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I just can't get enough of those pareos!!! I'm hooked!


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No matter where we are on vacation, especially a beach resort, and now a cruise April, I always buy a pareo/sarong. I just love them:D . They come in so many pretty colors and designs. When we were in Mexico last summer, I purchased 4 at one time, :D My husband just looked at me, and said "you can't wear them all at once"!


When we were in Ocean City MD, I purchased two more, not to mention the two I purchased online. Now I have 8. I just know when I am on the cruise next year, and we stop in Key West and the Bahamas I will buy more:eek: . I do wear them almost the entire time we are on vacation, and I have flip flops to match everyone of them. I just recently two drawstring bags to go along with two of them.


They are so comfortable, cool, and stylish. With the right bathing suit, and flip flops, you have an ensemble. I told my girlfriends I feel like an "island girl" when I am wearing them. Thats probably what my entire suitcase will consists of along with a few capris,tank tops and 2 dinner dresses. Of course I have to wear regular clothing off the ship.


What can I say, I am hooked!

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I could have a drawer full, but I stop myself. I have only 2, the ones I have are larger than typically what you get as souvenir pareos and are hand painted, they look like large pictures when they are flat.


I use them for so much more than a wrap. When we get to the pool, I lay it on top of my towel, so I don't have terrycloth marks all over the backs of my legs. If it is warm at night and a blanket seems too heavy, I'll use it as a blanket, it's softer than a sheet. If we're at the beach at night, I'll fold it into a triangle and use it as a wrap. I've folded/tied it and used it as a beach bag, I've used it as a laundry carrier. I'll use one on the hot seat of my car when I wear shorts. I've even had a rare occasion to use one as a towel, when a towel was not available.


Mine are large enough to tie around my neck as a short dress, or around my waist as a long skirt.


They fold down to nothing and are easily packed. Probably the most versatile piece of clothing that I own, besides being beautiful enough to hang as art. They wear like iron and are washable, dryable and have not faded over the years.

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Never cared for them myself. Leaves too much skin exposed/with no way of securing the ends. Even with a bathing suit on under it, just way too exposed for anywhere but the poolside or beachside. I would never wakl around the ship or town with one on.:eek:

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I somewhat disagree with that. It depends on the style you purchase, (some are very long others are short, above the knee) and how you are wearing it. They have the sheer wraps that do expose more skin and I would only wear on the beach or poolside, which I do have one. But the other seven I have are not sheer and I tie them so that it shows very little skin, even when I am sitting.


All of mine are long and full. They can be worn very nice with bathing suits, but I also would not wear them in town.

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I have quite a few in various lengths, prints and fabrics. My DF bought me two beautiful pareos when we were in Tortola a few months ago at a favorite fabric store of mine. One is olive with rust and gold and the other a black background with copper and gold. The fabric is hand dyed and exquisite!


For a high quality piece like these two, I have them hemmed if the edges are not finished and wear them as a long skirt with a sexy, fitted top and low heeled sandals. It makes a perfect outfit for dinner at a Caribbean resort.


I wear my more inexpensive pareos as swimsuit coverups or pair a shorter one with a tank to walk around island ports.


Like everything, they can be inexpensive to very expensive and they are staples of my tropical vacation wardrobe.

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Never cared for them myself. Leaves too much skin exposed/with no way of securing the ends. Even with a bathing suit on under it, just way too exposed for anywhere but the poolside or beachside. I would never wakl around the ship or town with one on.:eek:


I have to disrespectfully disagree here as well... Are you maybe thinking of the shorter ones?:confused:

The ones I have purchased from my vacations are all long,gorgeous and have enough fabric that if tied correctly are way more discreet than skirts/shorts or sundresses.

I absolutely weould not only wear them around the ship but to a resort restaurant in a heartbeat.;)

Are you maybe thinking of something like these:?



Because they are referring to something in coverage like this:


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I have one similar to your display (long pareo), and I wear mine like that or tie it on the side. I love them! I found a very tropical one in Mexico last summer that have the words playa del carmen written all over it. The colors are orange, green and yellow. It is so pretty, however since it is sheer, I will only wear it at the beach or by the pool. I have a navy blue and white pareo that I adore, and I will wear that all day. I know when we stop in Key west and the bahamas I will buy one. I hope I can find one that says Bahamas or Heywest like the one in Mexico I purchased.


I've seen women on the street dressed in lesser clothing!


Does anyone recall seeing any like when they were the Bahamas or Keywest??

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Has anyone ever seen a website on the different ways to tie them. I bought a few in Tahiti and can now kick myself for not buying the "How TO" book








This should help you!;)

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I have 2 that I got in Tahiti. Both are hand painted & copies of Paul Gauguin paintings. I cherish them. I had one of them framed & used as a picture for a short while. You asked how to pronounce the word... in the South Pacific I head them put the emphasis on the first syllable (PAH-reo). In the Caribbean, I hear it pronounced w/ emphasis on the last syllable (pah-RAYO).

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Several years ago we were on a voyage and my luggage was dropped overboard during embarkation:eek: but the stevadores didn't fess up to the cruise line for several days so I kept waiting for my luggage to show up. Not wanting to spend a lot of money, I bought a few t-shirt sorta' tops with matching pareos and learned how to tie the pareos to wear as a skirt. I got sooo many compliments during that cruise on my festive cruise-wear. By the second port of call the cruise line had finally learned that my luggage was residing in the Gulf of Mexico and paid me off. But in the mean time I had learned a whole new way of dressing and it takes a lot less space in your luggage! I have 8 pareos which I wear in a variety of ways. Each has a special memory for me and as a bonus - they are so cheap, why not bring them home as an after-bath wrap? Or sitting on the screened porch in the summer morning wrap, or shade me from the sun thing . . . need I go on?

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