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back from Elation, happy to answer ?'s if ya got 'em!


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We've been back a couple days and, still, no review in the works yet! sorry, but I can't seem to get motivated. But I will field ??'s if you have some. There were 6 of us on this cruise (me, DH, our 3 kids, and my DD's best friend, who is a foster kid that we offered to bring along). We had 2 rooms on the Riviera deck.


We had a really terrific time, the Elation is really beautiful, love that Atrium!, the food was really, really scrumptious, the service was great (except our room steward) and I have almost no complaints. Only thing I can whine about is the $26 fee we paid for the camp carnival slumber party (9-11 year olds) after our son begged us to go, where he was supposed to be able to play in the video arcade as an all-inclusive deal---according to him, they hardly had any "free" games in the whole arcade and he could never get on one when they finally did, so NO free games at all for him~~~boy was he disappointed. I could have given him the $26 in tokens and he'd of had fun for hours & hours! Not a big deal, but I've learned now to never sign them up for that again.


Our kids LOVED the karoke every night in the Cole Porter lounge. I didn't enjoy the art auction as much on this trip as when we went on Celebration in March, but this was not a big deal, I wasn't there for buying art anyway, mostly there for the entertainment value. In March it was still being done by Park West, this trip it had changed to being run by Carnival. And our room steward was not nice to me! LOL! :p He did his job, so we tipped him the recommended, but he sure was NOT a happy camper, and even talked rudely to me 3 or 4 times. (maybe it's a cultural thing and dealing with women?). He sure didn't look like a person who liked being on a ship in the Caribbean--go figure! And in our defense, we did NOT leave messes for him. In fact, I tidied up my kids area 2-3 times every day just to make sure we didn't make him more angry- acting! :D Oh well, I'm sure I'd get tired of cleaning up after people every week, and we had a great cruise anyway, so "no problem, mon".


Ports of call: We just shopped around in Progresso (had planned on Merida, but this fell through). Did Paradise beach in Coz and did the ships excursion for Altun Ha/City tour in Belize due to fear of being left behind there!


This was our 1st time for having an ocean view, and we are "hooked"! Loved watching that blue, blue water at every opportunity. Next cruise I hope to leave the kids behind and have a balcony. Woo-hoo!

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Glad to hear you had a good time, hilltop! We will be sailing on the Elation this Sunday and can hardly wait! We are also from Nebraska and are hooked on cruising! We are travelling with our two children, ages 5 and 11. You mentioned the slumber party and that there was a charge. I don't remember a charge from our previous cruise. Does the $26 cover child care expenses, or what is it supposed to be for? Did your children have fun in the program other than the arcade incident?

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:) Hi Penny...Welcome Home! Glad to hear you had a great cruise...with the exception of your cabin steward...:mad: We watched you sail away and I must admit I was jealous!;) Where did you stay in Galveston this time? Did you feel any movement on the ship compared to the Celebration? One more....did Paradise Beach meet your expectations? Seems like we've heard such good things about it.

I know your busy getting back to your routine...when do you return to work?

Take Care!


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Just wondered how you liked the new CD? I've heard conflicting reports. We are sailing again in December. Also, did you use EZcruise parking? How did you like them (if you did use them)? Again, heard conflicting reports. So glad you had a good cruise. Thanks for the info. Joan

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First time in the bilge. Will I see fishes from the Riviera deck at my ocean view window?

Are the floors as dirty and soiled as I have heard?

Will I be overrun by rugrats in Aug.? (what a dumb question! but will they have a place not to bug the adults?)

Obviously, I did not book this cruise, (LOL), but have always wanted to go to Belize.

Oh hear my prayer to be back at Princess where I belong!

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drmbldr: Nice to meet fellow Cornhuskers here! We're from Lincoln, how about you? We drive to port, you also? Hope you have a great time. As far as the slumber party---Camp Carn. closes at 10:00 but they offer after hours care at camp carn. most every night for $6 an hour, $4 per hour each additional sibling. We never did this. Then 1 night they had the "Camp Carnival Slumber Party" from 10:00 to 3:00 for a flat rate of $26 per kid in the 9-11 yr old group. Listed activities were PS2/nintendo & computer games 1st hour, free playing in the video arcade called "Virtual World" for the 2nd hour, ice cream & pizza eating, and the game "Capture the Flag" towards the end of the night. Then they drop your child off at your room around 3:00 to 3:30. My son was primarily interested in the video games because they had VERY VERY limited access to "free" video playing during camp carn. & as an almost 11 year old boy, the crafty stuff they do most of the time was, and I quote him directly here, "pretty lame". So, if your boy likes gameboy/PS2, etc. I suggest taking a few extra $$ and plan on buying him some tokens on board. They are pretty expensive at 4 tokens for a game (each token worth .25). There were only 2 games that required only 2 tokens to play, and one of them was not functioning the whole week! In hindsight, I could have given him what I paid camp carn. for the party and he'd have enjoyed it as much. He did "hook up" with other boys on board and ended up having the most fun handing with them in the video area and in Tiffany's. My youngest is a 7 yr old girl and she enjoyed camp carn. more than my boy. So your 5 yr old will probably have a great time.



