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Horseback ride & Swim on Grand Turk?


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Has anyone been on the Horseback riding & swim on Grand Turk? If so I just wondered if the horses were well trained or well behaved?


We are going in 2 wks to the island so if your could let me know asap we would appreciate it. We have going to Provo for over 14 years and tried once there but decided to back out they were so wild. (and we are lifetime riders) Thanks in advance for your reply!

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I just did this on my 10/9 crown princess cruise -- i LOVED it!! ... the horses were very well behaved (except for occasionally trying to eat the grass they saw, lol) ... same as any other horseback ride experience i've ever had ... they appear to be well taken care of and healthy ... you'll love it, especially the "swim" part :) ...

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I also did the horseback riding/swim on the beack tour. The horses were very well behaved. Especially for a very infrequent rider as myself. The land portion was great. They had a stairs to a platfrom for you to mount the horse. The guides werevery attentive. We went as one group for the land and then broke into two groups for the water portion. They needed to change to water saddles. I wasn't that thrilled with the 'swim' portion of the tour. The guide that led the swim portion of the tour seemed to want the horses to go as fast as they could in the water. He kept saying 'go like a jetski'. My horse was at the back of tha pack, so I wasn't squished with the rest. One woman fell off and had a difficult time getting back on the horse because she was being squeezed by the other horses. As for me when nature called on the horse next to me it ran up my thigh, kinda warm and oozy. It just wasn't the gentle swim through the surf that I was expecting. But if you are experienced I'm sure you will have a great time.

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I also did the HBRS on grand turk for my honeymoon last month.


The land portion was fun. The horses are well trained and knew the route really well.


The swim portion didn't turn out too well for my husband and I. Like flamingo said they want the horses to go really fast. And when they see one horse turn they all want to instead of waiting or going in a line. This resulted in both my husband and I falling off our horses. I was between two horses so I was pretty freaked out. Also I had been told not to let go of the loop on the water saddle so I was hanging onto that as the horse was dragging me through the water. To make matters worse the Carnival Cameraman was there and captured it all on film. Me falling off my horse (in slo mo no less!) was repeatedly on the tv in the rooms for the rest of the week.


I have a strange sense of humor so this was all pretty funny to me, until the next day. I woke up so sore from the dragging and being on the horse.


I wouldn't say don't go. Just be aware that the swim portion gets kinda crazy and the saddle doesn't do much for you. Also if you aren't used to being on a horse I would definately stretch before getting on. My thighs hurt for the rest of our trip from the ride portion.


flamingo21401: When did you go? It might have been me you saw making a fool of myself!

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We were on the Elation on October 23rd out of Cape Canerveral. I finally did stop being so sore. I just wish I had been able to wedge myself into the hot tub. They were always packed. Oh well, we'll have a funny story to tell the kids. And we even bought the video. I can't wait to show it to everyone at Thanksgiving!



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Bubbles 24601---

Was on the Elation on Oct 23rd cruise and saw you on the tv. My mother and I were concerned that you might have gotten hurt--glad to know everything was fine. Glad to know you have a great sense of humor since it seems the whole ship saw it.....

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We did not get to ride the horses because Carnival treats the island like their own private plantation. It and the people seem to have been bought and paid for by Carnival.


We intended to ride but we knew better than to book the excursion from the boat for $95.00.


We took a taxi to the place and on the way we asked the cab driver (who was very helpful) how much it cost. Imagine our surprise when he informed us it was only $8.00!


We got out of the cab and asked the guys who were running the place and they said they were not allowed to rent the horses to us because of their contract with Carnival/Costa. They did indicate that they were willing to negotiate something lower than the $95.00 price and I infomred them that I would talk about negotiating something a little higher than the regular $8.00 price or I would wait until I got home to ride horses!


Now, I have no problem with the cruise line selling the excursions for many times the actual price as long as there are takers who don't want to go it alone. I can even understand when they put out disinformation in theri "informatvie talks" about the excursions. (For example, we were told that there were no taxis available on Grand Turk and the only way we would get a cab was to book an excursion with them. Guess what? They lied. There were cabs everywhere!)


What I do have a problem with is the way Carnival has things locked up so passengers don't have the option of setting up their own entertainment.


I don't have much desire to take an organized tour. I would much rather explore on my own terms and have some bargaining ability when it comes to the price I pay.


In Cozumel we skipped the Jeep tours which ranged in price from $77.00 to $90.00. We rented a Jeep for the whole day for only $45.00. We probably could have gotten an even lower price but I felt good about helping the local economy a bit. We went to San Gervasio which cost a fraction of what the cruise line charged for their tour. We also went to Playa Mia for $3.00 a person as opposed to the $27.00 Costa wanted to gouge from us.


Sorry for the rant, I will get back on topic... We did watch a group leave and the horses seemed very calmed and well-behaved. They were friendly when we petted them also. There were donkeys in the coral next door and they were calm too.


I would suggest that you save the $95.00, though, and go to the Water's Edge restaurant. They have great food and drinks and they are on an absolutely stunning beach.


One final note, Do not let any on the boat tell you that Grand Turk is dangerous or that it will be hard to get a cab. There is almost no crime there. The locals go to sleep with their doors open!

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