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List of Medicines to take on your Cruise.


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I am packing to go on our cruise and I always have a problem with what medicines to take with us. DH and myself are pretty healthy and have never gotten sick on one of our cruises. (thank goodness) I always take things like benadryl, pepto-bismol, gas-x and the list goes on. I was wondering what others bring and if I bring too much. Thanks for all of your help.

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Hi There,


Sorry to say do not pack anything, however on my last three cruises I have need to call on ships doctor so I do not think packing a few things helps as if you do get sick it will be something you have not got covered.


yours Shogun


PS Got very good service every time from Princess staff.

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Sudafed, OTC pain/fever reliever, stuff for tummy troubles, bandaids and triple antiobiotic ointment. We also take Purell and use it freely while on the ship and in port. We are generally healthy too, but have the most trouble with issues resulting from the change in humidity (semi-arid where we live) and change in food.

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We do the generic what we have at home stuff. Aspirin, allergy and stomach stuff. Nothing fancy. Just stuff to have on hand just in case

We only ever had extra when Mr Ula used a cruise to recover from a surgery. He had a semi open wound. We had the tape and guaze and also instructed the cabin steward that we would take care of the waste removal. Not sanitary for them. Ziplocks are a good thing for everything.

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We used to bring a small pharmacy but quit a few years ago. Now it's just antacid (Pepsid, Tums, etc), eye drops (that dry air inside the ship is tough), and any prescription drugs. We do bring plenty of disinfecting products such waterless hand cleaner, Lysol, and wipes. A couple of other "retired" packing items include rain ponchos and insect repellent.

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As a hay fever sufferer, I take Claritin on a regular basis but after getting sick in some ports because of the vegetation or trash burning, I also take something stronger along. Before a cruise, I get out a ziplock bag and go through the medicine cabinet and bring some of the items, including bandaids and antibiotic ointment. Definitely don't forget the sunscreen.

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My husband can get sinus infections easily, so he always calls his doctor tell him he is going on a cruise and doc gives him his antibotic just in case.


I did have to go to the ship's doc one time. Got an uniary tract infection so I had no choice to the tune of $280.00 for maybe a 15 minute visit. Good thing I had travel insurance, they paid the whole thing after my medical insurance turned it down.


But to answer the OP question, we always take the normal drug store items.

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When I went on my first cruise, I took everything that I felt we just couldn't leave home without. As a result, I ended up with a small suitcase full of "what ifs". I think the main point of any of this is that you can't just run down to CVS while you're on a cruise to pick up something you need. As a result, we all tend to overpack. However, this is the list of meds that I currently pack and it seems to work well for us and doesn't take up too much room in the suitcase. I'm not saying we use everything on the list each and every time, but it nice to know we have it - "just in case" :D .


Mixed bottle of Aspirin/Tylenol/Tylenol PM



Small Neosporin and a few band aids



Zantac or Pepcid.

Small thing of Tums

1 package of Cold Tablets

prescription meds

Pocket Size Hand Sanitizer

Aloe Vera

Small Package of tissues (purse or pocket size)

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You definitely want to take Immodium as if you "run" into problems and have to go to the ship's doctor, you may end up quarantined for 48 hours! I wouldn't want to have that happen when I know it isn't norovirus, just simple diarreaha.

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I have started always having Benadryl on hand all day long, instead of leaving it in the cabin for the day. I was stung--bitten 3 times by something once in a port, and no one had any antihistamine, or knew what got me--not even the locals. By the time I got back to ship to use the Benadryl, it's effectiveness was probably not great. I still don't know what stung me, but it was 2 months before the swelling/itching went away. It was swelling so fast that it worried me, and having Benadryl on hand would have kept me from worrying the rest of the day.

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moleskin- you can get it at CVS in the band-aid section, If you walk a lot and get blisters it is much softer than a band-aid. the only problem is you need scissors to cut it. It really came in handy when we went to Disney. (It was suggested on the Disney boards) Hope this helps.




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Speaking of moleskin and scissors--I always keep one of the small mini Swiss Army combo knives in my toiletries kit. It has small scissors. This gets packed in my checked luggage. We also keep a stocked cosmetic bag filled with our OTC meds--makes it easy to throw in our prescription bottles and throw it in the carry-on.


Got to remember to bag the lotions and hand cleaner!

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