Ginag: Hello girl! Yes, we had a great time, you're gonna love the Elation! I go back to work next Wed. but am doing some part-time contract work today & tomorrow. This time we stayed at Texas City (really close to Galve but MUCH cheaper hotels) at a La Quinta I booked via priceline. It was really great! Then we parked at the EZCruise Park for $35. and had no problems with them at all (except I forgot the directions on how to find the place & no one at the port was of much help in directing us to the place). Shuttle was quick both coming and going from the ship, people were great. Movement on Elation was SOOOOO much smoother than Celebration~~~in fact DH & I mentioned this to each other every single day because it was so amazingly smooth. And PB was pretty nice, but not as phenomenal as I was led to believe. The water trampolene is damaged and unsafe on 1 side. The iceberg collapsed while DS, DH, and foster child were on it~~~Very scary. Most of this was due to adults who were INTENTIONALLY tipping it by loading up one side and trying to pull it over! :mad: But the food & service was great, and 2 of my girls got the henna tatoos, 1 got hair braids there--they loved this! We liked the kayaks and did some snorkeling, which is nothing until you get way out there by the red buoy/marker. Then you finally find the fish! So I still recommend it!


travelgirl23: We thought the CD was fine~~personable and funny. She used a lot of the same jokes as our guy on the Celebration did (I imagine they all do :D ) And yes on the EZcruise, see comments about it above! No problems with them, once we found them!


taffyhorse: hope you're joking! if you're that unenthused about sailing carnvial, you might want to rethink it! Yes, you will see a lot of "children" on board, but you probably figured this when you booked during the summer. There were 800 kids 16 & under reported to be on board during our cruise. We found many areas where the kids seemed to not be hanging out, specifically the Romeo & Juliet lounge, Dukes, out on the promenade deck overlooking the ocean, and the casino of course, just to name a few!!! We saw no "fishies" from our window, as we were well above sea level, but really enjoyed the view every single day. Had no issues with floor stains/soiling although I did see what appeared to be a water soaked area on the main deck, starboard side. The whole ship was clean & beautiful in our opinion, though maybe not as "high brow" as might be on Princess---don't know since haven't sailed Princess yet. And the food was really great in our opinion also. Hope you enjoy it.

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Thanks for the review. Was there a thread for your cruise that had a Meet and Mingle? If so, where, when and how did it turn out?

I never got much response to a roll call here on this board, but another poster started one over on cruiseaddicts and we ended up just meeting very briefly on veranda deck by the pool to say "hi". Not really much of a meet & mingle. And the funny thing is that person wrote a review (somewhat negative) over on that board that my DH & I were really surprised by. It was like she was on an entirely different ship/sailing than we were!!! Oh well, just shows that what one person likes, another will not like!

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Hi all, we cruised Elation back in March and will again in January! Loved it!

Anyhow, my question is about the parking lot you guys used......where is it and how did you find out about it? Is there a URL I can see it on? I have only used the Dolphin parking lot and the cruiseship parking lots.....I'd rather find a cheaper alternative....TIA!

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Thanks for the info, Hilltop! We are from Scottsbluff - clear at the other end. Not driving in this time. We found some good deals on airfare, and thought it would be much easier with the kidos! Two more days till we leave for Galveston!:)

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drmbldr: Hope you have a terrific time!! Never been to Scottsbluff~~~as you said, you're clear on the other side of the state from us! :p Hope to read about your cruise when you get back.


Parking lot: I went to www.EZcruise.com I think. And it's not really hard to find, my main problem was that I failed to find out where it was, so we get to Galveston & DH says "Where we going" and I say "Well........" :D So I'm sure you'll find out more from them at the website. Found out about it here on the boards. You could do a search and see many postings on it from others here. Most people have had good reports but did see a couple posters that were not all that happy. We prepaid online and had no problems whatsoever. Nice people and they all wear bright orange teeshirts that say "$35" in big numbers on the front---real easy to spot!:p


Drinks: I brought one 12 pack of A&W and one 12 pack of bottled water in our checked luggage with no problem (there were 6 of us, so I didn't feel this number was at all out of order). I also bubble-wrapped and double zip-locked a bottle of wine in the same suitcase (wish I had packed 2 bottles) and it arrived in fine shape. After we consumed all this, we had lots of room for extras in the suitcase that we had bought at the ports & on board.:) I went to the atrium bar after getting dressed for dinner & got a couple of empty wine glasses for pre-dinner drink, then I carried a re-filled glass into the dining room with me and not a single person batted an eye at me! At least not that I noticed, anyway.


Hope this helps!

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Hilltop, thanks for the link, but I guess I'd better do the search as it isn't working (at least not at this moment...LOL!). Thanks again!

Soooooo sorry! :o You probably have found it on your own by now, but the correct site is www.ezcruiseparking.com. I left out the word "parking" in my earlier attempt!


Kimmy: I'm going right now to look at your pics! thanks for posting them.

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Thanks for your review!


