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Cruise Ship Dictionary - What other terms would you add?


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There is a priceless word in the Newfoundland English dictionary. It is "arsuver" and is best defined with the sentence: "You sit in the bow of 'er and I'll sit in the arsuver"......


There is also an entry for "dreweler" . The sentence refers to "beer-swilling, hairy-chested drewelers" and when you look up the word drewel, it is defined as a stitch in a fishing net, and those who knit nets the old-fashioned way are called "drewelers". Of course, if they're watching young bikini-clad women walk by, they're probably drooling drewelers, but that's another point. This book is so fascinating for the blend of Gaelic, English and other languages that I just had to buy it and haul it home on the plane from Newfoundland. I'm sure it has more interesting definitions for things nautical than the ones found in a conventional dictionary.

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Frou-Frou drinks: concoctions one normally does not drink - but may imbibe when on a cruise ship - consists of frothy colored liquids mixed w/alcohol, normally served in a tall hurricane-like glass w/garnishes such as cherries, umbrellas and other fancy stuff! :D Best consumed while out on deck (on a chair confiscated from some CHOGS) enjoying the ocean breezes and wonderful view!:

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This is borrowed from one of the ship comedians. If you can't leave your cabin without the Patter or if you rush back to your cabin after the show in the evening to look at the next day's Patter, you are definitely Patter Dependent!! :rolleyes:

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Bridge: The place where the Captain and mates actually steer/manuever the ship. Bridge Tours have not been allowed since 9/11.


Galley: The ship's kitchen, where both palatable and unpalatable edibles are prepared in mass quantities. Galley Tours are offered.


Crow's Nest: A high look-out point on the ship where crew can observe obstacles in the ship's path ("Iceberg! Dead ahead!") Also a great lounge/bar on Holland America ships.


Hold: The place where the uncooked palatable and unpalatable edibles are stored.


Brig: The place where unruly teenagers and their parents are held prior to their being thrown off the ship at the next port of call. Thank God.


Scuttle: This is what happens to a ship when irons and candles are brought onboard and the ship catches on fire.


St. Marteen: No such place. But St. Maarten is.


Dininng Room: The place where Hooked On Phonics people eat.


Stewart: There are no Stewarts onboard ships, unless they are passengers/crew whose last name is STEWART.

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List..The degree of tilt of the ship to one side or the other. Or what the DW has when you get home.

Interior Cabin. A cabin inside the ship with no view of the water. Or a space the DW can never step into.

Patter.. Daily program of the ship's news and events. Or what you may hear 9 months after a romantic cruise.. See also patter of, little feet.

Pitch..The rise and fall of the front of the ship while at sea. Or what you get at the art auctions.

Gangway..Opening in the side of a ship through which it is boarded or provisioned. Or what you hear when the buffet first opens.

Berth..See patter above.(birth sp.)

Chimney..Ship's smokestack. (Note: some are fake and just of appearances.) Also casinos patrons smoke like a ..

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Bridge: What the Captain has after a visit to the dentist.

Galley: A large event/affair usually formal...."it was a galley event"

Crow's Nest: What one has in the corner of the eyes before a face lift, much worse than crow's feet.

Hold: What you should do with a 15 in blackjack.

Brig: adoon: a small hamlet in Scotland that appears once every 100 years. A very popular port stop.

Scuttle: A popular game played on deck, using saucer like discs and a pusher thing.....Scuttleboard.

St. Marteen: Either the home of the Marteeni or the inventor of the cleaning process,

Dininng Room: Similar to a dining room but you can eat more.

Stewart: Generally a artistic display of any type stew or thick soup.

Thanks to imsulin.......:D :D :D


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This is a quick reference to the cruise ship technical and cultural terminologies, as well as the most common words used by crew members. The meanings of the previous mentioned are presented in this “Cruise Ship Cultural Dictionary.” Crew members live and work on cruise ships and create their own unique environment, as well as cultural expression. The fact that one cruise ship may have more than 60 different cultural nationalities, may force the same to create their unique little society and culture. Therefore, crew members have their own unique words which they use every day. Most of the words are an infusion of Italian, Pilipino, Jamaican, Spanish, Balkan as well as other linguistic origins. People who have boarded a ship at least once may have heard these words among crew members in the cruise industry and now for the first time we are revealing this amazing vocabulary. For the first time here we are presenting the meaning of those words



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Since most of this thread is so old, I'm not sure if the original cruise dictionary is still being updated - but I would add Azipod - a registered name for a propulsion system using propellers connected to electric motors in a steerable pod.

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