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An Elation Review from 8/22/04


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We had a fabulous time on the Elation. We stayed at the Galveston Hilton two days prior to cruising and what a way to go. Got me right into vacation mode and we just played and drank in the pool until it was time to cruise. We used Galveston Limo and it was $200 round trip for four of us. They were right there and it worked out well. The Hilton would have shuttled us to the pier Sunday morning but wouldn’t take us prior to 11:45 so we took a taxi and went over around 9:30am. Didn’t have to stand and wait at all. They let us go right upstairs and we sat for a while. Were first in line onto the ship. We really liked having all that afternoon (onboard at 12:30) to wander the ship, unpack and settle in. Never before have we boarded this early. I liked it! We had an inside guarantee and was upgraded to a window, so for the price we paid, it was all good. We made sure to go the Elation Way around 5:15 to meet our CC Cyber friends and sure enough Trish and Deb and Margaret were there awaiting Sushi. Denise and Kenny made it as well as Steve and Casey. Glad to have met you all. Casey and Steve, Congratulations.....he dropped to his knee and proposed during the Captains party.....way to go Steve!! Trish, what can I say about you!!!!! What a hoot. This was my second favorite cruise out of 6. I really liked the Elation even after being on the newer styles of ship the last few times. We lucked out with our wait staff. Both from the Philippines and very good with our kids. Room steward was fine and did the animal towels but we never saw or met him! Risa the cruise director was great. We liked her sense of humor. She offered an informal talk of Q & A Saturday afternoon that we went to and we loved that. She let us ask all of the questions that you have always wondered about. How staff and crew live, get paid, etc. Lots of stuff. She talked about how she is one of only two female cruise directors and how much harder it is to make "it" than male counterparts. She will be leaving the Elation soon for the Celebration I think. There are a bunch of ships changing ports and that is when she makes the transition.


The food was only ok this time. I guess I am tired of the same predictable menu where we have sailed Carnival every year for a few years now. But of course, that didn’t stop me from eating my way through it and gaining 8lbs in 11 days!!! We didn’t see as much of the entertainment as we usually do. Only saw one show called SPIN and it was ok. I think I liked the talent show best because Risa and her staff did a performance at the end and it was hilarious. The music was good in all the clubs. If we had been with other adults we would have taken FULL advantage of that....next time! We had perfect weather with only rain showers on the first day and last day just briefly. They didn’t last for long.....so all that worry about hurricanes........WE LUCKED OUT!!




In Progresso we did our own thing and took the bus to the beach area and went to Saint Bonnet and got the all inclusive bracelets for $10pp (any frozen drink or beer, salsa & chips, water, soda, beach chairs and use of their small pool) We each had 5 drinks plus water so it paid for itself. The water there smells like fish and the kids didn’t want to go into it so the pool worked out well. I was a little "lit" so I thought the day went perfectly...heehee.


In Cozumel we took a taxi to Paradise Beach and loved it. Didn’t actually get to meet Tom, he pretty much goes around to every chair and talks with everyone, but we were always in the water. They had no entrance fee and chairs, water sports, changing facilities were all free. The kids and Buddy loved the Iceberg for climbing and the water trampoline. Me, I just like laying on the mat in the water. Very nice property. We ate for a great price. We had a huge chicken quesadilla, chips and salsa, 3 soft chicken tacos, 3 daiquiris, 1 water and 1 beer for only $34 US. It was a wonderful way to spend the day. We took the kids back to the ship and then went back off to shop (didn’t get anything but t-shirts). We had a beer at Fat Tuesdays before getting back onboard. A girl was dancing topless on a table because the DJ "persuaded" her to!! It was funny....glad we ditched the kids.


In Belize we went cavetubing with Coral Breezes. They were great....met us at the pier....saved over Carnival prices. Had to wait early for tender tickets but that wasn’t an issue. They have you back in plenty of time to shop and catch a tender. Don’t worry if you are considering an excursion on your own. Our guide was Wilbert "Bud" and he gave us all kinds of local info as we drove and we thought this was one of the best parts of our cruise. We ate local food at a very "rustic" place in the middle of the rain forest and it was WONDERFUL. Take this from a very picky eater. We saw a tarantula, a vine snake and leaf carrier ants along the way. Very cool.


We loved the Sea Days and especially liked having the two at the end. We slept in and never had to worry about finding a chair. The ship was full, but it never felt it as it has on other ships. The lido deck activities weren’t as much fun as they have been on other ships. Mostly due to the crowd, I guess. Or lack of it!! I would be happy to share more if anyone has any question....just let me know.