My husband and I live in NEBRASKA also, near a small town south of Lincoln...Wilber.


I'm glad to hear positive things, we are first-timers and are kind of nervous about spending our hard earned $ on something we know little about. (except these boards have been a treasure trove of information)


Keep posting details if you can, we really appreciate the postive info.



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My family & I also sailed on the Elation 7/11,(our 3rd cruise) it was a great time. My boys are 7 & 10 and they loved it. The 7 yr old participated 1/2 the time in C.Carnival but the rest of the time if drove me crazy! LOL The 10 yr old found about 6 other friends and we never saw him except when he needed for $ for the arcade. AND NO, he was not one of the kids playing in the elevator or running in the halls. We still have the fear of "mom" in him so he respects others and doesn't want to be beat! LOL


We only had one issue and that was the never ending drain problem in the bathroom (water would come up through the drain in the BR). Please read my whole review on cruisereviews.com.

We live 20 minutes from Galveston but I pass the parking everyday on my way to work so I might be able to help with parking questions or go check out the situation for someone if they need it.

We really have no complaints about cleanliness, everything was very nice, there are LOTS of kids, and some of them very obnoxious and you wonder if there parents put them on the ship and didn't get on themselves. The kids didn't really bother us, we just shook our heads and swore our children would have to get a spankin' if the behaved this way! LOL

If any questions please ask and don't forget to read the review on cruisereviews.


Next cruise

Ecstasy 11/15/04:D

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Good time was had by all. We had the good room steward but a bad waiter at dinner - as stated did not ruin our cruise at all. Only negative didn't have anything to do with Carnival. I fell and really messed up my knee so was a little handicapped by that - still bruised and the swelling has just now gone down so you can tell how bruised it was. Unfortunately I did it early in the cruise.

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loved looking at your pics on webshots. nicholi was also our waiter and we had a blast with him at dinner each evening! really great service and many interesting stories about his home and family.




good to see you post- glad you had a good cruise. hope your knee gets to feeling better! we leave 15 weeks from tomorrow on our cruise on the Elation.

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I had a surly room steward on the Elation Riveria deck in April. WOnder if it was the same. I forget, but do you remember his name? The one I had that was surly was short with black straight hair - Not sure what nationality he was but I was a single mom with 2 teens and like you said - he didn't seem to like women.

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czechgal~~should have known with that screen name that you'd be from Wilbur! :p For others reading here, Wilbur is THE czech capital of Nebraska and they have a huge czech festival each year. Anyway, hope you really enjoy your cruise. We feel the same about spending hard-earned $$ but have found that cruising is a really cost-effective way to have a great vacation, see many exotic places while essentially being chauffeured there, and enjoy great food. Plus, living this far inland, just being on the ocean is such a joy!!!!


airgirl: Wonder if it was the same guy? Ours was named "Floyd" and appeared to be Jamaican? Anyway, not the nicest/friendliest guy for sure, but we didn't let it ruin our fun, and now he's just a funny footnote in our cruise stories!


Nurseone: what a shame about your knee injury!!! Hope it is doing better, and I'm assuming your name implies you're a nurse, so I'm sure you've had it cared for as needed. (I'm a therapist here, so I know the joys of rehab :D )


EricaRN: your situation with the 10 year old mirrors ours. Our's made some friends he had "hooked up" with and had a great time. And we checked him often, making sure he was following the "rules" we had set. One sure way to check in with them often is to only out give a few arcade tokens at a time :D . Sorry you had drain problems---glad to say we never experienced this in either of the rooms we had. (though the hot water is REALLY hot in the showers!)


Longin2cruise: Yes--they had the basket of toiletries. It was stocked with toothpaste, Rolaids, 2 different kinds of razors, TylenolPM, those new Listerine mouth freshener thingees, and 1 or 2 other things I can't recall right now. And in the shower they have a shower gel and a shampoo dispenser, so you don't have to pack these unless you like particular brands.


Anyone with kids: I do recommend having them wear a watch~~~it makes meeting up at certain places/times much easier, since finding a clock on board was a bit challenging (except out by the pool). And to comment on the photo people that many have written about in the past: we were not bothered very often with them wanting to take our pics. (hum...wonder if there was a reason for this??? LOL ) When getting off the ship at each port we just politely declined and they let us walk on by. In the whole week, I think we only had pictures done about 3 times with us not purchasing any on this cruise (did this on last 2 cruises, plus with a digital camera of our own, didn't really need any more of Carnival's shots!).


Anymore questions, feel free to keep them coming~~~looks like there are several people here who have sailed on Elation and we can all share info!

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:) Hi Penny...I forgot to ask you if you stopped in OKC and went to Frontier City? Also how did your extra passenger fare? Sure hope she had a fun time..I bet your DD was so happy to have her along.


We changed our cruise date from Nov. to Dec. 4th......The girls schedules just didn't permit them to take off from school, plus Erinn wants to save her days for college visitation...therefore they won't be joining us this time.....will wait until May. So this will actually be a second honeymoon!;) Oh what will we do!?

You've gotten some great posting on your thread...I've enjoyed reading it!

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