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Who sailed on the Bahama Star

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7 hours ago, rkacruiser said:

Thank you for doing so!  


I did see the Captain at the table behind yours.


You have a very nice looking family.

Thank you, Dad passed in 1999, Mom is 94 and has been in a nursing home since 2013, Personally, my wife and I enjoy dressing up, but with the more casual environment today, even when dress attire is suggested or required or you have some that dress like they are headed to the beach or a workshop. It's normal to see people in church, funeral homes, and fine dining establishments with baseball hats on. My pastor says he is just glad they come to church, if you start asking them to remove their hats and praise God in proper attire they won't come at all! It's definitely a different world out there! 

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On 4/4/2020 at 11:10 PM, bpm5515 said:

The first is in the dining room, it was taken by the ship's photographer, look close, you can see the captain at his table in the background.

Is that Captain Carl Brown?  He was the Captain of the Bahama Star when she rescued the survivors of the Yarmouth Castle in 65.

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14 minutes ago, EMBFlyer said:

Is that Captain Carl Brown?  He was the Captain of the Bahama Star when she rescued the survivors of the Yarmouth Castle in 65.

I don't know, I don't remember meeting him.

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18 hours ago, bpm5515 said:

It's definitely a different world out there! 


Surely is!  What is it going to be like when we get on "the other side" of this pandemic?


Stay safe; wash your hands and then do it again.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have plenty of information regarding the original Bahama Star, thanks to the books Doomed Ships and Great Ship Disasters. As for the second one, not so much. 


The Bahama Star was built in 1931 by Bethlehem Steel's Fore River Shipyard as the Borinquen for the New-York to Puerto Rico trade. She was used as the USS Borinquen troopship during WWII. After the war, she returned to her prior duties and was sold in 1949 to the Bull Steamship Company, becoming the Puerto Rico. Then sold to the Swiss-owned Arosa line in 1954 to become the Arosa Star and used for transatlantic service. Sold again in 1959 to the Eastern Steamship Co., she became the Bahama Star and a pioneer Miami-based cruise ship. Although successful, safety regulations made the ship obsolete by 1969, where she was then sold to the "Western Steamship Co." (a shell corporation), renamed La Jenelle and moved to Port Hueneme, near Oxnard California. From here, the ship rapidly deteriorated as it faced an uncertain future. On April 13, 1970, a storm threw the ship up onto Silver Strand Beach, where the hull was filled with rocks and the ship was made into a breakwater.


As I discovered in July of 2019 while on a trip to Los Angeles, the ship is still there, and I paid it a visit. Much of the hull is still visible and you can walk right out to it. I will attach some pictures. 






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  • 3 weeks later...
My first cruise was on the Bahama Star back in May, 1964. My best friend and I drove from Durham, NC to Miami. Dad had relatives in Miami so I looked up one of his cousins and we "crashed" at their house. He took us on a auto tour of Miami Beach. He told us the Bahama Star was a bit antiquated. Our cabin was several decks below next to the engine room. The bathroom was down the hall. Reminded me of my collage dorm.
There were 3 ships that sailed together to Nassau. One of those ships burned at sea and the Bahama star rescued the passengers. Not sure if it was in 1965or later.
This started my addiction to cruising and we Cruising again in May, 2015 out of Port Canaveral.

I remember taking a 4 day Bahamas cruise with my mom and her girlfriend at work around the time of 1965. I was only 10 years old at the time.
The ship was the Yarmouth Castle.
I remember it was an older ship with lots of wood paneling and a noisy engine making a grinding noise as our cabin was aft.
We must have been one of the last passengers to cruise on that ship before it caught fire in 1965.
The very strange thing about this is that all the burn victims that were air lifted to Jackson Memorial hospital in Miami overwhelmed the facility at that time for Burn victims.
This was the beginning of the need for a Burn Center at Jackson. It was founded by Dr. Gillian Ward in 1965.
I would later work for that burn center as their computer administrator in 1994-2001.

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On 3/8/2008 at 6:44 AM, goldenrod said:

This was our very first cruise in 1971. We wanted to try cruising to see if we liked it , we lived in Miami at that time so it was easy since the ship sailed from Miami we went with another couple ,the fare was $69 a person for a three day cruise it went to Freeport and Nassau. We had ajoining rooms with our friends which was nice. When we walked in the room it was about the size of a small closet. But we sure had fun and we were so young. they had no casino but they did have a small room with mechanical slot machines I had never played a slot machine before, they had 1 cent up to 25 cent single coin machines, I played the 25 cent machine and won $75 jackpot on the third pull, I was thrilled it paid for my cruise! The ship was quite old but as I said we sure had a blast sucking down those 50 cent drinks. How times have changed! Would love to here from others who were on this old lady.

