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Spirit Review for 5/10/06 sailing (Glacier Bay)


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I've been planning on doing this since we've returned, but have had very little time to do so. So I'll be doing this in bits and pieces and I'll answer any & all questions. :)


My wife and I arrived in Vancouver the night before the cruise at about 11:30 local time, got to the motel at 12:20am. For us, that's like getting in at 2:20.... ugh. Anyway, we stayed at Ramada Inn Downtown (on Granville) and I must say it's a great location. Unfortunately the rooms are extremely small. Much smaller than a ship's cabin! Not a big deal really since all we did was use the room to sleep.


Next day (Embarkation day!) we got up very early and went to breakfast. Great little place across the street from the hotel called Two Parrots. It's actually a bar, but the breakfasts there cannot be beat.


After breakfast we take a walk down Granville (it's barely 9am then...) and see the Spirit docked. Couple of great pictures there. We then head back to the hotel to collect our luggage and get to the ship!


Short cab ride later, we're there by 10:30. Controlled chaos is an apt description. 2 ships arrving the same day and time makes for loads of fun. We finally tracked down a porter to take our luggage and he was super friendly & polite. (Yes, sir, thank you sir, etc.) Because of that he got a good tip from me.


Luggage taken care of, we line up and wait. And wait. And wait. By now line has become more of a "Y" formation and very little crowd control is evident. (Oh, this is not going to go well....) It's then announced "1 line" will proceed throw security (about 11:00 or so) and the line moves. Of course they open up all lines and it's a mad rush to go through security. Though it sounds worse than it really was and goes very smoothly.


Now we sit and wait. So of course my cruise is ruined now. ;)


We didn't realize it, but the sitting and waiting crowd is composed of Spirit and Volendum cruisers. Person comes around and has the Volendum people move elsewhere.


More waiting. Best thing though is we had a blast talking to people. :) And ended up seeing them quite a bit throughout the cruise, even though we had different dinner times, excursions, etc.! Anyway, by about 11:30 we're on our way through customs, then to get our sail & sign cards and then the ship! Finally make it on board by 12:15 or so.




Quickie eating and time to explore the ship. And Spirit is a gorgeous ship. Realizing she has just come out of dry dock, you can see the work that had been done, but there is still some minor wear & tear. Especially where the luggage carts scrape the side of the elevators. Otherwise, she's immaculate.


Finally make it down to our cabin. Our first balcony cabin. No way would I do this cruise without one. We also meet our room steward Enrique. A very nice guy. The entire week we always saw him doing something or helping someone out in some way. Nothing but accolades for the job he did, which twice had him straightening up our cabin 3 times a day! Well above the call of duty.


We slowly but surely get our luggage and had 2 pieces before the muster drill! However, well before the drill, we take the spa tour and we both take them up on an embarkation special for a 35 minute massage for $59. Neck, shoulders, arms, and feet. Only bad thing is we set it for 6:00 and miss leaving Vancouver. So no pictures. :(


Muster drill is typical. One person blows the whistle and is then reminded that he's not the first to do so. :rolleyes:


Head back to the cabin and our 3rd piece of luggage is there. We unpack and then head up to our massages.... Ahhhhh.


More later.

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Ok, time for more....


We had cabin 7129. It's on the starboard side.


Now then, after the massages, we go to explore more of the ship. The more we see, the more we like. Already by that time I think it's our new favorite ship. It's bright, not garishly outfitted, and that staff is very friendly and welcoming.


As with our past cruises, we opt for the late dinner seating. Normally not a problem, but we're operating on Chicago time and we're technically eating at 10:15.... Oy. But it works out. We had a table set up for 9, but only one other couple joins us. Very very nice couple from Vancouver on their first cruise. Our waitstaff is Ruelito and Joanna. Ruelito is pretty much all business, but he's very efficient and helpful in making choices. Joanna is a cutie and tried very hard to please everyone she served. While not the best we've ever had, they still did an outstanding job.


