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Hurricane Season - For Your Safety

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With all of the new reports about the upcoming hurricane season, it's best to think about safety. Even New York City is seriously thinking about planning for how hurricanes will be affecting them!


Imagine how this could affect all RCI departures out of Cape Liberty?!


Such issues make it quite clear that RCI should start seriously thinking about having ships more ships leave from the West Coast. More of the Radiance Class and Voyager class ships would be a good idea to depart from Los Angeles. Perhaps even the Genesis class of ships could be slated to depart from the West Coast.


Please note that my concern is NOT for my own personal pleasure. Why, I could care less where ships depart from. The cruise itself is the best part. Why should I have my life made a little easier by having ships depart from a port closer to where I am? Nonsense! :mad:


My concern is for all of my fellow cruise passengers who want a hurricane-free cruise. Not bombarded by choppy waters and missed ports, etc. This is for the safety and security of all involved. I ask you, "who wants to FlowRide with Katrina; walk the Royal Promenade with Wilma?" :)

That will never happen on the West Coast!

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The west coast is not immune to hurricanes. You should check out the National Hurricane center's website. Yes, we hear about more storms that strike the east coast and caribbean, but that's not to say that you're free and clear when sailing from the west coast. In 1992, Hurricane Iniki struck Hawaii and caused 1.8 billion dollars worth of damage. Storms that start off of the west coast of mexico have been known to cause heavy flooding and rain in portions of the SOuthwest and Pacific coast (all this info comes from the NHC's site).So saying that it will "NEVER" happen on the west coast is just plain silly.

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And how do you propose we eliminate the airport closures due to Earthquake damage.


I have lived on the Houston Gulf Coast(between Galveston & Pt Arthur) my whole life ..We have had exactly 2 mandatory evacs.And only 5 major Hurricanes hit in over 40 years..


Not dismissing the danger and concern..I live it every year.

But natural disasters happen..Everywhere.


I do think I see your tounge..Planted firmly in cheek...

But maybe,just may Eric is behind this :D

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Having more cruises on the West Coast would not be of any benefit to myself. My airfare would cost me more than my cruise and it would mean twice as much time spent in airports.


I cruise during the tail end of hurricane season and am not worried at all about my safety. The ship will not steer directly into the hurricane anyways. Missed ports just means more sea days :)

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I say put em in Lake Michigan! It would be real close to home. Sure they can't fit through the Welland Canal, enlarge the puppy!


Does anyone remember the movie, "Bird on a Wire" they were crossing from Detroit to Chicago. The whole State of Michigan just disapeered.


I cruise the Caribbean because I enjoy it. California is a long haul for me.

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I say put em in Lake Michigan! It would be real close to home. Sure they can't fit through the Welland Canal, enlarge the puppy!


Amen Nliedel!!! I'm tired of the cost of flying out of Michigan to my lovely ladies on the water. But how ya gonna get the Canadians to redo the Welland?? I'd love to be able to sail the St Lawrence Seaway, past Detroit, stop at Mackinaw Island/St Ignace, then Traverse City, then either cross to Green Bay or head south and stop at Holland before going over to and ending at Chicago. There is a German Co that has a very small cruiseliner on the Great Lakes in July. I think it makes 1 round trip. Only carries about 200 passengers.

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Bag Holland, bleah. Grand Haven! They have a nice large river mouth.


Canadians, are you listening? We want the Welland widened for a Radiance Class ship!


Could depart Chicago. That would be a nice sail. What about Beaver Island?

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