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Is Oceania worth the $ ??


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We have not yet cruised with Oceania, so I am looking for comments from past passengers who also have experience with other lines. We have been fortunate to have cruised on more than 45 different ships (12 cruise lines) and loved every cruise. Oceania will probably be in our future, but I emphasize the probably. We are past Renaissance cruisers and love the ship design. In fact, we will soon be doing a 16 day cruise on the Pacific Princess which used to be the R3. However, my question about Oceania has to do with the cost. It seems like they are pricing their cruises at a per passenger day level that would put them in competition with many of the premium lines. Last summer we did a 12 day Crystal Cruise (great cruise line) for $5000 (total). One could easily spend this or more on Oceania. From what I read on this board, it sounds like Oceania is not in the same class as Crystal or even Celebrity. Whats the story?



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You are right not in the same class as Crystal or Celebrity - BETTER!

Have been on both of your chouces a few times each and like them both. We took Oceania Inaugural cruise last July. The ship is wonderful.. has excellent food , great crew and amenities.

The fact that there are only about 650 people versus the masses over 1000 on the other two is a plus. On Oceania you don't have to dine with pre- assigned groups of people. But, of course- unless you want to. You dine when and with whom you want where you want. Yes, Crystal has speciality reservation restaurants as does Oceania but Oceania does not charge to eat in them.

While Oceania has no formal attire required -infact no "formal nights" - it doesn't mean people don't dress for dinner as they would as if they were at a great restaurant at home.

And, if you like wearing a tux by all means you can bring it along and wear it-

A standing joke that the CEO of the ship made on the Inaugural was,

" You can wear that tux if you want to, but we may put you to work!"

In answer to your question re: is it worth the $ YES!

( and it's a plus when they throw in 2 for one prices and free air)..


Barcelona to Venice on Oceania - "Insignia"


Buenos Aires to Rio Oceania - "Insignia"







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From our very recent experience on Insignia I would say Yes, but only if there is a some kind of incentive like 2 for one prices, free air, etc.


Would I pay their regular price? No, because it's not yet worth it in my opinion.



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<MARQUEE direction=left width=95%>....Till Celebrity Cruise!!!</MARQUEE>



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Everyone has good and bad experiances on all the cruise lines. We had a horrid trip on Crystal and never found out what the raves were about.We had better food on a Carnival Cruise that we took the grand children on. We had a fair cruise on Celebrity but nothing that was earth shattering.

Our Oceania experiance was wonderful. We have been on the Regatta twice now and both times were great. The weather was calm and everything went as planned. Nobody can be blamed for bad weather and rough seas but when they are there they make a difference in the way you enjoy your trip.

When we went on our first trip the service in the dining room was slow but what you got was worth the wait. If I couldn't find something I liked on the menu I would order a Steak or Salmon. They always were super. Waves Grill had wonderful grilled fish every day and that was my lunch. I know they are still adjusting the menus.

If you love 2,000 people around you all the time go on celebrity and understand that if you go on Oceania there will only be a third of the number of people. We had no complaints.

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Oceania certainly isn't in the same class as Celebrity, you can't compare the Oceania ships to Celebrity's monoliths with 1,700-2,000 passengers.


And they aren't Crystal either, Crystal is very formal and structured.


IMHO, where Oceania shines is the size of their ships, the crew, the ultra friendly service and the excellent food. By the second or third day, all the staff know your name and if you want to, you get to know your fellow passengers. True, Oceania is more money than Celebrity. But there is a reason for that and to me, it is a vastly superior product and well worth the small increase. Unless of course, you'rte comparing it against one of Celebruty's $799 cruises and then, well, you get what you pay for.


If one word describes Oceania to me, it's "Quality".

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We're booking a 14 day Mediterranean (Venice to Athens) cruise on the Insignia, cabin category B with veranda, for less than $3300 pp including port charges, government fees, air (from Chicago) and tax. I don't think that's all that expensive.

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Incredible fare. Our fare excluding air for 12 days is around $2,800 on Insignia for Lisbon to Barcelona. You must have a wonderful travel agent or have found something on the web!!!


Or perhaps is it that fares sometimes vary based on the itinerary and or length of cruise? Does anyone know?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok I have a question:

Can someone compare Oceania to Radisson Seven Sea Cruises for me?

Yes Radisson cost more up front, but wine beer drinks with dinner,(and even some other times), bar set up in your room (of premium brands like Crown Royal, Grey Goose), never a charge for water and sodas, and tipping included in up front costs has to make them comparable on the bottom line right? icon_confused.gif

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Oh my gosh folks, you can read anything into these boards. Give them a break. What are you looking for? I think this is the upcoming line, but if you don't go, that only leaves room for those of us who are willing to give them a try. They have some of the best management in the cruise industry.

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I just came back from the Insignia inaugural, it was my thrid cruise with them and I booked for a 4th!


Interestingly enough, a friend of mine was on the Regatta from Miami on March 15th and they too were 'over it' and just wanted to get home. But she told me it was due to the number of whiny, 'nothing will ever make me happy' passengers.


