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Adventure of the Seas Trip Review 9/3-910

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Hi Guys:


Finally about to sit down & write my cruise memoirs. Overall I had a fantastic time on the Adventure and had an even better time in the ports. Oh, and of course getting married on the beach was the hightlight of my trip. (special shout out to Mother Nature, thanks for hooking a gal up!!!)


It was a ten day trip with 7 days of cruising. I'm going to break down the precruise first & then move on to the day by day specifics. Thanks to all of you who gave tips, tricks, advice and just general information. Believe me I trolled, and took lots of notes. Thanks for sharing.




Flew Jet Blue from New York to Puerto Rico

Rate A- for Service, & Staff (I'd fly them again)


Hotel: Hampton Suites in Isla Verde

Rate: $134 a night


Hampton Inn Suited our needs for the 3 nights pre-cruise. Free breakfast, internet & printing, small workout room and decent pool. Despite the fact that the Hampton is right by the airport, the pool was crowded. Nice setup with swim up bar and grill. Sure, the planes were loud, but the pool was nice & clean and folks didn't seem to mind. Kind of quiet the first day and as the weekend arrived the action picked up. Witnessed one girl (who was clearly drunk, attempt to climb out of the pool, with drinks in hand only to fall back in).


Room was nice, king sz, bed, new furnishings, safe, toiletries and with free local calls & 800 calls. Got a welcome call from the manager, and they were able to arrange a last minute to to El Yunque, the beautiful rain forest.


Besides the rain forest we visited the Ritz, which is right across the street (posh setup) had dinner next door at the Metrocal (?sp), good local food but our best find had to be in Old San Juan.


Yes, I visited the Marshall's to make a last minute bathing suit purshase on the clearance rack, but afterwards we went to a recommended eating establishment, (cab driver was on point) El Jibrarito located at 280 Calle Sol 787-725-8375 and had a delicious meal. Red snapper, black beans, yuca..& tostones with garlic sauce..mmmm. A guitarist kept the meal ultra pleasant, and I'd defnately go back.


We had a great pre-cruise stay, I hope to see Vieques the next time I visit.

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So, Sept. 3rd has finally arrived and it's time to get on the cruise. I'm ultra nervous, checking in with my wedding planner in Barbados and praying we get to port and have decent weather.


Before we left for port we went across the street from the Hampton and grabbed some last minute toiletries from the strip mall, used the ATM and then packed it in. Our cab driver kept trying to leave for the port at 12:00pm but because of my trolling I knew that was not the right thing to do, and convinced him to take us at 11:00am.


Thank goodness, because we arrived right before things got packed. We checked in (forgot the sail & sign on line, but had my cruise book), figured out which line to jump in for luggage and snuck bag over to the ever growing entry line outside the terminal. Once in and thru check in we were on the boat by 12:15. :cool:


We took the "Yeah, we're on a Cruise Photo" and headed straight to our cabin 1540. It was a tad bigger than the standard D-1 (because of the location right next the the stairs) and was connected to a cabin for passengers with disablities. (who by the way kept us entertained the entire weekend with their antics & outlandish one liners, barbed with satire). We were able to put our luggage in our cabin (even though we were warned that the cabins were not available yet, and nobody was going to watch out for our stuff, we still took the change & put our luggage up).


We headed for the windjammer had a quick lunch and then headed up to the spa for a tour. Sure, a couple of men grumbled under their breaths, (along with mine), and went on the the tour under protest, but it all worked out when I ahem "won" the name your price for a spa treatment (l will include that review later). We toured the ship and things seemed to be in good shape. Sure, the Adventure is showing a little age, but I thought she looked great. She'll probably look even better once she gets knew bedding.


Crew members were everywhere, scrubbing and cleaning and I felt like I was getting in their way. Walking the halls and who do I run into but my sister, (yeah, the family has arrived for the nuptials). We go upstairs to the dining room to straighten out the dining room arrangements and the we were all put together at our own table in quiet corner on level 4 second seating.


