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Westerdam Hydro pool and Thermal suite prices and comments

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I was looking for this info before my trip and couldn't find it... so here it is incase anyone's curious.


Prices for the Westerdam Hydro pool and Thermal suite-



$20 per room each day (no discount for doing both on daily rate)


$99 for one room for the week

$150 for both rooms for the week.

$250 for couples rate for both rooms.


Back to back rate for both rooms, both weeks $275 (i had to inquire about this).


Also, by the time i decided to book it i was halfway through the first week... They gave me a 10 day pass for $210, both rooms.


Both the Hydro pool and Thermal suites were open from 0800-2200 hrs.


The Hydro pool was beautiful. There was a circle type area near the middle where the jets were stronger. At the back of the pool were bars that were in the shape of a lounger, so you could climb on and massage your back (some found it a bit tricky at first to get in and out of), around the sides were various jets if u wanted to massage a particular area. There were 2 fairly strong shower type jets for your neck/shoulders etc. and towards the front of the pool there weren't really any jets for the ppl that just wanted the warmth of the water. It was heated to body temperature.... warm but not hot.

There were also a few loungers and chairs as well as water and cranberry juice.


The Thermal suite had about 6 ceramic loungers facing floor to ceiling windows (they don't look comfy but they are) Again, warm but not hot. There were also 3 lightly scented (aromatherapy) steam rooms and four (i think) showers with a waterfall showerhead as well as cool lightly scented misters.


When you go in, you give them your room card and they give you a day pass. You can come and go as much as you want for the day but when you're leaving you hand your card back in and get another one when you come back.


Also, in the change room they have private change area and a few showers.

They will also give you a locker key at no additional charge if you'd like one.

And there are shampoo/conditioner and body wash in the showers for your use. They are Elemis products (which personally i didn't care for, so i just brought my own)


At 33 years old i have a lot of arthritis and back pain- i found both the Hydro pool and Thermal suite very helpful and enjoyed every last minute i spent in there- it's a wonderful tranquil place to relax and 'recharge' yourself. Highly recommended!!

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Thank you Enchanted for your answer to my thread. I found the opening hours here! :)


And wow!!! The Thermal suite sounds fantastic! Just wondering - as there are only a limited number (6) of those heated ceramic lounges at the Thermal suite...are there also only a limited amount of day/weekly passes available for the suite?


So if I'd like to go to the Thermal suite (and try to get also DH to join me :rolleyes: ) on a particular day should I make reservations for that day asap when I get onboard? Or if the number of day/weekly passes is not limited (as I have understood they are for the hydro pool) did you experience occasionally that you weren't able to use the ceramic lounges as they all were already occupied?

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I went to the Spa tour on the first day (took about 10 mins) The spa staff said a couple of times that they only sell a limited # of passes so that it's not too over crowded so to get the best price and guarentee you'll get in, your better off booking the package.

It's true about the # of passes they sell because i got turned away on our previous trip.

It's slightly busier on sea days but i never found it crowded.

I did see a few ladies that were on the tour book a couple dates for later in the week. I hadn't realized you could do that, so it's a good idea if you don't want to book for the whole week. (although you won't need to knock anyone over to get there, it won't be a problem getting the dates you want)

It was never crowded, however, i did finish up in the pool twice and make my way to the ceramic beds only to find them all occupied.

Now, had i thought about it, most ppl getting out of the pool go to the beds after so if you see a few ppl getting out of the pool ahead of you, just give them about 15-20 mins before u go in.

I would guess that there were a combined 10 ppl between the pool and beds at any given time.

Hope this helps!

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I'm not planning on cruising on Westerdam anytime soon, but I just wanted to post and say "thank you" for being so thoughtful and considerate to post the Thermal Suite and Hydro Spa information for other cruisers here. It's people like you who help make this forum a helpful and friendly place:) Thanks!!



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Aw shucks, thanks Karin... but i did have a bit of a selfish motive. You see, next year when i want this info and can't remember it, I can research my own thread! :D

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You see, next year when i want this info and can't remember it, I can research my own thread! :D


LOL -- yeah, that would be great ... except that it is our experience that Thermal Suite prices change constantly from trip to trip and from ship to ship!


When we first started using the Thermal Suite about 5 years ago it was $10 per day, or $50 for a week long pass. It seems to be creeping up constantly. I think it is a "find out how much the traffic will bear" situation!



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The thremal suite on the Volendam was by far the best part of our cruise. In addition to the suite, the spa area has very private and large showers that are on par with what you find in a grand hotel. I never once used the shower in our suite, I simply went to the thermal spa in the morning, and then used the spa to get ready for the day. Not to be missed!

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