The next day is our first sea day and sailing through the inside passage, it's also the formal night for dinner. As per usual, I rented a tux for the cruise. Never having any problems in the past, I (idiot that I am) don't try on the shirts or tux until right before dinner. (more on that in a bit) Anyway, before picking up the tux, we head out to breakfast. And this is my lone complaint about Carnival: Breakfast ends way too early in the dining room. The latest it's served is 9:30, even earlier on other days, while the lido deck buffet is only 10:30. I like sleeping in a bit on my vacations. I rarely get up before 9am. This is definitely something that needs adjusting. They can re-set-up quickly for a late dinner seating after serving the early seating, why not do the same for breakfast to lunch? Also, as in the past, breakfast is pretty much "eh, whatever" in terms of taste. However, it has improved slightly. Not much, but slightly. Where I would have given it a 3 out of 10 in the past, it's now a 4. But they still do not cook my eggs benedict the way I like..... *sigh*


After breakfast, go pick up the tux, drop it off at the room, go to explore more of the ship. We walk the deck, take more pictures and just soak up the sights. To just say it's gorgeous would be a severe understatement. Even with a slightly overcast sky, you just cannot properly describe the grandeur of the mountainscape. This was also one of 2 days we got rain. And then it only rained for about 30 minutes before making way for a beautiful sunny day.


We just used this day to relax and do nothing. Explore. Go to Pharoah's Palace and took in the excursion talk (even though we had already pre-booked our excursions) and even played a game of bingo. Afterwards, lunch on the lido. We got extremely lucky and got a seat by a window that slides open, though I didn't realize it opened for about 30 minutes or so, and just enjoyed our lunch and the passing sights. Unfortunately, I missed one sight I was hoping to see because I needed a bathroom break: A bear sighting. My wife saw them, but not me. :( Damn. Now my cruise is definitely ruined. Carnival needs to make sure we see bears. I think I'll complain.


As I said, it's formal night. And, as I also said, I didn't try on the tux until we're getting ready for dinner. Shirt doesn't fit. Both shirts don't fit. So I trudge back to the formals shop and I see I'm not the only one who has things to exchange.... It works out, but it was a bit frustrating. Not enough to complain. Not like missing a bear.


I should say at this point that Carnival has definitely tweaked their dinner menu. Some for the better, some not so much. Dinner is still very, very good, boarding on excellence on a couple of nights. Tonight is one of those excellence nights in terms of food and service.


I should also point out a bit of pet peeve at this point: Rudeness of the passengers. There's a line to the dining room. It's a looooooooong line. Mostly everyone is patient and waits their turn. Mostly everyone. Granted, by tonight we all know where we're sitting, but it's a matter of being courteous and waiting your turn to enter the dining room. By about the 5th night I had my fill, and I wasn't the only one, with people just cutting in. Myself and another gentlemen made some rather loud comments on that 5th night and embarrassed a few people. ;)


Ok, back on topic....


After dinner, we opt to not go to the show, and head back to the room for an early bedtime. We take the long way back, walking on the deck for a short time though. It's a bit chilly, but still a beautiful night.

More later....

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Kevin - More please.


I am also sailing on the 31st with daynajo, Perseids and lizabet623. You are helping keep our excitement for our upcoming trip at bay.


Thank you for taking the time to write a review so soon after your cruise.

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Next part...


Today it's Juneau. Of all the stops we're making, this is the one that had us the most excited. We had a whale watching excursion planned. :)


We're lazy, sleep in until about 9 or so, make it up to the lido deck for the buffet breakfast just in time. Lines were very very short, and no line for the omelet bar! (Cool!) However, the bad thing is everyone who had breakfast earlier has pulled chairs up to the windows to watch the scenery. So what few empty tables there were had no chairs. After literally wandering for about 10-15 minutes looking for a place to sit, we find one. By now the breakfast is cold and my wife & I are a tad frustrated by even more discourteous behavior. People need to eat and then go elsewhere to sightsee, especially during the high dining times.


After breakfast we just decide to go back and relax in our cabin and our balcony. We're not scheduled to arrive in Juneau until 2, so we take full advantage of the relaxtion value.


Word of "warning": If you're on the starboard side of the ship, you get tons of gorgeous picture taking opportunities heading into Juneau.


Prior to getting off, we have lunch in the dining room for a change. We tend to stick to the lido for lunch, but we decided to do something different this time. Ended up meeting a young couple from San Antonio on their "last hurrah" cruise before attempting to start a family. We also end up seeing them many times afterwards the rest of the week. A very nice couple.


