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gifts on Christmas Day??


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We are on the Mercury over Christmas and New Year.

Can someone who has been on a Christmas cruise answer this?

Is it usual to give the waiters and cabin attendant a small gift on Christmas Day?

We always go away at Christmas and New Year, sometimes here in the UK or in mainland Europe either to a hotel or on a land tour where it has not been the practice.

Reading the CC boards of the mainly US ships that members go on, it seems to me that cruising is probably different.

I have already decided that a small gift for the cabin attendant would be right but don’t want to be the odd one out if all table mates have gifts for the waiter.

Not in place of their tips of course!

regards Alan

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Retiredbrit, we will be on the Galaxy next year, during Christmas and new year. Since it's our first Christmas cruise, I don't know what the habits are, but we are planning to bring some belgian chocolates as a small Christmas gift to our stateroom attendant and waiters - if they are doing their job in a correct way, of course, which we don't doubt, regarding our previous cruises with X. Just to thank them for the hard work they're doing during a time when everyone on board is celebrating, whereas they are far away from their families.

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A valid question but not answering my initial question. It depends how you regard Christmas I suppose, Religious or Festive but that’s a discussion I am not going to get into.

Before I retired I worked for a Charity owned company, I had a number of nationalities in my office and in the factory – and of course some of them were non Christian. They followed UK customs at work, some covered their hair or wore turbans – but they also joined in the general practice of exchanging Cards gifts etc. I gave all of my Office girls a card and small gift

I remember one young Asian girl saying she liked living in England – her family celebrated Christmas with gifts etc as well as her own festivals – so she had the best of both worlds.

I have just remembered I give the Asian boy who delivers our papers a Christmas Card with his tip inside – he has never given it back to me.;)

regards Alan

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Alan, I think it is very thoughtful of you to want to include others in your gift giving and I can't think of anything nicer to receive than some British Cadbury's chocolate - maybe a box of the wonderful little miniatures that are packaged like cigarettes! This way you are sharing a little of your cultural tradition with others and I'm sure they'd appreciate the thought.

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One thing everyone needs to remember is this: if every single passenger or couple gives the workers a small gift, what are they going to do with it all? While candy or other edibles is a very nice thought, what are they going to do with so much if even half of their passengers give them this? That's a whole lot of candy for them---and if all the other crew is given edibles, they won't be able to give it away to others. I've found the best gift to give the crew is a holiday card (many of the crew don't celebrate Christmas) with extra cash inside. That's the reason they work so hard for us, the money to send home to their families. While gifts are thoughtful, they are cumbersome and can be too much of a good thing.

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Wow, we are cruising to South America over the Christmas Holiday, and I hadn't even thought about bringing gifts.....I was hoping to leave all the gift giving behind me for a year! Not that I'm stingy, I'm just tired of the whole gimic.....but that's not fair to the crew....

So, I think it's a great idea! Thanks for brining this kind thought to my attention....I was thinking about "me" and not "them"......not a good way to start a holiday vacation, is it?

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We are doing our first Christmas cruise and I am giving a small gift. Haven't figured out what yet because I know they don't have a lot of room for stuff and I know they probably don't want tons of candy, etc.. So I am going to think of something cute, like a small stocking with something small in it and then put in some money. I figure they can keep the gift or toss it but at least they have something in case they do celebrate and everyone likes to feel special Christmas or not. I am sure they will throw the stocking away, but I don't care, what does it cost me, $1.00, and it is the thought and it will make them happy for the day.

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We've been doing this Christmas cruising thing for a few years and it seems the majority of people agree that if you feel the need to give a gift the best gifts are:

1.) CASH or

2.) Phone/Calling Cards


Christmas Day Photos Aboard the Galaxy 2005

Tree Trimmer Buffet on Christmas Eve Galaxy 2005

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