She said the food and service was outstanding and that the crew tried very hard even though they constantly got beaten up by a group of groaners.


Oh well, I guess that just goes to show how some people can have a great time and others can not.

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by wayfarer:

Take a look at the member reviews section of Cruise Critic. You will find it very interesting I am sure. My only comment is - don't get your hopes up.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Don't get your hopes UP???


Read every review of every line on this web site and then tell me if you would pick Oceania over many of the others? Geez they have fewer complainers than any of the other reviews I have read. I must be missing something. I have cruised most of the other lines and until I cruised Oceania this Jan I was ready to give up on this way of vacationing. I was on RCL in December 11 day Hawaii just before our 11 day Oceania. It was OK but nothing like our Oceania cruise in Jan and the Oceania price was better per day. If Oceania would have failed to live up to any of my high expectations this would have been our last cruise. I am ready to go again and it will be on Oceania. Oceania is what it was like to cruise 15-20 years ago when food and service were thes top concerns of the lines not how big and new a ship was or how many people you could serve out of food warmers.

11 cruises starting with Sitmar.

Tom and Mary Las Vegas

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Wayfarer, I liked your review, and I know exactly what you are talking about. That March 15th cruise could have been free, and I would have been sorry that I wasted two weeks.


I sure which I knew where the great management is at Oceania. I emailed,phoned and wrote to them two weeks ago about our trip, and they have not even answered me.


The Hotel Manager is rude, unhelpful, and lacking in people skills. This goes from his office all the way down to the rest of the "hotel staff". Mr Volpe is his name.


Oceania sure isn't rated in the top 10 on this board, and I would spend my money elsewhere. A proven product is worth a lot more than wishful thinking.

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We just came off of our first Oceania cruise - Istanbul to Athens. I've yet to find the "perfect" cruise line - each has its plusses and minuses. With that being said, we absolutely loved the Insignia - its crew, food, amenities, friendliness of fellow passengers, layout, and no "nickel and diming". Did it have a few "warts"? Of course. But so did Radisson and Crystal. Were any of the "warts" sufficient to preclude us going again - NOT! We look at itinerary, price, specials, on-board enrichment - and then choose the cruise.



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You asked what was the outcome when something was referred to management.


We were on a Western Med Cruise in September, 2004. The cruise was WONDERFUL! It was well worth the $$$


We waited to submit our post-cruise smile sheets so that we could write a letter regarding an area where, we felt, improvement could be made -- namely, ship sponsored shore excursions.


The shore excursions, on the whole, were very good. The guides were excellent. The area where improvement could be made was in having the various guides walk a little slower &/or have the shore excursions rated correctly in the brochure. (Two trips were listed as Moderate. The guides walked VERY briskly on hilly cobblestone streets. The tour should have been listed as Strenuous OR the guide should have walked a bit slower.)


We received a very nice letter of reply about one month after the letter was written explaining what corrective action would be taken.


We were satisified.

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Would I pay their regular price? No, because it's not yet worth it in my opinion.



What would you have them do to improve? I've only been on one Oceania cruise so far, and thought it was worth every penny. We were in a Penthouse suite. Booked another cruise on the Nautica already.

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ATTN Mikebrill:

You commented that you were not nickeled and dimed to death.

Did you not have to pay for water, sodas, drinks and tip?

This is where I struggle with Oceania over Radisson, Seaborne, Silverseas.

Oceania's price seems to be a little higher than other better cruise lines that charge for water, sodas, drinks, and tips, (like Crystal , Celebrity), and compared to the above cruise lines which don't charge for these items or have a cabin bar set up, Oceania seems to almost costing more.

I'm not being negative towards Oceania. I'm just trying to understand.

We have real interest in this cruise line and would like to figure this out.


03/20/80 Commodore MS Caribe

02/15/03 Radisson Paul Gauguin

02/22/04 Norwegian Dream (ick)

11/12/04 Radisson Mariner

02/15/05 Radisson Diamond

12/27/05 Radisson Voyager

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Jim, I do grow tired of the "signing chits" problem that so many people have......we do it every day, the grocery store, the pharmacy, the gas station, your friendly barber, etc.......so, why not sign for that soda or bottle of wine.......the bottom line for free drinks/wine/soda/water is much less than $50/day/person on the all-inclusive cruise lines!


All that said, Oceania is great value on the 2-for-1's with free air

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Jim, I do grow tired of the "signing chits" problem that so many people have......we do it every day, the grocery store, the pharmacy, the gas station, your friendly barber, etc.......so, why not sign for that soda or bottle of wine.......the bottom line for free drinks/wine/soda/water is much less than $50/day/person on the all-inclusive cruise lines!


All that said, Oceania is great value on the 2-for-1's with free air


Another perspective: as somebody who doesn't drink alcohol (can't rather than won't) I would certainly not want to pay for an all inclusive fare that assumes I am drinking. So Oceania suits me. Nobody is forcing anybody to drink by the way, it's your choice.

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