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Average Final Bill for On Board Purchases?


What is your averege final bill for two on a 7 day cruise?  

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  1. 1. What is your averege final bill for two on a 7 day cruise?

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my record a couple of years ago was +/- $ 6.50. (USD)

The only thing I had on my account was one Fosters Beer. ( I think it was 5.50 plus 15%)

Tips were handled in cash - we arranged our own shore excursions - skipped the upcharge restaurant - managed to hit all the "free" cocktail parties (past passenger, art auctions, captains party etc) - won trivia a few times (more free champagne) - we dont gamble - etc etc -

I really didn't try to avoid charging anything - it just kinda happened.

We even brought home some champagne (couldn't drink it all - and the bottles were engraved with the ship)

Still had a great time -

BTW - before I start hearing all the negatives about me being cheap etc etc, my record high was +/- $1200 for a seven day trip.

Like I said - I didn't try till later in the week - after I had checked my account and there wasn't anything there yet. I was surprised as well.
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Our last cruise on the Mariner of the Seas I spent significantly more at the spa and salon. I had not had time to do anything in the way of personal care at home so the seapass bill included hair color, cut, style, pedicure, facial and skin care products. It also included seaweed massage. Would I enjoy my vacation if I was counting every penny? NOT!!!!!
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All my cruises for two have had a bill of about $1,000 (give or take a couple of bucks) - however, we book all our excursions on our seapass and we are very good drinkers (usually a bottle of wine with dinner every night and then a drink here and there). It sounds steep but when we subtract the excursions the amount that is left is not too bad and worth every penny. I haven't come back from a cruise disappointed (even though there were LOTS of things that I have had issues with) - all in all it's always been a week enjoyed and money well spent.
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[b][size=3]My total bill was always within reason until I discovered the art auctions...now I make it a point to by at least one piece on every cruise so my seapass is usually anywhere from $400-800 per cruise...I don't drink very much so most of that is actual purchases I bring home to enjoy.[/size][/b]
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[quote name='VickiVSN']I had done this poll on the old site, but it disappearred. Since I have a link on my 1st Time Cruisers page for the results, I thought I'd repost so I can continue to provide the information to new cruisers. For poll, you can use your average per day to determine what the cost would be for a 7-days cruise. Example: $893 for a 12 days = $75 per day, or $521 for 7-days.[/QUOTE]

I recently visited your website, that was awesome. Thanks so much for all of the great advise. I feel like I will be better able to enjoy my cruise, because I've been stressing over some of the little things. But you have done such an incredible job of describing your experiences, that I am much more comfortable.
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[quote name='Nliedel']Congratulations! I am so impressed!!!! Sometimes the 10 we have makes me feel like a circus freak because no one stays married that long.. I would not trade a minute of it.. well maybe one here and there ; )[/QUOTE]
18 years happily married here :) and that's the way ot should be you make the money, we spend it:)

Life is good !!
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I went on my first cruise in 2000 on the Inspiration for my honeymoon. We had a tab of $700.00. In 2003 three of us went on the Rhapsody and it was around $600.00. We spent most of the money playing bingo and I love to go to the spa! Four of us will be going on NOS in June so I look for a large bill, but who cares we are on vacation !!
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Before we started booking excursions ahead of time online, we spent more on our seapass. When we first started cruising our TA said not to worry about waiting till we got on the ship. We never had a problem, but now that we are more experienced, we know for sure what we want and do it ahead of time. However, in Feb, we had to re-book two of our excursions after we boarded-- time frame problem with Costa Maya and bad weather diverted us from Grand Cayman to Montego Bay. But even with two excursions and the tips, we spent only $517.86 on our 11-day cruise to the Panama Canal on Galaxy. We never do the specialty restaurant (Galaxy doesn't have one anyway), spa, salon, art auctions (IMO, the art is usually ugly), or any of the expensive things and we have a strict limit on the slots. The rest is bar tabs or gift shop.
When we booked all our excursions on our seapass, the bill was usually $700 or so and tha's with $400 in excursions.
We don't need a lot of stuff and I can't imagine spending big bucks for the salon, spa, or restaurant ( I HATE bingo). At home I get my hair cut at Fiesta for $12 and wear minimal make-up. $1500 for make-up? That's Tammy Fay territory. lol
Bottom line--have a budget in mind and don't go "overboard" with all the ship has to offer.

Explorer E. Carib. 1/12/02
Explorer W. Carib. 1/18/03
Summit Alaska cruise/tour 8/3/03
Adventure S. Carib 2/8/04
Galaxy Panama Canal 2/3/05
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Our bill was only $200.

But threre were several factors which kept our bill this low. They were:

1) Tips, we paid for them ourselves, and didn't add them automatically.
2) All shore activity was done independent of the ship
3) Our TA gave us wine every night, as a promotion for booking with them, so we didn't have a high bar bill.
4) We only bought 2 pictures, 2 @ $20 per picture.
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We just finished a 7 day western Caribbean with a seapass total of a little over $200. That included of course our total of 4 drinks, bingo for 2 and Stingray City in Grand Cayman through the ship for 2. The other $40.00 went towwwards the blackjack tournaments. We feel the $200 was well spent.
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Our $1700+ went to shore excursions in Labadee, Grand Caymen and Jamaca, spa treatments for 3 of us, $250 or so in pictures, arcade $ for the kids, some internet for the kids, drinks, late night program for kids, coke stickers, Johnny Rockets, jewelry and t-shirts and probably a few other things.
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I think we did alright for our first time, 7-day cruise for 2 people. We spent roughly ~$800 on our account. That included drinks, photos (lots), excursions, souvenirs, and gratuities. I'm planning on taking at least $1000 on our next cruise just to make sure that we are covered.
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  • 2 weeks later...
We're leaving on our cruise in just under a month..

We have prebooked and prepaid for all our excursions and are taking $1200 for our shipboard account. We actually spend less when we put cash down rather than a credit card... makes it seem more real [img]http://boards.cruisecritic.com/images/icons/icon7.gif[/img] We believe that we'll purchase several drinks a day, gamble some and buy a few souvenirs. If we bring home half we'll be thrilled, if we bring home nothing it will have been one heck of a vacation !!
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  • 3 weeks later...
No excuses...had a great time and budgeted that amount. Actually sent 2000.00 to the credit card before we left (so we earned 4000 in points via the RCL credit card).

We were a family of 5 and the kids always asked before they purchased something..it was

$180 in arcade (kids paid me some back)
$500 tips (we took cash out from the casino and paid that way).
$260.00 (wine package and soda cards)
$100.00 (pictures)
$100 (liquor to bring home purchase -- took one bottle back to room and brought most of it back with me)
$50.00 Portifino's
$80.00 excusion(s) in Labadee
$80.00 late night babysitting (kids club)
$100.00 souviers/misc items
and the balance on some casino money/bingo and mostly buckets of beer...and some foo foo drinks.
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I don't know why, but my final bill was $461.00, 7 day, Navigator, and I bought 4, 8X10's, 1, 5X7, and a bunch of drinks, the Cybercabin, and a $7.75 coffee cup........think someone lost some bar bills here and there.....;)
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[quote name='letshavefun']No excuses...had a great time and budgeted that amount. Actually sent 2000.00 to the credit card before we left (so we earned 4000 in points via the RCL credit card). [/QUOTE]

That's a good idea. Thanks for the tip :D
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