Once in Juneau, we get in line to get off the ship ASAP since our excursion is supposed to leave at 2. Of course it doesn't. But by 2:20 we're on our bus and on our way. I forget our driver's name, but she's a math teacher from Seattle on sabbatical from teaching and just enjoying life in Juneau. She was a hoot. Giving us all kinds of info about Juneau, even the smallest of things. One such little tidbit is that the local McDonald's sold 17,000 burgers on its first day of business. Anyway, the bus ride to the whale watching boat was quick and we were also able to make a quick stop to see some of the Mendenhall Glacier.


It's an absolutely gorgeous day. Cloud-filled sky, but tons of sunny weather. It's Juneau's first sunny day after 30 straight days of rain. We get to the dock and board the boat. The boat appears to hold approximately 75 people. Overall, it's a very smooth ride and we end up seeing humpbacks, orcas, sealions and many eagles, including one sitting on her nest. I get tons of pictures, including a whale tail shot. My wife gets to see one of the orcas breach, of course I was on the other side of the boat. My cruise is further ruined. I'll complain to Carnival later about not making sure they have whales ready to breach on these excursions.


After the 4 hour boat tour, we head back to town and we do some shopping and with the intention of going to Twisted Fish for dinner. Seriously, do NOT even bother. Extremely rude people who turn up their nose at you if you decide to walk in and expect to, oh I don't know, get a table. We walked in at 7:15 and were brusquely told that unless we have a reservation, don't expect a talble until at least 8pm. We walked out and forewarned many others walking towards the place to avoid it. I should also point out I saw 4 empty tables as we rudely put off. I live in Chicago and have encountered many rude hostesses, but this bordered on snobbery. So we head back to the ship and decide to skip the dining room for dinner. Lido deck dinner is just fine for us tonight.


After dinner, we decide to just call it a night and head back to the cabin. Just feeling the need to get away from the crowds and sit on our balcony alone.


Next day is Glacier Bay. I cannot express in words how absolutely incredible Galcier Bay is.... It is the most serene place I have ever been to in my entire life. There is no adjective I can use to describe what we see here. To just call it gorgeous or beautiful is an understatement. It's what heaven must be like. The hours spent there are worth the price paid for the cruise.


One thing to keep an eye out for while in Glacier Bay is the sealife. We saw a sealion or two as well as Dahl's dolphins (they look like baby orcas) playing in the ship's wake. There are numerous pictures to be taken while here, so make sure you have plenty of film or a memory chip large enough.


One bit of bad news while in Glacier Bay though: While there a passenger had a heart attack and a helicopter had to be sent in to airlift him to a hospital. Not sure how accurate the info is, but apparently he did die and was brought back before the airlift. At the end of the cruise, it was announced he was doing well at a Seattle hospital. All the passengers who were asked to clear the deck for this airlift did so without complaint and quickly.


Back to the good stuff. As like the other days so far, we do dinner, do walk around the ship and then back to the cabin. So if you're looking for a show review, we only did 2 shows at the end. "Standing Room Only" and the passenger talent show. "SRO" is a great show. More later about what happened with that particular show...


Back to work for me for now. ;) More review to come!

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Thanks Kevin So Far A Great Review With Some Nice Comic Tidbits Thrown In.


I See You Have Met My Haram Of Women Traveling With Me , Tamara,dayna And Lizabeth.:d


Keep Them Coming As The Girls Said. Enjoying The Review.

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Kevin -


It's been interesting reading your reviews so far. We are heading northbound on the spirit June 14th and can hardly wait.


I realize that each cruise population is different but could you tell me what age group the majority of passengers on your sailing was?




Looking forward to the rest of the review.:)

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Just to answer some questions:


The age group seemed to be older for the most part. 50+. I saw very few kids (maybe 10 total?). There were groups of 80 retired Vancouver policemen and their families on board, 17 newlywed couples, a senior group of about 50 or 60, and a large asian group of people (75?).


No promises on pictures, but we shall see. ;)


I'll get to the rest of the review later today (I hope). :)

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Just to answer some questions:


The age group seemed to be older for the most part. 50+. I saw very few kids (maybe 10 total?). There were groups of 80 retired Vancouver policemen and their families on board, 17 newlywed couples, a senior group of about 50 or 60, and a large asian group of people (75?).


No promises on pictures, but we shall see. ;)


I'll get to the rest of the review later today (I hope). :)


Thanks for the breakdown!

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Ok, more review....


I need to back up just a sec here. Before entering Glacier Bay, Spirit picked up three people. Two naturalists who live in a small town called Gustavus and were very knowledgable about the area and the third was a park ranger for Glacier Bay.


