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Hurricane Ivan Weather Graphic


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Between Frances & Ivan, it looks like all of the cruise lines private islands will be wiped out!! Guess Nassau & Freeport will be getting more ships to stop. Wonder how quick those private beaches will get rebuilt....

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I live in Lake Worth, Florida, just south of West Palm—and boy was Frances scary!!!! As it lasted the entire night Saturday I kept thanking God it was a cat. 2 rather than a 4 because the cat. 2 was terrifying enough. We're to sail the Enchantment this Thursday for a four-night to Key West and Cozumel. I just hope we're able to get back home based on Ivan's current track.

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if i lived in florida.. i would be boarding up the windows.. turning the water and gas off and cancelling the paper and go on a cruise to hawaii or something like that...i would just want to get the hell out of there.



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The only reason hurricane Frances caused such a disruption of cruise ship business was that Frances paid her visit during the weekend when vast majority of ships come back to port, unload, reload & sail back out.


If Frances had arrived Tues, Wed or Thurs, there would have been nearly no disruption of cruise ship business, except for 3 or 4 nighters.


I would guess that Ivan will not likely disrupt stops at Jamaica, Cayman & Cozumel this week, as most stops to those ports occur mid-week.


If Ivan ends up in Gulf of Mexico, he could affect ships going in/out of Galveston, New Orleans, Mobile, Tampa, this weekend.

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looks like the following island are about to get spanked


Trinidad / Tobago



St Lucia and more...







Hurricane Ivan passed Trinidad where I live today and we got very little effects, some rain this morning for about half and hour then nothing, we even had sun. Our sister Island of Tobago fared a bit worse, they had rain, flooding and some roofs blown off, when Ivan passed it was a category 2, it has now been upgraded to category 4. Grenada has been hit hard, so far from our reports 3 people have died and one reporter said it is a "scene of total devastation", even the Prime Minister's residence was affected, the roof has blown off. Barbados also got some rain and storm conditions, reports are that about 179 homes were damaged, but no loss of life and they were spared the main brunt of Ivan . We are thankful that we got no effects from Ivan though I am very surprised that Aruba and the netherland antilles are under hurricane warning, I pray that they are safe, as a category 4 Ivan is now an extremely dangerous hurricane and alot of these islands just did not have the time to prepare for it's wrath.

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I can't believe number three is coming in less than 5 weeks. Those of you from Texas are more than welcome to take this one! We in Florida are wet weary and tired of all the attention! We don't mind sharing the spot light! We cruise on the 20th I pray that by then things slow down alittle. But, if you check the Alantic satellite there seems to be another forming behind Ivan off of Cape Verde. I may sound light hearted, but I pray for all affected by the storms daily. We have been extremely luckyin Tampa. We lost electricity, roof damage and now flooding but compared to other areas we are counting our blessings.


Good luck to you all traveling.

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We are now getting lots of rain, I hope as well that as forecasters are right when they say the hurricane season peaks at September 10th, we are due to leave on a cruise September 26th and worrying about a hurricane is not a fun way to start a vacation!

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I too have our boards till up, our hurricane supplies in a pile and everything from outside is still inside. Gosh what our state has been through this past month. While I dont wish this hurricane on anyone, I do think it is fair that Ivan steers away from Florida - after all how much more can we all take???

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The NHC says the Keys and the Western FL may be the targets this time. I have planned to go to Marco Island over Thanksgiving for a "Turkey and Sand" holiday. Our original plans were to go to Captivia Island, but at the time they were all booked. Charlye took care of those resorts! I'm hoping Ivan will spare Florida all together, but still have prayers it will not harm ANY mainland.


Plyman, can you give me the link to the map? That would be great for my kids in school.


I monitor the Weather channels Tropical Atlantic and African satellites. Saw the "start" of Frances and Ivan. See a couple more thunderstorm cell groups that look suspicious. I hope they disapate!


Good luck and prayers for all effected by these "Acts of God"!


Jacquelyn :D

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