We did not change for dinner, and I can't even remember what I had for dinner, but the head waiter made sure to accomodate my sister who is vegan. Our waiter was Jean and his assisant was Amelia (who was my favorite from the Phillipines). We ate, & called it an early night. But before we did I had my DH (oooh, I can say that now:D ) asked our cabin steward named Karen for a lounge chair and egg cover thingy for the mattress. We came back from dinner, we had all that and robes. She was the best!!!!! I filled my room service order for breakfast, waved goodbye to SJ and crawled into bed. Ahhhh, what a good start.

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Well, our first morning at sea, my first balcony cabin. It was a little cloudy as we passed thru a little rain. We had jumped up & went deck 11 (loved being right off the stairs) and worked out before breakfast came. All the while I'm hoping we make it thru this foggy stormy, humid weather and the sun shines thru.


We head down for breakfast (which arrived 5 minutes early) and lo & behold the weather's clearing up. I eat & crash back in bed again while DH heads out to greet the family & enjoy the ship. I wake up at noon, head for the Windjammer, watch the madness going on at the pool (love the belly flop contest) and then check out the Suite on Deck 8 aft that we have a chance to win at the afternoon bingo. Suite is much bigger, but not as nice as the ones on my deck (10). Where's the piano, & wet bar & nicer furnishing? Then I realize it's a Family Suite and that's a whole nother category, but hey, it's more room, so I'm game...bingo here we come.


My only complaint this day, (besides losing at bingo) was that I didn't not receive my crown & anchor invitations, coupons & my meet & mingle invitation. By the time I got the stuff I was well into the cruise and had did things the coupons would have been handy for. All we were able to take advantage of was the Johnny Rocket coupon, and we had to got to the desk to get that, but hey, just a small thing. Still having fun even without the coupons. Just spending time doing stuff I'd never do with the family was pretty nice.:)


Begin to focus now, last minute wedding prep. Searching for a bathroom that was big enough & halfway private enough to get dressed.

Found it! Ladies room right outside Studio B! Perfect location 1 deck below where we get off in Barbados and plenty of room and lighting. Went upstairs to Ship & Shape spa to find a makeup artist but no luck, but I actually did a pretty good job (more on that later).


Told my neice to meet me in the bathroom at 7:45am and gathered up everything I was going to need, plus paperwork & bagged it. Nervous and jittery I went to bed early.:(

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:D Yeah.....the sun is shinning and we've made it into port!!!! I was in bed when I pulled back the curtains to see the beautiful sunrise. I though how lucky I am on this day, with Mother Nature smiling down and honoring me with a spectacular day. I stood on the balcony in my robe and watched as we slowly made our way into port. Jumped up showered and had a quick breakfast in the Windjammer.


Pulled all my stuff together and made my way downstairs.


It was all quiet in the bathroom as I began to pull my makeup hair together. My niece showed up just & helped me with my crown. We laughed as I did the whole beauty queen "cup wave" and went to work with a light makeup makeover that looked great for picture and held up under the hot Barbados sun. My sister showed up & approved the makeup as I slid into my undergarments and put the dress on. Wow, what a transformation, my princess moment finally arrived:p .


Just 3 fellow cruisers came into the bathroom (great location) and told me I was "bonita" so I was extra happy for the approval, when it suddenly became eerily quiet after my family left. Last minute pep talks aside I convinced myself It's going to be all right and hoisted my dress up started to make my my way off the ship.


Weddings Beyond Your Imagination (who I found after getting advice from another traveler on another site I have to thank ) was on top of their game. As I came off the ship the wedding coordinator Lisa Hutchingson was there right by the ship waiting for me with my limo and bouquet of tropical flowers! My fellow cruisers parted, Ooohed & ahhhhed as I stepped forward & handed over my seapass for clearance.


The groom was waiting there and the ships photorapher took beautitful photo of the two of us next to the limo. I hugged Lisa, shook the limo drivers and and the family piled in. Off we were to the ministry. Once we arrived at the ministry we left the family in the limo & went upstairs to hand in passports, take an oath and fill out paperwork. Lisa had everything coordinated and I felt so lucky to have found her!;) Once that was done we were off to the beach.


