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I may never cruise Celebrity again.


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I didn't actually spill it, I think it may have come from my nose? Will the tiny straw trick still work?



If you want it back in your nose,I guess you can use the straw. As a matter of fact ,I'm sure I've seen people at parties with staws up their noses.

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Oh and please get me the recipe to those chestnut s'mores you've spoken of in another post.

No real recipe...I just usually toast marshmellows at the same time I'm roasting chestnuts in the fireplace.

I no longer bring my wood burning stove on cruises however, since Celebrity started imposing an energy surcharge fee on them.

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What do you think they would charge if I wanted to drink wine from my keyboard while in the dining room?


Maybe a dorkage fee?


Maybe I could use a blackberry instead of my keyboard, it would be like a little thermos.


sorry, I can't stop myself.:o


On a more serious note, ever tried the Matua Paretei Sauvignon Blanc?


FABULOUS Marlborough, New Zealand wine.

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as she doesn't often get a chuckle from the posters on these boards.


Is everyone in Middletown endowed with such a great sense of humor, and a way with words?


And the follow up posts are not so bad either, IMHO.


Thanks all of you for...l & lol



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My last cruise on Summit a group of us CC people got together to have the "Martini Flight". Well, the bartenders & bartenderesses, really wanted to make us fly I guess. The large martini glasses which they usually fill only about 1/3 full for the sampling were filled about 2/3 to 3/4 full. Now, we're talking 6 different flavored martinis here for the price of 1.


Well, none of us even got off the ground, much less flew. Most were stuck firmly in their seats after 2 or three glasses. Some were even on the floor at times. A few (including me) used the corridor walls as navigational aids on the way back to our cabins.


I guess I will try again on my cruise next week. Why? Because the "Right Bros" had to try over and over and over until they made it. The "Blues Bros" never seemed to make it though.



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I'm so sorry to learn about your recent Zenith cruise.


I was shocked to read that the cruise line whose motto is, "We treat you famously" would stoop so low as to sell you an outside cabin that didn't provide you with direct morning sun - something they had to know prior to the ship leaving port. I can only imagine the psychological trauma you must have suffered when your reasonable request to have your cabin changed was ignored by Guest Relations simply because the ship was sailing full; then to be further ignored by the captain (whose primary responsibility is keeping passengers happy) when you asked that the ship be sailed in reverse for just a few hours each morning. Couple this indignity with your other complaints and I don't know how you remained onboard.


I hope you have already sent a blistering letter demanding compensation to Dan Hanrahan and have begun the search for a competent maritime attorney in south Florida who'll be willing to take your fight right up to the Supreme Court of the United States, should that be necessary.


It's because of posts such as yours that my husband and I have taken only 26 Celebrity cruises and have only five more booked between now and the end of 2008. Thank you.

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Oh my god the only thing that could have made the experience worse would be that you had to fill in luggage tags at the pier. Thank god you did not have to suffer that torture. Looking forward to our inprisonment in 2weeks. thanks for the great laugh!!!!
We'll be in the middle of our cruise in 2 weeks, are you airlifting in?:D :D I see you have excellent taste and wonderful experiences if you sailed the Home Lines; still my fondest memories!
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And drfun48: In your fifth line, I misread "my" for "me" and got a completely different version of the squeaky spring! :eek: Added and extra laugh to an already comical account. :D

I had to go back and check this out; nothing like the giggles before coffee.
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Sorry .You "positive" people have not convinced me to cruise with Celebrity again,yet. Why should I?

1 There is no corkage fee in my family room.

2 The slots are looser in Atlantic City.

3 My unlimited internet already perpaid,and cell phone signal is always strong.

4 My wife requires no Muster drill

5 The Coffee at Starbuck's is better.

6 No chair hogs on my patio.

7 There are never rough seas on my deck.

8 400 channels on my Direct TV

9 Pets are allowed,kids aren't

10 No tipping issues

Why would anyone enjoy cruising more than staying home?

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Carole, I'm still laughing...Actually our cruise is on the constellation not the Zenith but I do like the idea of airlifting in....but wait, then I might miss the luggage tag fandango!!!!:eek:


Home lines remains my all time favorite. I think they were simply the Best!!!:)

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Thanks Dr.Fun for starting this post and giving us all a good chuckle. Along with Caribbeanbound and Fab1 (earlier posts) we will have to suffer a full 14 days of such appalling service next month.

It's a hard job, but somebody's got to do it.

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