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Reservations for alternative restaurants on Symphony?


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As a first time Crystal cruiser, I am wondering about the odds on whether I can get reservations at the Sushi, Chinese, and other alternative restaurants on Symphony?


Since I booked the cruise only a few months ago, and it is leaving in about 10 days, I can't pre-register for dining alternatives on the website. So it appears that I have to wait until I get onboard the ship to try to get reservations for them, right?


I was curious if anyone more experienced with Crystal can give me an idea of the probable availability of getting them on the first day of the cruise? I am particularily interested in the Sushi bar, but maybe you can advise me on the general situation?



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If the sushi bar is run as it is on Serenity, they do not take reservations. Check on what time it opens -- probably 6 p.m. -- and go. Also, if you are dining at Silk Road, you can order sushi brought to your table. See the maitre d' -- time and place will be in Reflections when you board. Usually it is around 2:30 p.m. on embarkation day in the area of the alternative restaurants. If you like sushi, it is also one of the favorites at the Asian Cafe buffet around the pool on one sea day.

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we always make reservations as soon as we board .. and then we also later in trip will make more reservations if they are not full as we really enjoy the Silk Road and Jade (which is now Silk) ... further, you can order to eat in your room as long as you do so in advance and not too early in the evening.


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Trippingby2, which cruise are you taking? Go to the share the experience thead at the top, please, and post your cruise there.


Harry, I thought you could only order from the alternative resstaurants to eat in your room if you were in a penthouse, not a stateroom.

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Its cruise #8209, Hong Kong to Singapore, starting April 14, on Symphony.


I am glad to hear that Sushi is readily available, either by dropping in to the sushi bar, or at the chinese restaurant. Is it appropriate to get some as an appetiser every night? I also love chinese food, and to be able to add sushi/sashimi to the meal is great!


I will find the signup place on boarding day, and take whatever times I can get in to the various restaurants, at least once each, but maybe Chinese twice. Unless someone feels that the Dining Room is too good to miss. Are there special nights in the dining room that I shouldn't miss?


One other question. How extensive/good is the lunch buffet on Symphony? Is it a good bet, or is the pool side burgers/buffet better, or are they the same thing? Its a little confusing from the literature I read.


Thanks for the info, and sure hope to see some of you on the cruise!

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Once you board you will be invited to have lunch in the main dining room. The hours for lunch are 12Noon to 1:30. After lunch, I wold proceed immediately to the specialty restaurants Maitre'D who will allow you to book one reservation each specialty restaurant--Prego (Italian), and Silk Road (new on Symphony which, if I remember correctly is Asian with Peruvian influences. Crystal limits passengers who come aboard to make two reservations so that each passenger has an opportunity to eat there. Another part of Silk Road is the Sushi Bar which is first come, first served and requires no reservations. Later in the cruise, Crystal will allow you to make additional reservations for the specialty restaurants. Also, you may wish to make whatever reservations you require at the Crystal salon. I usually eat in the main dining room for lunch so I don't know about the buffet for lunch. The hamburger location is located at a separate location--and different grill--alongside the pool. Those guys make great burgers. Any other questions, ask away. We have alot of Crystal cruisers who will be able to provide you with answers. If you have not read the information yet, Crystal's Grand Buffet is served at lunch near the Crystal Cove and main reception desk. You can chose your food and take it into the main dining room. I suspect that you will love Crystal.

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We just returned from the transpacific crossing. Some notes on this questions.


1.Jade Garden [the 'Chinese'/Asian restaurant] closed when Silk Road



2.Paolo, the maitre d', told us that they anticipate continuing the soft opening until things go smoothly. [i think that they have a way to go!] Incidentally, Willie [whom you may remember as one of the head waiters in Lido]

is now the head waiter in Silk Road. Larry Mendoza left the ship and Crystal at the conclusion of this cruise.


3.Until that time [ie smooth running], there will be no in- room dining originating from Silk Road.


4.As far as I know, foods [whether appetizers or meals] from Silk Road & Prego are only offered in PH and above categories.


5.The maitre d for the speciality restaurants can be contacted the first afternoon you board...also, his daily hours will be listed in the schedule [Reflections] and you can check in with him on this continuing basis.


6.They have brought some new service staff aboard for Silk Road. I had imagined that this meant people from Serenity but I think that I was wrong. We ordered a plate of assorted fish sashimi and were served 1 plate of salmon and 1 plate of beef! [very tasty anyway] The tuna sushi was way too large to handle with chopsticks and too fibrous to consume. The lobster was rather flavorless...but the 3 spoons of creme brulee were fabulous ! Silk Road on Serenity is great and I'm certain that this one will also be.

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I have never had a problem booking a 9pm table on any formal night. I go after the welcome, society, or farewell party, and have so much fun with so many of the officers that I have met during the cruise. It's such an upbeat and lively crowd on those nights, that I don't miss the main dining room at all.

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As others have said, the day you board you can make reservations at the two specialty restaurants. Normally, you can make one each and then during the course of the cruise you can add to them. As mentioned, when you board check the Reflections which is the daily program and it will tell you where to go to make the reservations on the first day. The specialty restaurant Maitre D' will hold hours the first day for most of the afternoon in one of the specialty restaurants. Make a list of the days you would want to eat there so if you don't get your first choice you'll have other choices available. If you are flexible you will have no trouble getting reservations and the key is to do this the first day. On most cruises we never have a problem making the reservations but availability can be affected by overall passenger occupancy.


In terms of the dining room, I would highly recommend eating there on the first of the formal nights, particularly if you enjoy Lobster as this is when you get live lobster (usually Main lobster, on occasion Australia Lobster). Of course, there are other menus that are excellent and all of this is a personal decision but do try out the various venues.


In terms of the sushi bar, in Silk Road, you are seated on a first come basis. On some cruises it is easy to get a seat at the bar and on other cruises you need to arrive a few minutes before 6:00 PM (the restaurants open at 6:00 PM) to get a seat. This can also vary by evening. Some evenings are busier than others. Most people who eat at the Sushi Bar eat for about one to one and 1/2 hours. But, any item you can get at the sushi bar you can get at your table. The food at Silk Road is very unique.


For lunch, try all the venues so that you find what you like best. The buffet offers a diverse set of items (this is in the Lido Cafe). During the course of your cruise there will also be some very special themed buffets.


Since this is your first Crystal Cruise try a variety of the venues so you can discover all the culinary treats on board the ship and so you can decide for yourself what you prefer.



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