All right, on to the next day and Skagway. This was the only day we had rain while on the cruise, save for those mere 30 minutes on the first day. And of course we had a walking tour scheduled for the morning, 8:30 to exact. This of course ruined my cruise. Carnival needs to schedule around rain. I'm going to complain to them.


Anyway, the walking tour was the Ghosts & Godtime Girls walking tour. Yep, spooks and hookers. ;) Seriously, it was a great time. The rain, actually it was a very light drizzle, did not deter. As we walked around town, we learned about the history, where there are supposedly ghosts and some of the not-so-pretty aspects of being a prostitute in the early 1900s. After the tour we end up at the Red Onion Saloon. A real brothel back in the day. The upstairs is now a museum of sorts, and you see what these girls lived like then. You also hear the story of how they moved the saloon 4 blocks to its current location.


After the 2 hour tour, we had every intention of having lunch IN Skagway, but nothing was open for lunch. So we head back to the ship and eat lunch there as we have another tour in the afternoon.


At about noon we head off the ship to board the White Pass Train. The trip is set to start at about 12:45, but better early than late. The round trip is supposed to take 3 hours. Mind you, I say "supposed to".... Spirit is scheduled to leave port at 4:30, so we need to be back aboard by 4:00. We return at about 4:20. Thankfully this was a Carnival booked excursion, or I'd have some great shots of Spirit as she sails away!


Seriously though, White Pass is a great trip. The tour we took takes you up to British Columbia, barely, where they then "turn around" and head back down. When you arrive at BC, you're now 2865 feet above sea level. If you're a train fanatic, take this tour! LOTS of tremendous pictures to be taken on this ride. This was my highlight of the cruise.


As I said, we return to the ship late. Actually, about 400 of us return late to the ship... Good thing we all were able to make it back as this was also the second formal night and I wouldn't want that tux I rented to go unused. After we get back aboard, we make a quick beeline to get something small to eat (hey, riding a train is tough work!) and then go back to the cabin for some R&R. ;)


Well, this was also the night I decided to try my hand at some blackjack. I had played a bit earlier in the cruise, but had the misfortune of sitting with, well to be kind, "amatuers". A quick $60 lost. But tonight would be different! I actually walked away up $40 for the night, after plunking down $100 to begin with. Wow. Get me to Vegas quick! (Now what is it they say about a fool and his money...?)


Dinner on this night was great. Better than the first formal night, IMO. For some reason this night was really jumping and tons of fun. We sat there until we basically had to be ushered out. Not quite, but close. And, like other nights, we take one last walk and head back to the cabin. having that balcony is just too perfect. You can sit there and just take in all the silence and peace. And the late sunsets (9:45) made for some of the most awe-inspiring sights.


The next day we arrive in Ketchikan. We also sleep in a bit. No need to rush since we don't arrive until 11am. Nice leisurely breakfast at the lido buffet after wrestling away a table from some people. (Hey, they looked finished to me! :p ) And we also happened up our young couple from the lunch the other day along with her parents. Had a nice conversation with them and saw that they were having as much fun as we were.


Once we finally get off the ship, we head in towards Ketchikan (hey look! It's right there mere steps from the ship!) and some shopping before our excursion. We end up doing most our souvenir & gift shopping here. Ketchikan is really a nice looking town, but very much a touristy looking one.


After shopping we finally get to the bus for our excursion to Saxman's Village and later on the Lumberjack Show. Saxman's Village is an incredible place. For me, to see the master carver working on a totem pole was worth it. We do, however, get to see a presentation and later on a dance that is meant to be a welcome. My wife and I have differing views on how it appeared. To me, it was sad that these people need to perform like this now; to her, she thought it was a beautiful dance. At one point in time it was probably a beautiful dance, now it's just a show. But that's just MY opinion.


One thing I must mention is our driver, Linda. She was great. Native American and makes her home in Saxman. She was funny, very knowledgable, and she made this a far better excursion.


After Saxman's, we head over to the Lumberjack Show. They're very accurate when they call it a rip-roaring competition. It's also hokey as hell. :D Just pure fun.


So we head back to the ship, rest up, go to dinner, walk the ship, go back to the cabin..... And then go to bed to await our last sea day sailing the inside passage and back to Vancouver. :(



The end is near.... Be back soon to finish the review!