Jerry and Jeanie

PS we decided we loved cruising after our little three day cruise and will be going on #18 this Aug.

I worked as Catering officer on the Bahama star from 1974 to 1976 I think, and then on eastern steamships other ship the emerald seas

I was only 24 yrs old then and used to go with the waiters to the sheraton hotel in the afternoons and play tennis. Remember the midnight buffet that actually started at 23.00hrs 

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21 hours ago, williamtel said:

Remember the midnight buffet that actually started at 23.00hrs 


Were they as elaborate as they usually were on other ships, such as those of Home Lines or Sitmar?

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Glad I stumbled onto this blog, while looking up info on the S.S.Bahama Star. Inspired by dinner conversation.


Two college friends and I spent our freshman 'Spring Break, 1962' on the S.S.Bahama Star. If memory serves, $78.00 all inclusive. 'Great Fun' and I know more fun than going to Ft. Lauderdale !! Rooms were below deck....wash basin, facilities down the hall (?). I arrived before my cabin (?) mate and claimed the lower bunk. I never saw who that was as our group partied the entire time....sleeping anywhere but in the cabin. When I did go to the cabin I'd leave the light on, and found it off when I'd return. Wash up and clothes change, and we never ran into one another ! Huh ?! May have been one of the new found group !? Friends and I met several like minded 'fun is where you find it' types and we sure found it ! One of that group was from one of the Carolinas and sort of became the lead 'fun finder' ! Yes ! The 'slots' !! I don't think the lines that tied the Bahama Star to the docks had hit the dock, setting the Ship free to sail and those covers were off those slots ! I think they were 'rigged' as we (all three) won our sailing fee back in a very short time ! Two outstanding memories were seeing the difference in the color of the water as we sailed into the 'Gulf Stream'..... a distinct line from sea green to a dark blue, and the night sky !  Never saw so many stars !! Back then the only way to get to 'Grand Island' (?) was by boat. First time being served 'victuals and libations' while sitting on a beach. I doubt there was a water hole in town that we didn't visit. All of us gathered in the 'Calypso (?) Room' before and after we'd venture out. Something about enjoying songs,  and chatter with new acquaintance on the fantail of a ship. The food was outstanding and from reading other's accounts, very smooth sailing. One of the finest memories of my 'freshman year' !


Great reading all the other accounts and memories of the Bahama Star. I just may have to go to CA to pay homage. 

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15 hours ago, Tampa62 said:

One of the finest memories of my 'freshman year' !


Welcome to Cruise Critic!  Interesting review of that trip; thanks for posting it.  Good memories for you to be sure!


Interested in your comment about the slots and winning your cruise fare back.  From what you said, you began playing them as soon as the slots were available?  I am not much of a gambler, but, it has been my experience that the slots are "loose" on that first day at sea and the machines closest to a corridor/doorway are rigged to be that way in order to "attract attention" when they pay-off.  As the cruise progresses, they "tighten".  

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HA! HA ! You're spot on as to location of slots and our being there as they were uncovered. If this ole memory serves, the slots were in the entrance of that fan tail bar (Clypso Room ?). First time any of us, self and two friends, played slots or gambled ! Fresh out of High School and on college 'Spring Break'......why not !?! I don't recall our playing the slots anytime after that. Hey ! We had extra 'fun tickets' (money) we hadn't counted on. Back the a dollar went at lot further than today, we were good !! To my knowledge none of us caught the 'gambling bug', at least for the first ten plus years later that we stayed in touch. It was a 'Great Fun' memorable exotic (high seas cruise), adventurous  (totally new experience), exciting (continual unfolding available adventures) weekend ! 


Side bar: the three of us drove from Tampa to Miami in an MGA, and back. We never considered what we'd do if it rained....which it never did. Wouldn't be able to do that today.

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23 hours ago, Tampa62 said:

It was a 'Great Fun' memorable exotic (high seas cruise), adventurous  (totally new experience), exciting (continual unfolding available adventures) weekend ! 


Thank you for an interesting memory and you post.  

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  • 1 month later...

Wow, I, like many here stumbled onto this thread. It was my first cruise with my Grandmother, aunt and older brother on the original SS Bahama Star. I remember her being bound to the sister ship so wet could use the other ship’s pool while in the Bahamas. It was probably around 1966. That cruise hooked me in cruising. I’m now Pinnacle on RCCL having done over a hundred cruises. I’m actually responding as I return from a Harmony cruise from Barcelona. Thank you jarring the memories. 

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