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Fire away with questions on QM2 Princess grill!!!


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I was fortunate enough to be invited, and able

to shuffle things around last minute, to be

able to do the tandem crossing on QM2 .

If anyone has any questions on Princess Grill

accommodations, or the menu, I will be more

than happy to answer. Yes, I did manage to

remember to sign the cruise critic 'log book'.


Fire away!




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thanks, I would be interested in asking some

questions on behalf of an older friend of mine

who is not too familiar with computers.


Since most posts are travelers who were in

'Britannia' your information would be useful.


How is the food and service in PG? was there

added items on the menu that were not on

Britannia's menu? Does the PG have a separate

a la carte menu? Is there a constant supply

of caviar? Did you use the concierge lounge?


The above plus any other feed back would be

appreciated. Also would you take QM2 again?





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Hello CurlyQ, I will do my best to answer the above.


I must admit, after hearing all the negative comments

from QM2's first few weeks, I was somewhat doubtful

if it was worth spending $6000.00 each for the

Princess Grill accommodation for 6 nights.


Well, I was NOT disappointed. The food and presentaion

was wonderful along with our THREE waiters who did a

splendid job the entire crossing.


I think the grill menus have an extra appetizer and an

extra entree over the Britannia. The Queens Grill has

an a la carte menu (which does not change) along with

the daily menu. Howver in PG you can order anything you

wish at any time and it's prepared and cooked to order.

Just so long as you give them a few hours notice.

Caviar ( which I love ) was only on the menu once for

dinner in PG but it was available anytime. You can have

it every meal if you wish at no charge. It's yours for

the asking. I had it every night - I would get to the

table for dinner and the waiter would have already placed

a mother-of-pearl cavier spoon alongside the place setting

on the table for me. I also noticed "shirred eggs with

sevruga cavier" on the PG menu every morning for breakfast.

Ian, our wonderful Maitre d', served up the most wonderful

flamed bananas-foster tableside one evening - DELICIOUS.


The concierge lounge came in useful also. This is open only

to QG and PG folk. You can book shore excursions and airport

tranfers with them among a host of other things. It avoids

having to stand in line at the pursers office with 50 other

people. They also sell stamps. Tea and coffee and sandwiches

are also available there throughout the day. I found them

very useful and accommodating.


Hope this helps,



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Correct, one seating for all 3 meals in

both grills. There is no comp bar set up

in PG and no alchohol available in the

concierge lounge.

Do not confuse the concierge lounge (open

to both QG and PG) with the Queens Grill

lounge which does indeed serve alchohol.

The Queens Grill lounge is only available

for QG passengers.

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oops Lisa, I think you enquired about

the times the Princess Grill is open.


The times are as follows:


breakfast 830am - 10am


lunch 100pm - 230pm


dinner 645pm - 900pm


same times apply for Queens Grill.

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No bar set up in PG cabins - just a bar area

with various types of glasses stored above,

enclosed with wood and glass doors. It's

quite nice actually, especially when it's

all lit up.

Unlike lines such as 'Silversea' I think

with QM2 you may have to go to the largest suites of Queens Grill level to have a comp bar

set up.

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Thanx for all the useful information HighcBob!

I would like to know if the "room service" menu for the P-1 folks differs from that of the B-1 folks. Can you get caviar via room service, too, along with all of the other goodies about which you speak...We plan on having breakfast in our room most mornings, (any caviar omelets available?) icon_wink.gif Is there room enough to enjoy a leisurly breakfast inside the P-1 mini-suites? Since we're going transatlantic both ways with a 14 day Mediterranean cruise in between, this will be important to us, as my husband and I would like to sleep later when we're not in port, and it will probably be too cold to dine on our terrace in Oct. I'm also curious to know what suite you were in. We were concerned that we'd not be able to see below the lifeboats when in port and we love to watch the hustle and bustle in the mornings of a strange port by looking straight down. Was your straight down view obstructed in any way? Thanx! B.J. icon_smile.gif

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Also wondering what you found in your refrigerator? We were hoping to bring aboard a case of our favorite wine since we'll be aboard for a month. Will there be room in the fridge to chill a standard-sized bottle of wine? Sure hope so...We're also interested in getting your impressions of your stateroom and bath as we've heard that the baths are minimal at best, even in this class. Was your terrace large enough to dine comfortably? Since I'm partially disabled, I'll have an electric wheelchair aboard. Is there enough room in the stateroom to store the wheelchair and still have room to walk around? You said "fire away" and I'm so glad to find someone who's been aboard and is knowledgable! icon_biggrin.gif B.J.

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OK Kitycaty...


