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Hurrican Ivan


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Looks like that one is going to hit closer to our place in Naples. We were lucky that Charley and Frances both hit north of us.


Fortunately we are still in Ohio for our summer vacation, so our concern is for our friends and neighbors as well as our continued electric power and phone service in the area. Florida's economy is really taking a hit this year.



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2 of the 4 comuter models have it going straight, and into the western Caribbean and the other 2 have it turning right and heading over cuba by next Thursday or Friday..:(


My fingers are getting sore from keeping them crossed for the last week, and now it looks like another week of praying.. Specially since I'm do on the Zuiderdam next Saturday...



Ok ... back to crossing my fingers :D



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I so clearly remember weather forecasters saying in early spring they expected a much busier than usual Hurricane Season this year. How could they know this? Was it just a matter of odds? Previous patterns? Overdue?


It's enought already. Calm down these horrible hurricanes.........Please???

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Hi Karen and Jim, I think they are moved (as the people were told to evacuate)....there have been some stories on people's pets and what to do with them....I definitely think the zoo makes provisions for the animals.


If anyone saw CNN or FOX...they showed a HORSE...running like a wild thing....he must have gotten loose and the poor thing didn't know what to do...I really wonder what happened to him........


Quote by lka


"Okay, just who did Florida Tick Off"?


Nobody...I swear.......we just try to give you oranges and Mickey Mouse:eek:

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Okay, just who did Florida tick off. Poseidon? Neptune?




I think Florida p222ed off both Nuptune and Posidon!


Given that Poseidon and Neptune are the same deity with two different names -- one Greek, the other Roman -- to tick off one is to tick off the other. :)

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Lois, it looks as though this seasons orange crop has been wiped out, do you think we should start stocking up on frozen OJ? are the prices going to sky rocket? I don`t eat or drink citrus due to a medical problem, but I HAVE to keep it in the house at all times for my DH who is diabetic, what do you think?......jean :cool:

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I think you can be very sure, Jean, that the price of oranges and grapefruit will be very high. The fruit knocked off the trees is not ready for harvest so the whole crop is lost. The financial losses to Florida will be gigantic.

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Jean, ....what do I think? About Orange Juice and Mickey Mouse?

Hmmmm....I love Fresh Orange Juice...actually, Publix has a good brand.....


And for Mickey? I am the opposite of 7~I love Mick and the gang:D

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Hi Marie:) I haven't been to "The Magic Kindgom" in many years. I was in Epcot though...trying to think....It was July 2003 or 2002..cannot remember.

A couple of years ago.......oh it was 2002....because July of last year I went on a 3 night cruise. In 2002 I had a friend visit from Tennessee and she had not been to Epcot before. We had a really good time!


And Marie, you are allowed to be a kid at Disney:D

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Rev Neal - I was just visualizing the grill we would have to use for those steaks. Huge. :D


I saw a piece on TV last night where they showed people bringing in zoo animals over in that area, and it could have been the zoo that was mentioned. Hurricanes are always a contingency in FL.


Yep, you can count on it. OJ is going to get more expensive. The Brazilian imports of OJ has been hurting the citrus industry in FL already, driving down the cost paid to growers for fresh oranges. Due to the drop in price of the oranges, many growers have sold their groves, and now they are subdivisions (we have to have those for all the folks moving down from up north). There are still areas of FL where the oranges haven't been stripped, however there is a large percentage that have been. There has been some talk about increasing tariff's on the Brazilian OJ imports, so as to level the playing field for the FL citrus growers. These two hurricanes isn't gonna help them at all.


The hurricane went over me this afternoon, as a minimal Cat 1 storm. We came out OK with no damage. I see, as of the evening reports, that Ivan is now a Cat 4 hurricane. I saw where Ivan now holds the record for being the strongest tropical cyclone for the lower latititudes of the Atlantic Basin (per HurricanAlley.net). It's long range track has it on the E. tip of Cuba at 8AM Friday, pointed at Miami. The storm might get disrupted when it crosses over the mountains of Haiti. NO, we don't need a 3rd hurricane. 2 is two too many.



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Well, it's nice to have a heads up but let's face it, Ivan could go north, south, fall apart, tear itself up on a island or 2, get stronger, charge course at the last second, etc, etc. It's just too soon to panic, but never too soon to prepare.


Charley tricked everyone and hit a part of the state that was not fully prepared. Frances has been big and effected alot of people but hopefully not the monster people feared. Downtown Richmond has been devistated by a tropical storm that was largely ignored. What this tells us is you can never be too sure, but should prepare anyways.

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