10 minutes later we pull into the Hilton Parking lot and the family heads off into Needhams Point Beach. The photographer introduces himself and begins to direct my every movement. After several photos the steel band begins to play the wedding march and I'm off down the beach. My family rises from the chairs, and the ceremony is under way. I'm squintng and crying in the sun (Oh baby, it was hot) and once the preacher announced "you are man and wife", a wave of relief rushes over me as we've finally done it. (it's been a long road ya'll).


The steel band begins to play again, Lisa hands me a tissue & the party is on! We take pictues in the waves, take pictues w/the family, open a bottle of Pipers, cut a cake and sway to the music:cool: .


We tip any & everybody around & tipsily head back to the limo. It's only 11:30am and it's hot. The family begins to raid the limo for water & spirits & we laugh the entire way back to the ship. I change my clothes & head for the pool & windjammer, & the rest of the family heads to one of the island's beatiful beaches.


I don't remember dressing up for dinner so formal night must have taken place at Sea. Yeah, that's right we did do that, & had a drink of the day at the bar playing latin music before we went into the dining room.


So we actually wore shorts & relaxed clothing to the Windjammer for dinner in Barbados as we just wanted to finally wind down. We've got lots of stuff planned for the rest of the cruise so we head in early again. ;)

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We are up and ready for a day of touring! Loving this whole balcony thing, especially in the morning. Nothing like watching the ship come into port and St. Lucia is visually stunning. Lush & tropical you just want to take a few peaceful minutes to remember it all.


Windjammer again for breakfast and off the ship by 8:00am. Luckily just before I left the for PR I booked a tour with "Frank". He emailed me with the address to his website which contained a pictue, so I knew exactly who to look for. I followed his direcctions & despite my DH's misteps (wanting to question the other cab drivers outside the fence, with "Are you Frank") I found Frank dressed in his blue shirt that said Franks tours just outside the Diamonds international area.


We jumped in his van with two other couples and were on our way by 8:15am! Frank is a character, light hearted, hard working, funny and sincere, he takes extreme pride in his country. He was willing to broach all subjects...whether it was crime, politics, economy, exporting, housing market, crops, history, sites...Frank took his time & explained them all.


We drove out of Castries, up the hills & then down to a fishing village. We stopped off for shots of the ship in the distance before heading over to the drive in volcano at La Soufriere. Frank handed us over to a tour guide who explained the origins & the smell of the volcano & we took pictures in front of the steaming crater. Then off to the botanical gardens where we swam in a pool of water under a soothing falls. This was so picture perfect, like something I had seen in an add for the Islands.:cool: I happen to like these falls a lot better, but DH enjoyed the falls in PR better.


By this time we had worked up a hunger from a little hiking and swimming and Frank took us to the final destination....lunch. This place was so charming and the cost of lunch was included with the tour ($55.00 per person). But the best part was the view, of the Pitons, right in front of us while we enjoyed the meal. Buffet style & filling lunch was good! :) We had Rum Punch, codfish fritters, breadfruit salad (tasted like potato salad), fish in tomato sauce, rice, plantains, chicken, lemonade, and tossed salad. They even gave us "to go bowls" so we could keep eating on the way back to the ship. Frank was a true pro & asked us if we'd like to go to the beach, but we were all "ducking" the sun and everybody just wanted to get back to the ship (me personally, I think the heat in Barbados, caused everybody to think twice about laying out in the sun!) (You had to take it in doses, seriously!)


Frank brought everybody a small bottle of rum and warned us not to drink it until we got home. I had one more of his homemade rum punches for the road, hugged him and went into the duty free shopping area. I purshased bags, tshirts and unique photo album & frame set. I will say that I liked this area much better as my sister said the downtown area was a mess. I looked forward to experiencing it but my sister said, we'd be better off in the next port. Too bad, I thought St. Lucia was beautiful, but she had another opinion. Tsk, Tsk, they should have taken the tour, then maybe they'd have a different opinion.

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Thank you Hollyad, I believe you will enjoy this cruise as much as everybody did.


Seriously, leaving from PR brought a whole nother element. The crowd was so cool, fun, and relaxed. Lots of people we encountered, in the spa, gym, dining rooms, pools, all colors shapes & sizes were there to do at exactly what we did....enjoy cruising. We only met one set of fools the entire time we cruised, other than that everyody from 8 to 80 was fabulous.


