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Just my impressions


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We were on the QM2 for the june11-19 caribbean trip, and I thought I would pass along some impressions. I felt that the entire staff did a remarkable job, especially in light of the tragedy with the gentleman overboard. This, as well as the med-evac patient, the delay into St. Thomas, and the late arrival to NYC-- and yet the staff was INCREDIBLE in their helpfulness with rearranging flights etc. I am still amazed that the Captain kept us all up-to-date on all the happenings---something I have never experienced before(and we were onboard a Carnival ship several years ago when a college student apparently fell overboard.)


As stated before many times, this ship is truley beautiful.(It does take a while to figure out your way around.) There is so much to see and do. However, it really does depend on your perspective. In our case, we travelled with our 4 children, ages 18, 15, 13, and 12. They have all said that they had a great time and loved the "experience" of being on the QM2. But just last year we were on the RCL Navigator, and there was just so much more that was geared for them. Having said that, I think that what they were saying is that they loved the QM2 for what it IS, and it is not a RCL. Also, my kids didn't do anything with the youth program onboard, so I can't speak for that. As a parent, I actually liked the fact that there wasn't a huge, state-of-the-art gameroom(there is a little one). Last year my boys spent WAY too much time indoors playing video games. This year, they played up on deck--basketball, ping-pong, paddle tennis(?). Also, my kids enjoy dressing up for dinner, so dinner was everynight in the Britannia-- a very beautiful room!


We felt that the food was terrific. Kings Court for breakfast and/or lunch--great waffles and eggs. By the way, we never had trouble finding a place to sit, and there were usually at least 4 of us together to eat. Don't miss fish and chips(with mushy peas!) in the pub--delicious.

Afternoon tea is wonderful--no kidding, try not to miss it.


One night my husband and I ate in Todd English, and it was quite the experience. It started off on a bad note, as this was the night that the crew began to search for the missing passenger. (We arrived at dinner just when they were making their first announcements.) And because of the layout of this dining room, they have unfortunately placed a table for 2 DIRECTLY in front of the swinging doors to the kitchen. I mean DIRECTLY. So, every few seconds, literally, the doors flew open and we were treated to bright lights, noise, and bustling waiters. My husband is not one to make waves, so we didn't complain. And I must say, that our waiter (Jon?) and wine steward made our experience lovely. Without doubt, I ate the best meal of my life that night. It REALLY is worth it to go.(but try to get a better seat!)


Sorry this is long-winded. I'll finish with cabins since that has been an issue of discussion. My husband and I had a hull balcony and felt that it was very roomy and light. However we didn't "use" the balcony like we have on "open" balconies before. The children were across from us in an inside quad. Well let me just say, I'm glad we were outside. That sunlight makes the difference.


Just thought I would share my experience.

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Thanks for taking the time to post about your experience. I am just beginning to toy with the idea of giving the QM2 a try for my next booking and your comments gave me a better feeling for what we could expect.

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Great write-up! Thanks for the impressions. What kinds of food were available for breakfast (love waffles) and lunch? Are they the same in both Kings Court and Britannia or similar? Buffet style or more a la carte?


Thanks, from a picky eater!


I also have a hull balcony reserved - cabin 4192 I believe.

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Heartwarming to hear your observations and experience, tuckerm. There is something about the responsiveness of many of the crew which, if not perfect, is quite genuine.


To MIKEinVA, I'm a picky eater too -- both in the sense that I want certain things at meals AND that I like to "pick at" or graze the buffet. I think I can say with some confidence that you will not be disappointed in King's Court for breakfast or lunch. They offer a hot and cold buffet at least comparable to what you'd find at an American five star hotel -- everything from cold fruit and cereal to made to order omelettes and fresh pastries with good jams etc. In addition to that, they have English, European and Asian breakfast specialties (bangers, meusili, deli meats etc.) Lots of little nooks and places to sit..the only problem IMHO is finding your way around. If I were you, I would take 5-10 minutes and just wander the entire Kings Court with the only intention of getting the layout of which of the four restaurants are port or starboard, foreward or aft -- and their color schemes. Just a thought.


Breakfast in Brittannia is open seating, lovely, and relaxed. A little bit of everything on the menu, and some creative b'fast entrees.


Lunch is different in that some of the restuarants' specialities come out (Italian, Asian etc) in the hot entrees and to a lesser degree across the entire selection. IMHO if you don't find what you want in one, you just have to wander around and see what's available elsewhere.


At dinner, your choices are going to be more restricted to either what's on the menu at Britannia, or what the speciality restaurant you've chosen has on their menu.


The only thing you may be disappointed in from a selection standpoint is room service. The selection is very limited -- with the possible exception of breakfast. On the positive side, it's free -- and nearly 24/7.


This is not an exhaustive review, but just meant to give you a little, um, taste.




P.S. There is self-serve, soft-serve ice cream -- choc, vanilla,& mix -- available in Kings court most of the time -- and it's good!

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I'm travelling with my children this summer. What are the dress codes for them at dinner? My daughter (14) is finding it difficult to obtain a suitable dress for the formal evenings. No longer a girl and yet not quite old enough for a suitable female black dress.


Any other tips for the children would be helpful.

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Tell your teenage daughter not to worry about "formal" at dinner. Any dress she would wear to a festive evening party or dance at school would do. Best -- just a basic black dress. With pretty little shoes and her winning smile, she will be a sensation. It doesn't have to be floor length.


Also, with a simple black dress (any number of simple knit dresses from Land's End, LLBeans, Travel Smith, etc) she can buy an overblouse/jacket to dress it up. A white chiffon blouse over the black dress and she will look totally different for a second formal evening.


If she has pierced ears, tell her to buy some sensational sparkly dangling earrings to draw attention to her face. Formal nights seemed to be alight with sequins and jewelry.

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Great write-up! Thanks for the impressions. What kinds of food were available for breakfast (love waffles) and lunch? Are they the same in both Kings Court and Britannia or similar? Buffet style or more a la carte?


Thanks, from a picky eater!


I also have a hull balcony reserved - cabin 4192 I believe.


This was the cabin we (my daughter and I) had on our Caribbean trip in March!


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MikeinVA--there really is so much selection in Kings Court. My older son says that the Itallian offerings at lunchtime were great. I don't think you will be disappointed. (we are in VA too--Abingdon in SW corner--where are you?)


Cheshire--just a thought about the formal dressing for the teens. My daughters and I got on the internet and went to a sight that I first learned about on these boards last year--www.alldresses.com--and we had a great time picking out a dress for each of them. These are relatively cheap prom-dress-like formals. My 12 year old LOVED getting all dressed up in a "foo-foo" type of dress! She had never had anything like it before--it really was so much fun--she wore it all 3 formal nights of our 8 day cruise.(Of course my 18 y.o. couldn't be seen in the SAME dress 3 times, so she only wore hers twice!) Anyway, it's just a suggestion. But we really had fun shopping this way. Good luck and have fun getting ready for your trip.

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I sailed with my 14 year old daughter last summer with 4 formal nights on a crossing. We were able to get some great bargains and she had a different gown for each night. Don't know about the UK but May/June is prom time in US high schools. So, in July we were able to get gowns for 50 to 75% off. Jessica McClintock makes dresses geared to this age group that are elegant but still youthful.

Dressing for dinner was definitely the highlight of the trip for her. I hope your daughter finds some beautiful gowns to make her feel like a princess.

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