I will do my best to answer as many questions

as I can in the order of which you asked:

For starters, unfortunately we ate all our

meals in the Grill, and I only just took a

quick glance one time at the room service

menu. I did notice that it did appear to be

fairly basic, and no, no caviar. As I

undertsand it, even on the QG room service

menu, there is no caviar and if you do order

it, they will charge you. The secret in

QG is to have your butler deliver it at no charge.

( did you read about the $1000.00 omelet on the

room service menu at the Parker Meridien in N.Y.?

-- stuffed with sevruga).


There is PLENTY of room to enjoy a leisurly meal

in the P1's. Whether it be inside ( 300 sq ft ) or

on the balcony ( about 70-80 sq ft ). We were in

suite 10061 midship. We had no trouble seeing out

to sea, either standing or sitting ( looking through

the glass barrier ). However, you can look down

on the promenade ( deck 7 ) and see folks walking by

or sitting lined up in their steamer chairs. There

is a good view out to sea and off to the horizen.

It is though, a little difficult if you wanted to

see all the goings on in the ports looking down at

a 45degree angle.


Since you are in a wheelchair, one of the best places

to go and sit is the library. Just pull up to one of

the floor to ceiling windows and feel the sun

streaming in. It's also very quiet in there and a

great place to read or take a snooze.


You will have plenty of space for your wheelchair

in the P1, ( I even went onto 'yahoo' and did a

search to see what an electric wheelchair looked

like ). I don't think that you will have any

trouble storing it and if it folds ( forgive me,

I'm not familiar with these ) there is plenty of

room in your walk-in closet. Otherwise maybe you

could pre-arrange with Cunard to remove the sofa.

I'm not sure if they would do this though. If not,

there is more room in a P1 than you think.


As regards to the wine, your mini-fridge will be

able to accommodate a full bottle. However, your

room steward will be more than happy to keep a

bottle in an ice bucket for you. I'm not too sure

about bringing a case of wine on board, though.


Finaly, the P1 bathroom is no comparison to the

Britannia accommodations. We found it very

spacious with plenty of storage area for all

your supplies. It is also beautifuly tiled

with marble.


I hope I have covered all of your questions.

Feel free to respond with anything else that may

have just come up. Have you looked into the

P1 handicapped suites?


Enjoy your voyage in Princess Grill. I know

you will not return disappointed. Oh, and by

the way, don't be afraid to request ANYTHING,

they seem eager to please, even more so in

the 'Grills'.


High C. icon_smile.gif

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Thanx for your very succinct reply, Bob...One question, though...I'm given to understand that the dimensions of the P-1 stateroom is 381 sq. feet, according to the Cunard Brochure. Is this not so, you said 300 sq. feet. That would be considerably smaller. I appreciate all of your good information and will most certainly make use of it during our trip!

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Also, regarding your question about the disabled stateroom, they were completely sold out when we booked the cruise back in December of 03, but that wouldn't be hard since there are only 2 disabled staterooms on Deck 10 (lol)! We're on the waiting list now for one, but it doesn't seem likely. icon_frown.gif

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Kitycaty: the stateroom itself is

300 sq ft, the balcony is 80 sq ft,

for a total of 380 sq ft.


I still believe there will be enough

room for your type of wheelchair.

There is also a small alcove at the

enterance of the walk-in and the

bathroom, where you might want to

place it sometimes when not in use.


If you have been on QE2 in a Q3,

or no anyone that has,

( we had suite 8207 ) the sqaure

footage of this room is also 300.

There is also NO balcony.

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That's really interesting, Bob...their brochure is very deceiving as it simply states that the Junior Suite Stateroom is 381 square feet, doesn't mention anything about the balcony being included in the square footage, just says there's also a balcony! So then, the balcony is 81 square feet! Sounds quite large indeed, but that makes the living space smaller than we thought.

Thanx again, B.J.

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  • 2 months later...

I enjoyed reading your postings re: Princess Grill. They bring back such very fond memories! Also, for KityCaty: on my website review of QM2 Princess Grill I have posted some photos of our PG suite. Perhaps they will help you see the interior layout as far as available space, etc.

Regards to all,



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Do the Jr. suites (Princess Grill) have a tub in the bathroom. I can't find this info anywhere. Thanks in advance. Also does the Princess Grill have the same menu as the Queen's Grill?


The PG jnr suites do have a full bathtub with shower combo.

The bathrooms are all marble tiled and quite spacious compared

to the ones in Britannia. ( see page 73 of "Qm2 2004 inaugural

year brochure" - it's along with the deck plan ).


As regards to the PG menu: You will find ( in most cases ) that

it is indeed very similar to the QG. Although QG may throw in a

extra item here and there. Don't forget you can pre-order

just about anything 'off-menu'.


Enjoy the Queen!

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