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Post your best UNDERWATER cruise pictures

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Beautiful pictures caribnsnrklr. So clear and vibrant! What camera were you using?


Hello and Thank you! I have a canon powershot sd1000 . I've had it 3 years i think now but bought the underwater housing from canon for it in spring 2008.


I was tired of the disposal type not getting good pics so i searched for an underwater one. Then I found on Canon's website that they made a underwater housing for my camera. I weighed the options of buying a camera specific for underwater to getting the housing (The underwater housing cost as much as the camera) but decided this would suit me best because that way when we cruise or vacation I don't have to worry about leaving a camera on the beach. I love this camera but sometimes forget to turn the underwater pic feature on when snorkeling. It really makes a difference.

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caribnsnklr, thanks for the pics and equipment list. How easy do you find the underwater housing to a) un/load the camera and b) change settings etc.


It's super easy to load and unload. You just stick it in the hard casing and it seals shut on the side. I never unload at the beach. I always bring it back to ship or room and rinse off real good first and then take my camera out.


As for the settings that is simple too. Mine has buttons on the back to change the settings (same as all the button options as the back of my camera). I just sometimes forget to change my setting to underwater when I get in the water because I will put housing on before I get off the ship. I take landscape pics as well with housing on and they all turn out well.


I think this is one of my best investments. I am very happy with this little point and shoot with the matching underwater housing for snorkeling.

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I always look for Splendid toadfish while diving around Cozumel but there are hundreds of other favorite subjects that we find in the reefs of this island




Like this young Hawksbill turtle




My wife coming up to a port hole on a ship wreck



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This is a great site and thread. I loved the pictures and have been trying to decide what to do about taking underwater pictures on my upcoming cruise. I will now just buy a waterprrof housing for my cannon powershot SD 780 IS, after seeing the nice pictures you got with a similiar camera and housing. I also own the Nikon D300 and the waterproof housing for that costs $1649 from BH Photo! I sure couldn't afford that! But that is the camera I will take most of my land shots with.


Thanks for all the sharing. I travel on Carnival Valor to Grand cayman, Belize, Roatan and Cozumel and I can't wait to snorkel and photograph!



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They are, in order:

Juvenile Angel fish

another juvenile and an orange Christmas tree worm

future scuba diver

Caribbean reef squid <---- those are really cool

eagle ray


Thanks.... I really like your descriptions, and Future Scuba Diver :D was great.


Here's a few more... The Rock Beauty was so fast, its a bit of a blur...











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broberts I am so glad I figured it out. It was driving me nuts!


I used a Canon D10. Though I think it takes pretty good underwater pictures I am not all that impressed with the out of water shots. I guess I just have to play around with it a little more.

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Caribnsnrkler- My sister saw a similar "sea snake" at Jalousie Beach in St. Lucia. She snapped this pic right before she hightailed it out of the water. Our guide swore it was harmless though



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From our Hawaii cruise last week. We snorkeled 3 different times. The water was so clear, except when we were near the turtles.






We weren't feeding the fish, just rubbing our fingers together as suggested by the guide.



Humuhumunukunuku apua'a



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Hope you find this helpful


You have some very amazing photos. I've been doing photography for about 2 years now (I haven't done underwater yet) and I hope I can get at least 1/2 way decent pictures compared to yours. WOW :eek: I have all the editing programs and wanted to thank you for the couple of tips you gave on editing them. I can't wait to try it out. Did you try any white balance at all when editing? I have lightroom and also PS5. Hopefully I'll be able to do something with it. :) You have inspired me.

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My first cleaning station!!YEA!!!! This was in St Kitts I was so mesmerized that I almost forgot to take a picture until the shrimp was almost done.


The next 2 aren't my best but are the funniest to me. We were snorkeling at Cockleshell Beach St Kitts when my dh motioned for me to surface to talk. He asked if i realized that i had a friend. I had no idea what he was talking about until i looked down as saw this little guy swimming in front of me. My dh said he watched him swimming with me for awhileand thought it was funny that i didn't have a clue. He was swimming next to my mask. For the next 45 minutes he stayed with me no matter if I dived down ,swam fast ,ect. When I swam up to the beach to finally get out he stayed with me all the way up to ankle deep water. It was hilarious! The second pic is him at my right ankle. We had cruise mates come over and look after my dh told them. I don't if it was my mask matched him or what because I never feed the fish. I wanted to take him home!!IMG_2392.jpgIMG_2394.jpg



How cute is that ? ! ?!

Love your story.

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