every aspect of onboard life....but maybe that's just me) I suggest that perhaps a cruise vacation is not for you. At least not on a smoking ship.


The Paradise is still non-smoking for a while yet so if you want to slip in a completely non-smoking cruise before it goes smoking then you might want to give that a shot, othewise I'd stay off cruise ships if I was you.


From what you have described above and your strong feelings on the subject I think a well planned camping vacation might be just what you need. Open areas, blue sky, beautiful nature scenes, fresh air....hmmm....that could be said about dang near every cruise I have been on too.


Well here we are back at square one huh?


Just some food for thought, no campfires burning here.


(Well maybe a little spark or two)


Happy Cruising






Next up:

Caribbean Princess 06/26/04

Star Princess 10/24/04

Diamond Princess 12/22/04

Sapphire Princess June '05

Caribbean Princess 09/17/05

Carnival Valor 10/30/05


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Emme ~ Sorry to hear of your experience on the Legend. We've chatted about your drive from PA to the pier in NY. I know that you were so looking forward to this cruise. So am I on my cruise in August. I know that if I'm spending over $5,000 for my family of 5 for a balcony room and there are smokers nextdoor blowing their smoke my way, I will be livid. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke and do not want to spend the entire vacation not being able to breathe the ocean air. I expect smoke in the bars and casino but not on the elevators or in the hallways and such. Wouldn't Carnival consider this a fire hazard? Why do you think so many people smoke on cruises as opposed to other type of vacations or do you just notice it more because we are all confined to the ship?


Carnival Festival 5/1985

Carnival Legend 8/2004

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Thanks for your input. I don't smoke(anymore) but my bride does. I could see where this would be a problem for you having been on the Legend on May 15th same cruise as yours. Smoking at the bar at the entrance to Truffles is something which should be stopped. I know I was blinking from the smoke in many places on the ship. Only time I knew our neighbors were out on their balconies was when I smelled smoke.

I would try to dwell on the nice experience you had with your daughter and the karoake trophy she got. But I would go with the non smoking ship if I could next time. I would prefer non drinking myself but that ain't gonna happen!



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Hmmmm.....I was really concerned when I read the post because my DH and I do hate the smell of smoke,and are on the Legend this Christmas. Although we don't expect to NOT smell or encounter tobacco smoke, I would be expecting people to adhere to the ship's rules regarding smoke-free areas as they were during our last RCCl cruise (except for a cigar-weilding jerk in the middle of the cafe). It is illegal to smoke in most public places in our province and has been for some years (including bars and restaurants) so we really do get used to breathing relatively clean air all the time. But some of the other posters say it is not a big problem so I am trying to find the balance. Please assure me there are areas of the ship to enjoy without feeling like we've inhaled! And please tell me I can enjoy my Happy Hours!




Working hard to cruise hard!


Carnival Inspiration 10/98

RCCL Nordic Empress 01/04

Next up:


Woo-hoo! Christmas on the Legend!


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I love Carnival Cruise Line but their one glaring weakness, perhaps it is all cruise lines, is that they do not enforce the rules. They have rules and guidelines in place that should allow everyone to enjoy their cruise. Unfortunately there are a lot of passengers that simply do not follow rules and guidelines in a lot of areas. Carnival contributes to the problem by not enforcing them.






2004 Legend March 28th

2003 Paradise

2002 Paradise

2000 Destiny

1999 Fascination

1998 Fantasy

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Emme, thanks for posting your honest review. There are some on here that have to put a positive spin on any negative reviews. Take it with a grain of salt. I feel that you enjoyed some aspects of your cruise but could not deal with the amount of smokers on board.


I too have had problems with Carnival on some of the their ships. On the Glory last year you could not move anywhere on this ship without a cloud of smoke following you around. I did find that on my last two Carnival cruises, that they had indeed expanded the non-smoking areas to include the promenade deck, half of the casino and atrium bar in addition to the already non-smoking dining rooms and show lounge. Of course you will have some passengers that feel the rules do not include them. No one should smoke in an elevator. Just plain ignorant. Just a note of info. I have never seen a non-smoking area in a casino aboard ship. The only one that I know of is on the Paradise and not for much longer.


One should not have to take a totally non-smoking ship to enjoy their vacation. The cruise lines just need to enforce the rules that they have set into place. This is something that Carnival does not do.






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9/02/2004 Fantasy



Navigator of the Seas 12/04/04


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Countercast, I also did not expect to NOT smell or encounter smoke, I just thought I could go where it would be non smoking.

