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Off to French Polynesia: Got Questions?

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Enjoy it -- and do pack those seasickness meds if you think you'll need them. I didn't, but I've got an iron stomach. (I hope your call doesn't get canceled, because I'll feel terrible!)


Thanks Mellissa for the misses figures for Raratonga Not that bad actualy I thought there was far more after reading the posts such as( don't book anything for Raratonga as theres a good likelyhood of not landing etc)your facts show otherwise. Glad I bought some NZ dollars
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Right from the source!


"There is a dive where people can see many rays in Bora Bora. The shore excursions sheet said which dives would focus on lemon sharks (another Bora Bora attraction) and which ones on rays. Of course, it's never guaranteed -- but it's fairly certain you'll see them."


I also know that you can arrange your own dives in Bora Bora -- private operators can take you where you want, conditions permitting.


spoobs -- I did speak to one person who did the pearl bed snorkel and she enjoyed it. In fact, I didn't hear any negative feedback about any of the tours. But I didn't get the sense that it was absolutely phenomenal or a trip highlight the way folks (including me) talked about the helmet dive. I don't think there any night snorkeling trips offered through the excursions department, only dives.




Thanks Melissa,


I'm not really into night diving. What I really want to see are Mantas! I've been to Kona, Hawaii, Tobago, and Costa Rica, and missed them all three times. Hope the fourth one is a charm!! Let me know if anyone saw mantas in Bora Bora.

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There's an excursion called the ray ballet on Bora Bora and I've read other posts where members have said it is worth every penny.


I had a run in with a very friendly stingray on my motu beach break in Moorea! They literally swim right up to you. But if you want to be guaranteed a ray experience, look into that tour in Bora Bora.



Thanks for all your great input. Where are the best opportunities to go snorkeling with the rays? Do you know if there were any opportunities to go night snorkeling?

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Hi Melissa,


Thanks again for all the great info. The last time we sailed on Princess we had a suite and the bedding was great, upgraded for the suite. We also had an egg crate matress for our daughter. This time we are in a mini suite. How are the beds? Do they have the egg crates available?

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Hi Melissa,


I really want to do a shark snorkel in Bora Bora. Per the boards, I can get a tour at the pier for $30. If I book in advance, they are quoting me $60. Did it seem like the tours at the pier sold out quickly? I would hate to hold out to book the same day and not be able to go....



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On our cruise in April 06.


Most waited till Moorea for the tats. I believe they can be gotten at the IC or Sheraton in Moorea.


With regard to Manta Rays. These are rare. Best place is in Bora Bora. When we were there the water was to murky do to all the construction of the new hotels. Eagle Rays are more common. And the Sting Rays are very common and usually what the tour operators take you to.


We found the diving to be best in Bora Bora. we dove with Topdive. I do not however recommend diving with Top Dive in Moorea. Use the ships operator in Moorea.


Have a wonderful time. Emmerse youself in the Tahitian culture. Wear a Pareo (especially the Men):) , put a Tiare behind your ear and lift a Hinano for me. I wish I were with you. It is one place you will always cherish so enjoy.

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pixr man, can you expand a little on your statement about not diving with TopDive in Moorea? We are planning on diving with them twice during our stay (one during the cruise and another during our post cruise duration).



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When diving with Moorea Top Dive the dive masters were French and with an attitude, especially if you did not dive as they are familiar.


We asked for more weight than they felt we should have and they would not give it to us. I was unable to get down on two attempts. I rolled back seeking to empty the BC and everything. By the time I finally got down I was breathing heavy from fighting bouency and mask was full of water etc.


I had to calm myself and clear the mask and achieve neutral bouency and all that. I obviously used more air than everyone else and this was seen as my fault. They took no responsibility.


When the first dive was over we went back to the dock for more tanks. There was with us another diver with a video camera he was from another financial enterprise. It appeared the main reason to return to the dock was to get more divers and so this guy could sell his video.


We chose not to dive again. Because I had prepaid I got no refund from Moorea or BoraBora (the headquarters). My fellow diver had not paid so he was able to only pay for the first dive.


Because of the "relaxed and Haughty" attitude of the dive team we would have missed any and all activities planned for the afternoon. They are in no hurry. They were more interested in selling the video and getting more people on the boat for the second dive then watching the clock as it relates to the ship.


Also, their boat is much smaller than the boat on Bora Bora. More like an aluminum ponga. The boat in BoraBora is a 35ft fiberglass with a swim step (very comfortable). By the way the dive group with the ship starts and leaves from I believe the IC in Moorea so if you wanted to spend the pm at the hotel this is an easy fix. Topdive will not drop you at the hotel because of the conflict between operators and the relationship with the cruise line.


Good Luck.


I would use BoraBora again, not Moorea and would not pay in advance. I would however reserve in advance. Tell them you will be paying in cash.

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Thanks for the explanation! This is good information. Not good for us however. Being novice divers (just recently certified last October) we probably could use a more patient team of dive masters. I'm not sure what we will do now that we have booked the 10 dive package. We're planning on diving Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea through Top Dive and Raiatea through the TP.


Might have to do some rearranging and maybe dive Bora Bora two days in a row.

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They (Topdive) may be more patient with you knowing you are inexperienced. I have been diving on and off for 20 years and told them I had over 100 dives.


Fortunately for me I was experienced. Someone less experienced may have panicked. I had to fight the urge to panic and head back to the surface. I remembered as long as I can breath all the other challenges can be dealt with.


I hope you have a wonderful time in Tahiti. My wife and I can't wait to return. It is our favorite locale. If you can dive more in Bora Bora it was the Best.

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