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Children on Victory July 22nd sailing

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We went on the july 22nd sailing and had a wonderful time. However, the children/teen's behavior was awful. No parent in site. Teens roaming around to the wee hours being rude to passengers. Little ones running into people all over the ship. I don't understand why the staff did nothing. Many saw what was going on. Parents ..... you need to do your job! Shame on you!

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And THAT, my friend, is precisely why I cruise in the FALL!:D

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I totaly agree with you.. I just got off that sailing too, and the children were terrible. The little kids holding up the elevator's, running up and down my hallway, even in the adult hot tubs when the sign stated, children under 13 prohibited, and children 13-18, must be accompanied by an adult! I never saw one adult. I took a nap the last sea day, and in the hour I was sleeping I must have got woken up 4 times listening to these children running up and down the hallway, screaming, and the parents screaming right back with them!!!

The whole time, Carnival, nor the parents did a thing about it. This was my first summer cruise, I don't think I will be summer cruising any more! I am going back to the winter!

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Good sailing to all.


Maurick and Justme_123:


Sorry to hear about the negative impact of the out of control kids on your cruise. But, this is nothing new and totally to be expected in today's society.


What you experienced on Victory is a reflection of the general society. The out of control kids are also rampant on RCL. RCL is learning the consequences of targeting the "family" market as they now have to pay for much more security to enforce curfews etc (what goes around, comes around). I for one will not patronize RCL as I am not interested in paying for such charges.


I am a regular Celebrity client as their product offering is the best fit for me (quiet, formal service, top food and service) and they generally do not attract as many kids due to their more adult environment (although I wonder, so I am moving my cruise business to Crystal etc). I am not interested in being around today's kids due to the negative results from the "permissive parenting" style used by many people.


This is a central topic of CC boards. Over and over it is discussed. Just lately the topic was raised on the Celebrity board. My observations include:


1. It is not the cruiselines (or any company/institution/gov't) accountability to "parent" other peoples kids. That is the parents responsibility

2. Today's society is declining into permissiveness and the general theme of people is "I will do what I want" to the exclusion of consquences to others

3. There are no "common" themes of civility anymore, so the cruise environment (and all other venues) is increasingly hijacked by loud, rude, undisciplined people (adults and kids)

4. Cruise companies had better define their product offerings and start enforcing the consistent, every single cruise, all year, all itineraries - or there will be patrons who will use the media to erode the business of the cruise lines


The cruise lines (and other service providers) had better watch out. The message on the Celebrity board was that if the cruise experience delivered is significantly different than that advertised, people will demand a refund. I for one would instruct my travel agent to process a request for a 25% refund. Further, I would write a letter to Cruise Travel magazine and provide other cruisers some important information.


It is not just Carnival. On the Celebrity board a mad Celebrity patron advised that their recent Alaska Summit cruise was "taken over" by a 900 person group booking. The other passengers were DENIED late seating dinner, access to major public rooms for the entire 7 days. The groups kids were utterly irresponsible and the parents invisible.


The point here is that Celebrity presumes the other persons will pay their fare and put up with these restrictions. No way.


RE: THE OUT OF CONTROL KID ISSUE - People alike myself are well advised to refrain from travelling in holiday and summer season to limit their exposure to the "free-range kids" and their irresponsible parents. Fortunately, there is an increasing trend towards "adult-only" venues which my husband and I patronize.


You know, it is not just cruise ships where you experience the disruption you described.


I live in Toronto. Myself (and others) were run out of an Ontario Provincial Park last week due to the noise and conduct of others (there are no walls in a park so everyone's activities can be heard by others - so normal conduct needs to be modified to provide civility to other campers). The "out of control kids" ran up and down the lanes screaming all day and evening. Like you, I rarely saw a parent. These "families" spent time on their camp site yelling and creating noise you could hear 5 sites away. Get real you idots. Also, the "riff raff" with their loud voices and steros drove people to leave. On one site there was a group gathering of about 30 people with amazing noise. How disrespectful to other campers. What was most discouraging was that everyone was obliviously doing their thing. The park warden was not able to gain control or establish any rules as people ignored him.


So.................warning, these people will be on a cruise ship near you!


We ultimately get what we deserve as a society and it is increasingly not pretty.


Safe and happy cruising to all

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