After my DH saw an advertisement in one of he magazines for the Pineapple Beach Resort in Long Bay, I told him we'd go. I was going for the relaxation & beach, he was going to swim & have lunch in the hills with the world famous "Momma" (who sadly for us was on vacation:( ).


We dragged off the boat and by 9:00am were in a cab. Now I had heard that they had gotten the pricing situation for cabs under control, but alas we still payed $32.00 US to get to the resort. Was it worth it? Hell yeah!!


Our cab driver Barry gave us the statistics on the Antigua, national holiday, the Island's real first name "Wadidila" (sp?) (I know I'm botching all the names) and housing prices. Immediately we felt right at home and the Antigua's vibe just soaked right in. We chatted about soccer and learned that Antigua is building a new stadium to in anticipation of hosting the World Cup/Cricket in March of 07. Barry informed us that Antigua has 2 national hero's and one of them is a Cricket Player named Vivian Richards. This info will come in handy later.


Once we arrive at the resort, we tell Barry to pick up up at 2:30 (it's now 9:30) and we proceed to the front desk. I had my email with me and tell them I have a day pass and ask to speak with the person who I'd been "e-mailing" these past months, Sanja Ambrose, Executive Assistant.


Sanjay comes out with a huge smile and looks at her watch...she did not think we were coming!!! She send us down to breakfast and tells us that someone will be with us shortly...as she needs to find a room for us (suprise #1 as I did not think rooms were included in the day pass!!):D


The Pineapple Beach is a nice resort, with great staff who fawned all over us and which that we would stay (they have nothing to worry about as DH has already decided we will be back). By the time we finished breakfast, someone from the office was handing us wrist bands and we had full access to the resort. Pools, bar, chairs and a stunning beach. In addition we had use of the sailing, snorkeling and volleyball equipment (+ a room key, honey it don't get any better than this:p )


We chilled, swam, ate lunch, snorkled, drank and DH had the signature drink ...what else but the "Vivian Richards"!! It was green & minty more to his liking, as I stuck with the island staple of Rum Punch spiced w/nutmeg.


Took advantage of the room to clean up & get ready to go back to the ship, as I carried my punch back to Barry who was waiting, I proclaimed loudly that we'd be back, & Barry just laughed & told my DH to watch the intake, because it will "sneak up on us later". Man did it ever! By the time we got back to the ship I was toast! I danced with the steel band down in front of the Adventure & would probably still be there if my DH had not dragged me back on the ship:o . I found my family up on deck and we compared pictues & notes from the day. Took advantage of the hot tub in the the spa center and vegetated. Had a pre-dinner snack and then went to my room for a nap.


Well Barry was right cause, I did not wake up until 10:00pm:eek: . DH stayed in the bed, but I went to Johnny Rockets, then over to my sisters room, then to the Midnight Buffet. Lots of people in the latin lounge, so nobody really noticed this haggard woman, making her way thru the casino. Hmmhhh, my energy was back and I wanted to see all the nights happenings. The Gala/Midnight buffet was nicely presented, but I was stuffed, so I really could not partake, so I just windowshopped, picking at fruit & veggies. Found a lounger in the library, & curled up with a good magazine until 3:00am. Yes, I saw security patroling & asking girls for ID who they saw w/drinks...but nobody really bothered me. I finally called it a night.

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Can't wait for the next part..I go on this same iteniary in two weeks and reading your review just makes me want the countdown to go a little faster! Thanks so much for the review.

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Congrats on your wedding and thank you very much for taking the time and effort to post a long review. I much prefer the longer "travelouge" style as it brings out the cruise experience so much better, and I am enjoying yours very much.


A quick question. How much time did you spend on the balcony during the cruise? I'm interesting in getting a feel for how close the ship sailed by islands, etc for photographic opportunites while at sea.

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Yes, this is a sentimental favorite stop, as I got engagement ring here. So why break tradition...back to she shop for me...for wedding band set for sure!!!:D


We hit the Windjammer and then grab some towels & run into my neice who says they are headed to Orient beach....Yeah, Yeah, we'll be there too..just had a little business to take care of.


Dowtown Philipsburg, looks a tad different to me now. Lots of contstruction but still nice. We take the water taxi (after avoiding the ships photographers, were DH said I'm spending all my money with).


