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Packing Lists


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My wife and I will be leaving on the Glory on Oct 9th for a 7 day cruise to the Western Carribean:D . This will be the first cruise experience for either of us, and therefore we have been scamming this board for what we believe have been some great tips. We have seen a few packing lists, most of which are pretty long, but we're wondering what the essential items are that we need to bring.


We have booked a 4a Gte, and at this point do not know what cabin we're in, so not sure if we've been upgraded or not, I sure hope so though;) .


We are also curious about formal wear, and wanted to know how many formal outfits we'll need to bring.


We have started shopping now for some items I feel we're going to need, such as a fanny pack, night lite and power strip. Please include anything you feel is necessary for a great and comfortable cruise.


Thank you all in advance!


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for many of my cruises i go with carryon only. it can be done pretty easily.

you don't have to hassle with porters, or your luggage being late or lost and you don't have many clothing woes.

you take: for the man: 3 pair of shorts, 3 pair of slacks, 3 casual shirts (like t or polo), 3 shirts suitable for dining room (some type of collar), one suit with 2 dress shirts and 2 ties, socks, underwear, personal items, a jacket, 2 bathing suits, tennis shoes, sandals/casual shoes, 1 pair dress shoes. similar things for the woman although she may prefer to substitute sun dresses or skirts for some of the items and blouses for the shirts. ladies black skirt suit goes well for the formal nights with 2 different blouses and maybe different colored scarves.

After the first 2 days you decide which items need washed - give them to the cabin steward to take care of. To be honest...we have not had to wash anything on board as we were never in the same clothes for long so they never got 'unfresh' if you know what i mean. for sea days we would start out in shorts/casual shirt, change into bathing suit for pool time, go back to casual outfit for lunch, then back to bathing suit, shower then into dinner pants/shirt (or formal wear). port days: casual shirt/shorts, (pack the clean bathing suit to take), back to ship to casual pants/shirt (or formal wear).

Therefore, if you go with this route, you can make it easily with 2 carryons each..one of which can be a garment bag. even if you check one for the airline, you can still easily carry them onto the ship yourself.

hope this helps, beth

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Yeppers! ... Nightlight a must for those dark bathrooms, power strip, bungee cord if you have a balcony, collapsible 12 pack cooler which the room steward will fill with ice when needed or you can do at the buffet line, insulated water bottle with belt hook is ideal for port excursions, we would stop at the buffet and fill with lemonade, ice tea, or water before heading down the gangway ... don't forget a large shopping tote with a comfortable handle to haul back all the souvenirs!! ... bathroom amenities included dispensers with shower gel and shampoo yet the shampoo lacked foaming action ... teehee! ... bring your own if best ... there is a razor, rolaids, toothpaste, and tylenol p.m. in the bathroom basket upon arrival which might lighten your packing load ... we over did the shoes bringing sandals, tennies, dress, heels, and flip flops which brought one of our suitcases over the 50 pound limit ... oh my! ... yet if you do the cave tubing in Belize, it is really great to have an old pair of tennies that you can discard after tubing ... enjoy! :cool:

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CruiseClues cruise site can not be linked on this board.


Tounge in cheek

I pack nothing. When I get aboard ship I buy everything I need. I do have to bring my Passport, Cruise Documents, credit card and the clothes on my back.


Futher in cheek

I pack and wear nothing. On a nudist cruise.

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Here is my theory for a packing list:


I start my thinking about the sort of stuff I need first thing when I get up in the AM (shampoo/conditioner, soap, razor, shave gel, hair dryer, toothbrush, etc.). Then I think about what I'm going to be doing on each day of the cruise and plan my clothes that way. This helps me not to overpack.


Granted I have learned a lot of tips from reading these boards about the little things I wouldn't have thought of (i.e. nightlight, room freshener, etc.)


Two things you might think about. You hear about the folks who take collapsible coolers. If your room has a fridge, you might want to omit the cooler. You can ask your steward to take the stuff out of the fridge and use it to keep your sodas or whatever cool. Second, the famous power strip....depending on what all your family will need to plug in, this may not be necessary. For our cruise last September, we went to Wal-Mart and bought a one of those extensions that has one plug on the back side where it plugs into the socket and the front side of it has three outlets. (Forgive me for not knowing the proper terminology for the gadget.) This worked fine for us as all we needed to plug in was the nightlight, fan and hairdryer.


Hope you have a great cruise!

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Hi again Duke

I too will be with you on the Glory 10/9/04 sailing. There are 2 formal nights. I believe they are tue and thur. Men wear Tux (you can rent on ship) or a nice black suit will be great. Ladies wear gowns, cocktail dressing, or anything they would wear to church....It's your choice. I always limit myself to 2 changes of clothing a day. From these boards I am learning to mix and match clothing. I have already started packing :D

Here are a few things from my list:

Highlighter (to mark your Carnival capers)

first aid kit

sewing kit

cooler on wheels with bottled water and soft drinks


prepaid calling cards

ziplock bags(for wet swimwear on last day) (to store food from Room service to take on island)

Clorox disinfectant spray(you can find travel size can at some Wal-Marts)

Cellphone battery charger

Motion sickness medicine (travel size from Wal-Mart)

I'm pretty sure someone will be able to help you more. :D



Happy Sailing ;)

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"I dont understand why cruiseclues are banned from tehbaord"


A couple of week ago another packing question was asked. I linked a couple of cruise boards that had a list. I did not use cruised***. Someone else did for her packing list. Host Randy deleted all my references to packing lists except for the "Universal Packing List"

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Not my place to decide what can and can't be linked, but you would think that we would want to direct others to sites like C*clues and C*diva that are excellent sources of info for cruisers and neither of which are TA's or other message boards. We're here to help each other out when it comes to cruising. Maybe the mods could clarify this? :confused:

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I used one from C$%&@Diva.com and modified it for myself, some of the stuff on there was kind of weird like a flask? It is good though because it has tips and a time line and other stuff.

I hope this dosen't get removed, I don't think I'm breaking any rules by sharing.

If you want me to send you my packing list to use you can email me. :)

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I think an insulated mug with a lid to fill with your morning coffee while you stroll the nice empty deck at sunrise is a "must pack". I also take a manila envelope 8x10 with a piece of cardboard inside to protect the photos I purchase from bending when I pack them. :D

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A good tip, especially for first time cruisers: When you disembark, you are directed to a huge room with everyone's luggage on the floor. I am talking hundreds and hundreds of suitcases. And probably 75% of them are Black and look identical. Carry something like colorful bandannas or tear strips of bright colored sheets, cheap material, etc. and tie them around the handles of your luggage. If your luggage is black, like mine, it will be so much easier to walk down the rows and rows of luggage, looking for your bandannas, etc.


Once I forgot to do this, but had brought a bunch of plastic grocery story bags that were yellow. Before we sat our luggage out in the hall on the last night of the cruise, I tied the bags around the handles of each suitcase and it worked just as well.

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We are a personal cruise website, which supplies cruise photos, and other cruise information (links) to cruisers. One of our major goals is to provide a site where the information supplied by the cruisers themselves is widely available to other cruisers, such as cruiser's photo albums and personal cruise websites. We are currently unaware of any of our links being removed from posts, whether posted by us, or other Cruise Critic forum members.


:) :cool: :D

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