The only places where I did not encounter smoking was The Follies, Truffles and my cabin. When I called Carnival after my cruise, I told them that they are accomodating to people who do not want to be around kids by giving them a pool to themselves (I totally understand that), they have a cigar bar for the cigar smokers, they have EVERY nightclub set aside for smokers, the casino is for smokers, what place of enjoyment is set aside for the nonsmokers? None.

Ckpan, how are you? I had the same thoughts when I tried to breathe the fresh sea air on my balcony, I spent a huge amount of money to sit out here and the only thing I can smell is constant cigarette smoke. And to think that I was concerned that I would offend my neighbors if I painted my fingernails on the balcony and they'd have to smell my nail polish! LOL

What made it obvious to me that Carnival didn't care to enforce the rules was that some places on the ship that weren't smoking areas had a trash can outside the elevators with an ashtray on top of them. Yes, they had butts in them.

Bnbcruisers, you are right about trying to dwell on the positive experences we had on the ship. I am really trying to focus on that.


Believe me, when I left for this cruise I was really in the frame of mind that I WILL NOT sweat the small stuff, so everytime someone lit up around me, I just moved. There was only so many times in an 8 day cruise that I feel should be acceptable for me to get up and move. I felt like I gave it a fair chance and just tried to roll with it.

What I don't understand is why do they make the rules and then not enforce them? By doing this, they are not only condoning it but provoking it.

It's a shame, I only had one problem with this cruise but it was a big enough problem that it affected everything.

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I am really disappointed to hear about the smoking problems on the Legend.

I am taking the 8 day NYC cruise on July 26 and do not want to deal with smokers in the non-smoking area. My Mom is dying of lung cancer from years of smoking and I don't want to be reminded of smoking's dangers. At least for 8 days.

Carnival should enforce this! I am dishing out $6,000 for this cruise and I don't want to smell cigarettes everywhere. I don't mind certain areas but smoking in the non-smoking areas should not be condoned.


Maybe I'll bring a squirt gun filled with some old cologne from Father's Day in 1985. When a smoker invades a non-smoking area, I'll give them a blast.


Then their clothing will small as bad as they make mine smell.


Does Carnival enforce squirt guns?

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Emme, just to clarify your statement about there being ashtrays right outside of non-smoking venues. I think the reasoning is that if someone starts to enter an area that is strictly non-smoking (such as the dining room, show lounge, etc.), they have a place to dispose of their butt before entering. Also, many people go out into the area outside the dining room between courses for a smoke. I know because I used to do the same until I came to my senses 5 1/2 years ago and realized I could take an extra cruise a year if I didn't spend my money on cigarettes! I got healthier and an extra cruise! What could be better?



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I was also on the 5-31 Legend Cruise. I can tell you for certain you were not surrounded on all sides of your cabin by smokers. I know this because I was in Cabin 8227 right next door and I do not smoke. I'm sorry that you found the smoking offensive. I am also an asthmatic and take several medications aday to keep it under control. I for one never found the smoking to be a problem. Just goes to show how two different people on the same cruise can have very different experiences and opinions.

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i was on the same cruise , may 31 , 2004 legend, what do u people think ? , when u have 2400 people , plus 950 crew, that everyone will be conciderate, u sure must live in a fantasy world.i do not smoke , but my wife does & she tried to be cociderate of others, but when u complain about ur neighbors smoking , dont u think that they paid the same amount as u did , if u cant stand the smell of smoke or ur child cannot be around it , then stay out of public places , & I KNOW THAT U DID NOT HAVE ANY SMOKIN IN THE DINING ROOM , SO U COULD HAVE HAD ALL YOUR MEALS IN THERE , just my opinion

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Hi Crazyaboutcruising,

You are right, two different people on the same cruise can have very different experiences. That's pretty much what I said in my orginal post. icon_smile.gif Maybe I just found myself in the wrong places at the wrong times.

You guys were on the side where the privacy divider went from the ship on out to the balcony, the people I had a problem with were the people right beside us where there wasn't a comlete divider and the people directly underneath them. Would have been happy to trade with the ones underneath our neighbors so everyone could be happy.

Tall paul, I'm really sorry to hear about your Mom, I can understand your concern and frustrations.

Jerseygirl, The part about the ashtrays being in a non smoking area, I was referring to the ashtrays just outside the elevators where there isn't supposed to be any smoking in that area at all. Congrats on your accomplishment! I think it is great that you are putting that money toward another cruise! icon_smile.gifWay to go.

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Emme I was also on this cruise. I did notice smoke in the casino and the lounge where they allowed cigar smoking. Other than that,I really didn't notice anything. I guess we were lucky,I didn't smell smoke anywhere near my cabin.


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