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Thanks for the great review. Our family will be sailing on the Elation 10/3, glad to hear you had a good time.


We are trying to decide between Paradise beach and Chankanaab park. What made you choose Paradise beach?


Thank you

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Thanks for the review Jen....I am getting more excited by the minute...we sail next Sunday (9/12) FINALLY!


What would you say would be the one or two things that we should definitely not miss seeing or participating in on the Elation?



Lexi :p

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Hi, My daughter and I will be sailing in The Elation on 10/3/04. This is our 1st cruise and I'm getting a bit anxious about everything. 1st thing I am worried about is how much money to bring with us? Do the ports take credit or debit cards? :confused: Because we arent big drinkers or anything, I'm not sure on how much money you are asked to put down on your account. Second of all, I have a bum knee and I'm not good with stairs and walking long distances. I was just wondering what to expect when i get there. I have also heard that the safety drill takes a long time and it involves alot of standing. What should I expect from that?

We are so excited about the whole cruise, but a bit nervous at the same time. I pretty much just want to know what to expect once I am on board.

Our room is an inside room on the Empress Deck. I hope someone can help me out here.

Thank you:)

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I was on the Elation in May, and I'll try to help you out here...


The ports will take credit cards, and I hear the interest rate is more favorable than using cash. However, I always use only cash to control my spending and potential fraud. For debit cards, if it's a check card with the Visa or MC logo, it should be accepted, just check with your bank on exchange rates and any other associated charges. Also, it might not hurt to let them know you'll be travelling to Mexico, so your charges aren't unexpectedly denied due "fraudulent activity".


With the shipboard account, we always use a CC, but I'm thinking the cash deposit and/or CC hold is around $200-$300/pp for a 7-day cruise.


With a bum knee, as you call it, you picked a great deck to stay on! DH and I have sailed the Elation twice, and we were on the Empress deck and Upper deck, it's just really convenient. There are plenty of elevators available, just be forewarned that you'll have to push the button on both sides of the elevator lobby to call all 4 elevators - pushing the call button on one side only calls the two elevators on that side. I never had a problem with crowded elevators, but they can be sporadic on when they decide to show up - hence the always pushing both call buttons.


As for the lifeboat drill, most of them initially take place in a public area with plenty of seating - get there a few minutes early, and you won't have any problem getting a seat. Also another tip - they will call you to trek to your muster station, but if you've got a seat, just wait for the crowd to head up before making your way up, and you won't end up standing that long. The staff may question you and ask you to get up and go (they didn't do this to us, and we were sitting right next to where they were standing), but if you inform them of your situation beforehand (or even as they're asking you to leave), they should be pretty accomodating. Also, being at the end means you're one of the first to leave, and since all drills end up by lifeboats, you'll have easy access to someplace to rest should you need to before returning to your cabin.


Hope all this helps! Enjoy the Elation - I can't wait to get on her again someday, I've had the most amazing trips on her!

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We just sailed the Elation on 9/12, so I can answer your questions.


We were in an outside cabin on the empress deck (E-9) right at the front of the ship. You are on the same level as the Atrium, so you have pretty good access to everything. Be prepared to do some walking though. It was a long trek to Tiffanys to eat lunch for us, and the stairs were sometimes preferable to the long waits for elevators.


As far as money goes, we used our debit card for our sail and sign, and also brought about $400 cash to use in the casino and ports. We tried to keep our spending down on our account. We also used the cash to buy our bingo cards. We are not big drinkers, but managed to spend our cash and ring up a $427 bill on our account, but we had fun doing it.


Anyway, this was our first cruise, and we had a great time. You will too. Just relax and enjoy the ride.


Mike & Leah

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we had a blast when we went on our 3rd cruise on the Elation july 18-25,2004!!!we stayed in rooms R170 and R182 oceanview..the rooms were lower then what we normally book but it was great!!As i said this was our 3rd cruise we have been on the Carnival Jubilee 02' Celebration 03' Elation 04'..and this was our favorite!!The only thing is that we had that strike in belize and we had to leave so we did not get to get off the ship!!but i did not let that ruin my cruise!!


Yes!Risa told us to she will be leaving the Elation and going to the Celebration!And then the celebration CD(chris) will be coming to the Elation!!He is also a great CD!!

we had him when we went on the Celebraiton!


We are so glad that yall had a great time on the Elation like we did!!We are getting ready for our next cruise in November!!Ecstasy!!

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