The water taxi (5.00 for a wrist band) rt, drops us off more mid beach than to the right, so my sense of direction is off. My DH is right on though, and after turning down a couple of rides to the beach for $60 bucks :mad: ..cmon...we know the taxi stand will charge us less.. we find the jewler!!! Jewllers Lane on Front Street at Bobby's Marina (behind Diamond Casino). Nice service, even pulled the receipt from last year. Haggled, got the bands (very nice) had a some juice, water & told him we'd be back in an 1hr.


Found DH a salon & he received hair cut, eyebrow & beard trip, (my babe's a hairy man) for $15.00. Went to the Guavaberry Factory (less stock of shirts for some reason) & sampled the stock. Picked up the rings & remembered that the restrnt. next door (can't remember the name, it's right next to const. site & ferry going back) had specials on lobster on Friday. Sure enough, we got the same waiter who tip. We sat down & ordered the "special". After lunch we took the ferry back to the taxi stand & caught a cab for $8.00 per person to Orient Beach.


Orient Beach is just beautiful & we caught up with the family who was just about ready to head back to the ship, because they said it kept raining off & on on them. Well we had good weather, plunked down $15.00 for two chairs, umbrellas & drinks. DH swam while I relaxed & walked down to the nude section. Took a quick peek & turned it around as I realized some of the folks were my fellow cruisemates, & I did not know if I could look them in the eye in the dining room later.


Back on the ship we had a good dinner of lobster (I had two portions) and cake for dessert. So far in the dining room I've had salmon w/vodka sauce, noodles with peanut sauce, pasta, and lots of good deserts.


My neice was the only one with energy to go to Quest...had fun, but the format was a little different, but I liked the automatic replay of events!


Off to the Latin Lounge on 4 again to mingle & listen to the music. In bed by 2:30am.

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Em Murphy: I know, it's kinda hard waiting to go on a cruise, I'd troll, then take notes, then plan wedding & soon I got to busy to check in. I was luck to have gotten the tour w/Frank at the last moment but other that that I'd say just live thru the other travelers till your turn comes.


Dizbuster: I spent every morning on my balcony, reading, relaxing and taking in the view. Sometimes in the evenings, & getting the lounge chair helped. I took a few flicks, when we'd pull into port or leave port (silly stuff, sea planes, hotels, pilot boats, & the island & general). The best pictures came inland or on the beach. Look for a scenic view, and if you've get the shot take it.

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I'm lovin' this thread! I've got to stop reading mid-ways, but will be back to finish later! Makes me want to be a little nicer to SO--what are we waiting for??? :D Or maybe :eek: would be a better one!!!

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Congratulations on your wedding! Looking forward to reading more of your review as I will be on AOS in January.


One question. You said your cabin was a little larger because you were next to a disability cabin. Were the rooms connecting or not because we are booked in a cabin next to a disability cabin but the rooms are not connecting so I was wondering if our cabin will be any bigger. We are staying in cabin 7290.

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Another sunny day in paradise. Look out off the balcony & it was like seeing a familiar friend, we've arrived in St. Thomas. Family is dragging but everybody got a different idea on how to spend the day.


After a quick trip up to the dining room to clear customs, we get in a good workout before heading to the Windjammer. I've learned by now to move towards the line on the left side because it's just easier to find seating, get food & pick up drinks. (ran into my brother in law who looks like he could use a good cup of coffee, as he grumbles on his way to customs).


Somehow I made it to the desk the night before to hand in my tip forms, and ask about early luggage tags for my neice whose got a 12:00pm flight (really didn't need it, luckily). My DH inquired about some kayak tour in St. John & it was sold out (bummer) so I figured we'd just wing it & hustle to catch the first ferry there.


Off the ship by 8:15am I know the first ferry is at 9:00am and a good ride away at Red Hook. Now everybody here in my profile knows I live in New York and we pride ourselves in getting thru, off and around lines very swiftly without a whole lotta effort, just second nature (a part of living in the city)..Well it was election day, and of course the cabs had just arrived and the cabs are yelling & trying to get everybody in these big vans. So we tell the dispatcher which way we are headed, and of course he puts us together with people going in another direction but. And of course they kept assuring us that Red Hook is 15 minutes away & even though these folks are going in a different direction it will all work out...