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Kevin, with your permission I would like to take a copy of your comment about the Twisted Fish Company and email it to them. Of course I will remove any names or reference to your self or family. I am sorry you had such a bad experience with them and I think they should know it.


They may be more apt to change if they hear from a fellow Alaskan that this is how they are scoring with the tourist.


I will wait for your response before sending anything to them.





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Kevin, with your permission I would like to take a copy of your comment about the Twisted Fish Company and email it to them. Of course I will remove any names or reference to your self or family. I am sorry you had such a bad experience with them and I think they should know it.


They may be more apt to change if they hear from a fellow Alaskan that this is how they are scoring with the tourist.


I will wait for your response before sending anything to them.





Patrick, go for it. I meant to email them as soon as I got home, but I figured why bother? Odds of me returning are slim and I'll certainly recommend people not go there if they're ever in Juneau. I honestly have never been treated as rudely as we were the moment we walked in. We were there on Friday, May 12, so they should know who the 2 hostesses were. And I have no problems in you using my name......
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Ok, the end is here.... ;)


As you could tell, most of the cruise was spent mainly relaxing, having time to ourselves, etc. For the most part, my wife and I are not the type to go out and party all night. We're certainly capable of doing it, we just chose not to do so on this trip, preferring to enjoy the balcony and sights. The last day on board changed all that though....


To back up a bit.


Remember my mentioning the one show, "Standing Room Only"? There was supposed to be 2 showings on the day we sailed out of Ketchikan. Well, there was the early seating show, but not the late seating show. During the first show, there was some sort of electrical problem and the stage ended up dropping suddenly a few inches. Thankfully no one was hurt and the it was right at the end of the show. This unfortunately cancelled the late seating show.


They repaired the problem and ended up having the show on our last sea day at 7pm. So it all worked out in the end, and my wife and I got to see one of the shows. And, yes, it was a very good show.


Ok, rewind to the beginning of the day....


We slept in. Getting up about 8:30. Heading to the dining room for breakfast by about 9:30 or so. And this is when I had my worst dining experience of the cruise. I ordered eggs benedict with the yolks cooked hard, a doulbe order of "hashbrowns" and OJ. So of course I get runny yolks, one order of "hashbrowns" and bacon, no OJ. *sigh* Carnival really, really needs to start focusing a bit more on breakfast and less time towards the gala buffet.


After breakfast, or whatever passed for it, we head over Pharoah's Palace to catch cruise director Shawn Bussey's debarkation talk. Even if you've cruised a hundred times in the caribbean, go to this talk when you sail Alaska! There's literally 6 (or more?) different ways to disembark. The best one is since we pass through customs to board the ship and are "back" in America, you can opt to go right to the airport without going through customs again as long as you're flying directly to an American destination with no stops in Canada. Carnival is hooked into the airlines, they print your boarding pass (which you pick up when you go to disembark) and your travel tags for your luggage. Put your luggage out the night before as usual, meet up at a specific place to get your pass, they take you to a bus and literally tape the bus closed. Next time you see your luggage is when you pick it up at your location. It was a great deal.... which we didn't need or use.


After the talk, time for me to head to the casino to rake in some more dough.... $40 lighter later, I said screw it. I wasn't going to lose more than the initial $60 I lost earlier in the cruise. Oh, I still feel I was screwed (cheated?) out of my money. I was winning until the pit boss popped over to see how we were doing. Then the dealer has this amazing "luck'! Wow, what are the odds..? *sigh*


By this time, it's getting close to lunch and I can definitely feel that I have too much blood in my pizza system, so off to the lido for lunch. And lo and behold, no seats once again. We begrudgingly head to the dining room and actually have a great time. Met up with a man who has 44 cruises under his belt! And the lunch wasn't too bad.... Of course, that ruined my cruise. I was expecting to have bad service again. I'm going to email Carnival to complain that their service got better.


Now then, this trip home was not a smooth one. The ship had to battle winds of upwards of 35 mph. Oh yes, we were a rockin'. Winds were so bad, the top 2 decks were closed. So don't let anyone tell you it's smoother to sail in Alaska.


Ok, after lunch, we just wander... It was still a bit too early to go see the Newlywed/Not-So-Newlywed Game, which was at 2:30. But we still head towards the theatre eventually and sit down to just relax.


