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Is the Queen Mary really haunted?

Cruisin' Chick

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We were in Long Beach today and were talkiing about the story that the Queen Mary is haunted. Neither one of us know the origin. Does anyone here know?


In November 2003 many workers and visitors were killed as they were boarding the QM2 ship when the gangway to the ship collasped. Dozens more were seriously injured. There are also safety concerns about her that you can find on the Cunard board. Just put The Queen Mary 2 Ship in search on Yahoo and you should be able to find news reports of the tragedy. I'm not sure if you are talking about the QM2 or QM1 but QM1 was definitely rumored to be haunted. A crewman was killed on board and some claim he haunts the ship but there have been other strange reports also. During WW2 the ship accidently hit one of the cruisers the H.M.S. Curacoa as it cut in front on her path that was escorting her, cutting the ship in half and killing 338 crewmen on board the cruiser. It is rumored that these men haunt the ship also. You can find more info about this ship on the internet.;)

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If I'm not mistaken, one of the swimming pools is haunted as well. The best way to find out would be to book a cabin and stay overnight. We did a little ghost hunting when we were there, but alas, they stayed away from us. Still, it was fun.



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The Ghosts and Legends tour is quite campy and fun:




We're Queen Mary fans and have been on the tour a couple of times. We've spent the night in the hotel, no ghost sightings, darn. We go there for Sunday Brunch at least once a year and have never run into any ghosts. A few scary looking people in public, though.

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Thanks for the info and that last link. Yes, I was talking about the original QM, the one that's anchored in Long Beach harbor. The only time I was ever aboard was in the late 80s when the PR firm I was working for at the time threw an event for one of our clients. The high point for me was escorting Lorenzo Lamas to the green room. Didn't see any ghosts but was there only during the day.

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has any one stayed over night at the Queen Mary


I have read that the walls are paper thin and since I am a light sleeper at tiems that it may not be a good place for me to get a GOOD SLEEP DH WANTS TO STAY THERE FOR 2 NIGHT




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I would love to know how paper thin the walls are and if the beds are comfortable and if it is haunted boo boo



thanks very much


from one who prefers to sleep in a quiet place


I sleep well on a cruise ship maybe cause by the time I hit the bed I am soo exhausted tired from having fun fun fun

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I have stayed at the Queen Mary 2 times. I have had 2 differnt experinces

They first time it was nice and quiet and the bed was just okay. Rooms are very small. The second time we had very loud neighbors that woke us up, my husband called the front desk and they did take care of it. Given the price we paid I don't think we would stay there again. I will say that the ship is great to tour there is so much history . You can do early check-in for your cruise at the Queen Mary and do a tour of the ship for 6.00 or 8.00. Cool way to burn a couple of hours while waiting to board your ship.



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I am spending 2 nights at the QM before a cruise on Halloween Weekend:eek: and I have a room to myself!! Or maybe I won't be!! I'll let you know if any ghosts come to visit!!


Beware of the month long halloween party they have...it gets loud!


Last year, My sister and I spent the night on the QM (October) before our RCCL cruise. Was it the best room in town....absolutly not, however, it was a blast! Historically...having the decks to roam at night...and our ghostly experience!


Now my sister does not believe in Ghosts, nor do I, and this wasn't even a factor when we booked our room. We stayed in an outside cabin with two portholes, and the room was a nice size. We tucked in for the night, and several hours later, my sister pops out of bed, flips on the lights, and is looking all around her bed area. Of course I woke up and asked her what the heck? She said there was something placed on her face that she brushed off quickly, and she was looking to see what it was. She said it was corse, and sort of like parchment paper. She kept saying that she felt it...it was real...it was as real as anything, but of course her search turned up nothing, and we went back to sleep.


The next morning we were talking about it, and we realized that her bed was placed next to a desk. Hmmmmm....parchment paper? Anyway, my non believing sister says it was definately something. You decide.

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We took our kids on a "ghost hunt" and spent the night. Brought a circuit finder DH bought at the hardward store for ds to use...he did get signals from strangest things (that werent electrical....) ....and a picture he took of the piano in the lobby (also supposed to be haunted) ended up with some strange images on it (a polaroid shot...we watched it develop and were surprised at what...developed!) Was the ghost hunt successful?...Our kids certainly thought so! ;)


As for the legend of the haunting...it was started as a PR tool after the QM came to Long Beach for the purpose of generating business...They hired actors to play the parts of ghosts.


As another poster mentioned, people HAVE died on the ship so......art imitating life...or death....???


As for comfort...the rooms were small...heck they are cabins on a cruise ship not a hotel room. But we slept well and had a fun time!

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