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XCaret vs. Xel-Ha....have you been to both?

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Cruiselubbers, are you going to buy your tickets before hand and get the discount or are you going to wait?

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age my friend is just a number!


We're 34 & almost 37 here, hubby's the almost 37. But he has a best friend that is 61! So go figure! Sometimes you'll hang around us & think we're still teenagers & the other times you'll swear we're 80! So age....phooey!


I'm thinking like your DH on this one to, 3:30 maybe even 3, just depending on what we see going there.


Not sure of when to buy! When are you guys thinking?

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I just wrote a big ole' long autobiography and got booted! Yikes. I'm afraid if we buy ahead of time we'll miss the port for some awful reason and be out $100. What do you think? Ok, we're both in our 50's, been married for 11 years and love to have a good time. We're divers but since moving to Tennessee from FLorida we obviously don't get to do that too much anymore. We need to set up a time/day to meet on board.

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Argh! I hate being booted!


Yes I am thinking the same here too! Just in case we don't make it into port for some reason or we're all totally out of it after Cayman that maybe we'd be best to wait until that day.


We'll we've been together 19 years & will be married 14 years on the 24th, so I'll let you calculate some math on that one! Remember I said I was 34! We'll be together 20 years this November! That's us like to just chill out & have a good time.


I don't know what to do about the time as far as meet & greet with the whole group goes, haven't heard much lately on the Roll Call.


You guys flying or driving? We're flying into Tampa that morning arriving at 9:26am.


I'd think if we could get there in time enough maybe we could try lunch on Lido even before the others mentioned a m & g at maybe 2:30 or 3. I know they say muster is about 3:15. What do you guys think?


Also wondering if we are going to get booted off this thread like the other ones? Cause even though we're on the subject, we're in our own little world! he he he! Of course others are still asking ?s so maybe we'll be ok! Starting to think about leaving you my email here just in case.


Oh well left by book hope not to get booted before it posts....lol!

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I have been to both parks - and they are both gorgeous.


Xel-ha I loved for the snorkeling...it was incredible and the inlet to the ocean is breathtaking. The float down the river was fun and relaxing and there are places to stop on the way down and jump off the high rocks.


Xcaret has the animals and the evening shows. I also loved the underground river. Very fun but sometimes crowded.


I think it is hard to choose between the parks and the amount of time you have to spend there may help you decide. If you have a full day and can enjoy the evening shows you may want to head to Xcaret, to get the best value.


For a day where you won't be spending the evening anyway - consider Xel-Ha.


And I must say that at both parks - the all inclusive package is well worth it.



Hey eells thanks for the review there! I was thinking all-inclusive was worth it! Especially after I asked a qna on their message board about food & drink & they said it was unlimited! That was exciting! Cause if we leave early enough to go there we may wind up doing both breakfast & lunch there! Nothing like getting your monies worth!


We've never snorkeld believe it or not, but I really think the hammocks will be great, maybe even the bikes & just plain old floating in the tubes. Definitly going to snorkel however & can't wait, just hope we can figure out how to do it! If not we'll be hollering for HELP!!


I get by with alittle help from my friends! :D


Be blessed! Be a blessing!

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I'm sure we'll talk before the cruise, but we'll be on the Lido deck anyway. We'll hang out there until Muster. We'll figure out a time and place before next week. We're flying in the day before and spending the night in Tampa. We'll be on the ship early, as soon as they open the gates. Never snorkled? Hmmmm, you are in for a huge treat. IT's the best thing in the world. I'm going to take a chance here...



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Nope no snorkel yet! Me chance to, im1withhim@yahoo.com


We figure if all goes right we'll be on early too! I am sure we'll come up with something!


Sea u somewhere's on here! Yes, I know that's not proper english but ay y knot?


lol :D

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