I sat & listened for about five minutes, then made my move. Walked out of the cab area, down towards the duty free shopping area. I'm a firm believer that you get more with sugar than you do with vinegar (especially in the service industry), so I put on my best sugary voice & asks one of the guys for a cab to Red Hook. Now, this is supposed to be a no no cause, all the cabs have to wait in line, but by chance the first 4 door car was just pulling in & I continued with my same sunny disposition & before I knew it DH was in the back, cabby was doing a screetching u turn & we kept it moving. Made it to Red Hook, brought tickets, & was on the ferry 5 minutes before it pulled out.:D


Mingling with the politicians on the ferry, my DH and I were getting a quick introduction into Island politics...and before we knew it we had pullled into St. John. Quaint looking, airy tropical island, it had a whole different vibe than St. Thomas. Figured we'd check out Trunk Bay & beaches & see what we'd heard (in terms of beauty) was true. Took a $6.00 taxi per person with a group of other folks and everyone had stories. One guy said while he was at Orient beach he had an encounter with an Octopus. The poor guy explained how the Octopus wrapped itself around his forearm and squeezed really tight and all he could do was yell and shake before it finally swam off, squirting ink, just missing his face:p .


The driver stopped off so we could take pictures of the beach from a cliff before he drove us to the entrance, were we paid a $4.00 fee per person ( I believe Trunk location is a national park) and we warned not to feed the Donkeys. Ahhhh, the beach was fantastic, the water was crisp and once in for a while it felt warm. We moved towards the left side of the beach (quieter) and took pictures climbing the rocks on the end and watch as a couple who owned a yacht, came in on a small dinghy to have lunch (nice life).


We found a palm tree to hang out under and built a sandcastle and just played water games. Hunger started to set in and we did not want to use the parks facilities, so we set out back to town in search of local fixins.


We stopped & used the calliing card we'd purchased in PR to call my father in law back at his home in Bermuda. Florence was on her way & DH was worried. I'm busy talking up any local who'll have my converstation and everyplace they recommened we eat was "Closed"..."Food, Nah Readi Yet"...or "Outta Feesh Today Babeeee"! We were starting to get discouraged, when we came across this Dominican joint. Music was blaring, Presidente beer was flowing, but we still couldn't make up our minds.


Luckily after checking out some loud cabdrivers & their bantering about elections( about half block away near the ferry) we noticed that they were actually waiting on food orders.so we got in line behind them. Nice lady named Sheila and proprieter of this "stand" hooked us right up. Huge portion of fried fish (about a foot long) johhny cake, slaw & mac & cheese. DH was in heaven. I got in a few spoonfuls before DH just took over. By the time we finished the meal, Sheila came out and gave us soap and water, plus clean wipes for our happy faces. I asked her if she wouldn't mind taking a pickture with DH & she said "Sure, I'm world famous already, people come from allll over to see me, my picture is everywhere". and with that I snapped away.


We walked around St. John taking in the scenerary, boutiques, gallery and local fare before I decided to grab the 1:15 ferry back, but instead of Red Hook, pay the higher fare, & go straight into downtown Charlotte Amalie, near the ship. People with suitcases going to the airport usually frequent this ferry & we rode with a couple of them. I fell asleep on the ride over.


I woke up & walked over to the Taxi stand. Chatted up some gentlemen from my Hometown of Harlem New York, who had recently returned back to St. Thomas when suddenly...I heard my name being yelled. Sure enough it was my mother, in a taxi with a group of people she met from Brooklyn who were going back to the ship after spending the morning touring the island. We climbed in with her and headed back along the road towards the ship.


Back on board I met up with the family & we had a hilarous time with a crowd of others (once the ship pulled out) checking out the weeks pictures & the photo gallery & purshasing the good, goofy & just hiding the bad:o .


The steel band was playing music and I was dancing, chatting, eating frozen yogurt and planning on how the heck I'm going re-pack all this stuff. Went to the bar (*tip of the day) and asked for the cardboard box that the glasses came in. Bartender did that and gave me wrapping paper to insert in and around the glasses. Made it home without a problem.