I don't care how many times I see this show, it's still damn funny. :D


After that show, we head back to the dining for the galley tour. I'm always impressed at how they do their work. By the way, Spirit has 4 separate galleys. Main galley for our dining pleasure, Nouveau supper club, room service, and crew's. We went through the main galley. Wow. Stainless steel city.


After the tour, we figure we better get packed and get our luggage ready for the pick-up. I also had a tux to return. So the next few hours are spent on the non-fun stuff.


Dinner that evening was slightly bittersweet. We really grew to like both Ruelito and Joanna a lot. They gave their all to please, even when they were noticably struggling at times.


After dinner, we and our tablemates head to the theatre to catch the passenger talent show. Usually this is the "snicker and point at them" time of the cruise. Not this time. All four participants, which included a duet (and the highlight), did an excellent job. However, since they had time to kill, the crew members put on an "extra" show. A very racy one and one heavy with sexual innuendos.... I have never laughed so much in my entire life. I had tears streaming down my face. And even though you're not supposed to take pictures, I did. I had to. It was just too damn funny. And a GREAT way to end the cruise.


Next morning we keep it easy and simple and order room service breakfast. Best breakfast of the cruise. Go figure. Disembarkation goes smoothly. Actually meet up with our tablemates on the lido deck buffet area and just sit and talk until our number is called. One, two, three and we're through customs and awaiting a cab.


2 hours later we're getting in a cab. No, not kidding. So take full advantage of Carnival in providing transportation, even if you really don't need it. For us, it didn't matter since we were staying an extra day in Vancouver and were in no rush. And yes, it was back to the Ramada.


While in Vancouver, we went over to Granville Island and had a blast. It's an amazing place to just walk through. Prior to going there though, we had lunch at Two Parrots and "enjoyed" listening to a soccer game. Man, they love their soccer there.... For dinner we went to a place in Yaletown called Milestone and it was outstanding! Go to this place if you're in Vancouver for any reason whatsoever!


The next day we're flying out and heading home to Chicago. Well rested and still in awe.

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Odds & end I missed along the way:


Shawn Bussey is a fun CD. But she needs to learn what day it is. She had May 14th as Saturday on the Capers. ;) She's also a cutie. And Shawn's assistant, Sean, was a scream. He had everyone laughing. (Yep, the Shawn and Sean show.)


I was very disappointed that the naturalist Michelle was not more accessible. It seems she spent the majority of the time on the bridge using the PA to call out where there was wildlife. Half the time you could never see it though. She did have a couple of talks, but otherwise she was essentially non-existant.


"Super Shopper" Kimberley is a wonderful person. Extremely helpful and not one who is overly pushy in having you go to "Carnival selected" shops.


We actually had the Maitre'D come to our table for the first time in 4 cruises! :eek:


We did see the Captain a time or two just wandering the decks, checking things out. That is something I have never seen before.


Gala Buffet was on the day (that night actually) we were in Skagway. Yeah, it's grand, but it's not appetizing looking. Well, except for the chocolate buffet part. Just give me a fork and/or sppon and get out of the way.


Word of warning when flying into Vancouver airport: If you feel like you need to use the restroom before you land, do it! You will be walking a looooooooooooong way before you get to customs, and there are no restrooms until you go through customs.


Finally, Spirit is an awesome ship. Definitely my favorite one to date. I'm also sort of looking at a Mexican Riveria cruise on Spirit for next year.... :p We shall see.


Ok, ask your questions!! :cool:

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WOW Kevin - you liked the Spirit more than the Conquest???? We love the Conquest so now I'm even more excited about cruising on her.


Who did you use for Whale Watching? You mentioned doing the train through the ship - which excursions did you book through the ship? Di dyou book any on your own?


Thanks for the wonderful review.

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We thought Conquest was too dark and it felt way too big. Spirit just felt right.


And we booked all our excursions through Carnival. It's worth it to me to have peace of mind if we're running late for any reason.

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Great Review Kevin.


One Question , This Will Be Our First Balcony Also And Would Like To Know If The Cabin Was Dark Enough With Late Sunlight To Get Some Sleep,you Had Any Problems With Too Much Sunlight In Cabin?

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Nope, no problems with sleeping in. There's a sheer curtain that's good for filtering the sunlight and heavy duty curtain that'll totally block any light effectively. ;)


We usually had the curtain cracked open a bit to get some light in the room in the morning, but not enough to be bothersome.

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