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A couple of questions about money


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Not sure how much American or local money to have. Does the IC Papeete, shops at Le Marche, or the food trucks take American? I know that Le Trucks do not. I will be on a cruise. I know that the tours will take American. I will probably end up spending more money in Papeete purchasing souveniers, food, etc. because I will be staying there 3 days post cruise at the IC. I will be eating at Villa Mahana in Bora Bora, possibly Mangoe in Papeete, the food trucks at the pier. Am I better off spending local money versus American for things other than tours?


Meherio along with anyone else I could certainly use your input!:o

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I could use some input on this question too. I'm not good at math/money things and I'm concerned about the exchange rate and using to different currencies. I will pay most by credit card but what other advice is there?

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Amost everywhere on the island, they will take USD. We ended up exchanging about $200 while in the islands, just so that we would have some local currancy, but we really didn't need it. There was only one shop that wanted CFP, but they would gladly take credit cards.


Now that they have gone to the euro concept, it's pretty much $2 to 1 euro, unfortuntately for we Americans. We got the best exchange rate, believe it or not, at the post office.


According to Jan Prince, the easiest way to calculate CFP is drop the last two zeros of the price, the add or subtract the exchange rate and 100 CFP. Her example a paeo costing 1.000CFP is $10 + 5%($.50) or $10.50. Most of the dealers we talked with were quick to make the calculation for us. This is out of her 2006 guide, but the way, so I'm not sure what the exchange rate is at the moment, but it does give you an idea of how to calculate things.


Hope this helps muddy the waters a little!



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Ia orana


Do exchange some USD in to the local currency, easiest way to know then what you are purchasing


The tip about dropping 2 zeros is one way ( 30 % off what the reality is actually for the moment ) Yes, the Dollar has indeed dropped 30 % since the previous edition of Jan prince's "Tahiti and french polynesia Guide" has come out last ( next to come out in less than 2 Months).


Be a traveller not a tourist, get to know the colorful currency of Tahiti before it washes out next year to the bland Euro currency. This would add to your memories of ytour trip.


Last tip: use your credit card for larger purchases or meals. easy way there not to have to deal with that :70 conversion.



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Just returned Monday Night


we used Atm's on Bora Bora to get our local cash--we ended up paying our hotel bil at the IC Bora Bora for at least a 15% savings--we also used local currency on Bora Bora and Papeete--we used local currency for dining out in bora bora and Papeete


We found that we were able to use the ATM machines more than had been written somewhere on this port--I had read that you were limited to $400 US per week--didn't work that way for us--we used both ATM's almost every day until we got all we needed


We saved quite a bit by using the local currency--just need to check the rate/commission--


We had to use a credit card for one night at IC Papeete--other than that, we used local currency


Wouldn't suggest using the Bank at FAAA Airport--for exchange



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When travelling in another country, I always take along a little cheat sheet I tuck in my wallet (even when I go cross border shopping in the States), and which was especially useful when on a European cruise before the Euro replaced so many currencies. The internet has lots of FX currency converters, just print off a copy of $ to CFP (Central Pacific Franc) and CFP to $, a day before you leave. Of course this doesn't answer the question of where to use local currency versus USD, but it sure helps if comparing between the two when offered prices in both and you can judge in your own currency what something costs.


the website is: http://www.oanda.com/convert/classic

just click on travellers.


Here is a sample:



US Dollar (USD) to CFP Franc (XPF)

Interbank rate for Thursday, April 3, 2008




1 = 74.61 10 = 746.07 100 = 7461

2 = 149.21 15 = 1119.11 200 = 14921

3 = 223.82 20 = 1492.14 300 = 22382

4 = 298.43 25 = 1865.17 400 = 29843

5 = 373.03 30 = 2238.21 500 = 37304

6 = 447.64 35 = 2611.24 600 = 44764

7 = 522.25 40 = 2984.28 700 = 52225

8 = 596.86 45 = 3357.32 800 = 59686

9 = 671.46 50 = 3730.35 900 = 67146


70 = 5222.49

80 = 5968.56

90 = 6714.63



Put it into your wallet before you travel..

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