Went into the cabin for a moment, got a call that I had (ahem...)"won" the name your own price for the treatment. I bid $99.00 for a hot stone massage. Didn't know if I had really won it or they were looking for business, but hey, it was better than the price quoted about $170 or $190. Grabbed an appointment for 6:30 and it was pretty good, I've had better, but the tech did the job. Very small petit girl but had elbows that the NFL might want to patent:rolleyes: .


Had dinner in the dinning room, had fun dancing & singing & doing the line dance all week...and hugged Amelia & thanked her for the terrific service. Found the head waiter, & waiter & wished them well & shared stories about home & family. Good service, all week long.


Went to the cabin, packed, repacked and upacked & thought I had it right (more on that later). Ahh, we enjoyed the balcony one more night & then went to bed.

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Hi Lauren:


Yes, the cabin was connected and just a tad bigger, maybe by 3 to 4 feet because (I can only assume) of being next to the cabin for the disabled. My DH was a good sport but we would not do a connecting again.


We could hear their conversation, & even though they were hilarious:p , we just didn't need to hear all the extras, all the time. But for the most part, because of the rocking on the ship, I slept pretty well. DH would have stories of what our neighbors did when they came in last nigtht. Some of the stories had me crying with laughter out loud, so I guess in the end we became pretty noisy too:o ! DH wants to upgrade to one of those suites we saw when we came onboard, (he's going to hit the lottery I presume), but the room we worked out fine.

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Shannon: I'm glad you are enjoying the review and I'm sure you'll enjoy your cruise even more!


Well, I woke up to the realization that the cruise experience is over. Not sad, more like humbled from the entire experience.


It's pitch black and I'm on the balcony watching the captain back us into port. SJ lights are glistening and the humm of port activity can be heard loud & clear.


I start to shower and get ready to go up to the Windjammer, because the head waiter suggested that after 7:00am the crowd gets really thick. I'm out of the shower & DH jumps in. The night before we'd stayed up late packing, and just as we finished (close to midnight) a crew member was outside the door picking up the bags, so it was a quick handover, no change to double check anything.


Well folks after hearing the captain give the speech, warning my DH and my niece, I was left standing in my cabin with no pants, shorts or skirt:eek:. That's right, I'd backed all of it away in a rush as the crew member was at my door. I was fully prepared to have breakfast and leave the boat in the RCI housecoat, when I decided to walk across the corridor & ask my sister for help. Now, I'm 5 foot 9 and 170 pds and my sister is 5 foot 8 and 118 pounds and it seems like I've really done myself in when my brother in law comes up with an extra pair of jeans shorts.:) (*Tip of the day, don't pack away your paperwork, medication or/and all of your clothing & shoes).:o


So off for breakfast to the Windjammer I go, then grab a seat in the Library...as it is a convenient place to be & when number 1&2 were called we just grabbed my niece, walked down the stairs & entered the throng of people leaving the boat from the side (didn't get caught up in the back which was cool). After looking for 15 minutes we finally found our luggage, hopped in a cab and were at the airport by 9:30.


Checked in w/Jet Blue & because we were there so early and our flight left at 1:55pm the reservationist put us on the 11:10am departing flight, without having to pay the fee. Plus she assigned us to the exit row! Can you say, "Repeat Customer". Yup. I'm hooked. Boarding started at 10:40 & we were outta there.


All in all it was a fabulous trip. Got to partake in some activities that I normally don't do: Shuffleboard on deck 5, Karaoke trolling, minature golf, bingo, raffles, watching the kids parade/festival, line dancing and "taking it back to the church" experience with the Coasters (now I know why they call them oldies & goodies) were just some to the highlights on the Adventure. (oh yeah & I Finally made it to the front of the ship and had my "I'm on Top of the World" moment and all I can say it's pretty breezy on the point.)


I happened to enjoy this route a lot better than the others I've been on, but haven't made it to Alaska or Europe yet, so it being my favorite route is subject to change. But for now it's safe to say, we'll do it again someday.

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Great review... Congrats on your wedding and much happiness to you both...


we are sailing on AOS in two weeks... wonder if you could tell us what the entertainment is....

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