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Live from Diamond Princess

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We just did Tracy Arm this morning. The weather is great and the food is great.


I have a question for you who knows about open booking. The lady in charge of open booking here said I need $200 to reserve a cabin (1 open booking). I couldn't argue with her with what I learned on this board. $100 should be able to do the open booking until I add another person later on. She looked at me like I don't know what I'm saying.


Anyways, DH said just pay her $400 for 2 open bookings and stop arguing with her. We can go enjoy something else with the time I spent arguing with her.


I finally gave up and she took our forms and said she'll give us 4 reservation numbers. I thought it was one open booking number for a cabin. I am just so confused after I talked to that lady.


I think I was better off just fill out the form myself and drop it off at their drop off box.


My questions is how do you fill out that form?


At the space where you put in how many people, do you put 1 or 2?

And you just write down one person's name in that space.


She said if I wanted 2 open bookings I can put both names on the same form. It seems to me that the form is for 1 open booking only.


She confused me and not only that....she looked at me like I was crazy. She probably think why would I know more about open booking than she does.


So now that I've given them $400, will they give me 2 open booking numbers or 4 reservation numbers?



For those of you who'll sail the Diamond in the next few weeks. I tried to buy the coke sticker without the mug/container, no one would sell it to me. Everyone insisted that it's $22.50, not $20. I went to 4 different kiosks on the Horizon Court that first day and no one would sell it to me for $20. One even asked a supervisor and he went and asked the bartender who also refused to sell it to me for $20. I just wouldn't give up knowing what i know on this board (and my own experience). The supervisor looked at me like I was trying to cheap out on them. I didn't like that look at all! So I went to passenger service on the 6th floor and asked the lady there. She said yes, they still sell the sticker without mug for $20, but I told her no one would sell it to me. So she called the beverage manager and confirmed that I can buy it for $20. I went to the 5F atrium and bought my $20 Coke sticker. That took me over 30 minutes and 14F to get this done (saved a total of $2.50!!!) But it was the principle of things! I wish they would be honest about it.


So I would suggest that you buy your Coke sticker near the atrium, so if you run into problems, you can just head upstairs and talk to the purser's desk/passenger services about this.



I also made the reservations (for a table of 10) the first day we boarded. I got to our cabin around 11:40am and started dialing the concierge desk. No one answered the phone (it got switched to the front desk) until 12:05pm. So I was the first person to make the reservation for all 7 nights.


Gotta run and get ready for dinner. Will write a full review when I return.





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Here's a short explanation from Steve from a search I did. Hope it helps. My mom and I did this when we were on the Diamond in May and converted the future cruises into bookings when we got home.


Steve, hope you don't mind my copying this from you...Lynda


post_old.gif July 9th, 2004, 02:38 AM



A point of clarrification... you can put $100 down to hold a booking in one persons name only, I do it all the time, I get 2 for $200 etc. Then when I actually pick a sailing, we add her name and a second $100. We get all the deposit and credits just as if we had put the $200 down everyone seems to mention.

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Lynda, not a problem. Merela I would tell the future booking lady.. I am NOT specifying a second. It sounds like you got 4 anyway. Each booking number is a booking.

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Jennifer--we had the same issue that you did with the soda mug and sticker--but you were more persistent. There really is no reason to get the mug (another thing to mistakenly leave behind somewhere on the ship) unless you want it as a souvenir.



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Just to make you feel better, I was on the Diamond a couple weeks ago, and found the gal that did future bookings as being less than friendly. She almost seemed bothered by having to do her job. I had never done a future booking before, and got more information from these boards than I did her. I felt she was a poor representative to be promoting such a fine product. Don't worry about the "looks," I got them too.

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Personally, I love the coke mug. It's insulated and works well with both hot and cold beverages. It's actually quite a value for $2.50 IMHO. We have tons of them from every cruise. I use them out at the pool, driving to work for coffee, many uses.

Happy Sailing!

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