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Vancouver - Post Cruise

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We will be in Vancouver on a Friday after disembarking a cruise ship and all day saturday and sunday. Flying out Monday around noon.

We have decided on what to do and see while in Vancouver, but I was hoping to get some idea of how long to spend in each area without rushing.


Capilano Suspension Bridge

Grouse Mountain

Stanley Park w/o Aquarium

Aquarium In Stanley Park


Granville Island

Van Dusen Botanicals

Bloedel Floral Conservatory & Queen Elizabeth Park


Also, I have in my notes the Big Bus is $8.00 a day but when I went on their web site http://www.bigbus.ca/ it states a 2 day pass is $35. Are both prices correct? and if yes, what is the difference. (2 days X $8 a day= $16) Does the 2 days for $35 include something different than the 1 day pass? What am I not understanding?

I was thinking of going to Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain on friday after we take our luggage to the hotel due to their proximity; and doing the other things Saturday and Sunday; but have no idea if we can fit everything in. That is why I was hoping to find out how much time is needed at each place. If there is not enough time we will have to elminate 1 or 2 or 3 places.

I have printed out the Time Schedule and Route Map for the Big Bus so we can plan our route hoping that we don't waste too much time backtracking. However, the above list is in no particular order.

Thanks for any and all comments, opinions and advice.


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$8.00 is the old price for an all day pass on the City buses - it is now $9.00 - perhaps that is what you were referring to.


Most of the places that you are wanting to do can be done by City Bus - and if your stay is between mid-June and mid-Sept there is a free bus to take you around Stanley Park.


If you need more details just ask - there are a number of us locals active on these boards.





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I agree with Ut, all of what you want to see is accessible by public transit and the daily pass at $9.00 is a good deal. I have no idea of where you are staying but if you are staying in the downtown area and once you get your baggage to the hotel (even check it with the bell desk) you will have no trouble doing the Grouse Mtn. Skyride and the Capilano Suspension Bridge on the Friday and everything else you want to see will be a slam dunk on Sat. & Sun. However at 1000 acres Stanley Park can absorb at lot of your time.

However dealing with the Skyride and CSB, you can buy your transit pass at almost any “C” store or at the SeaBus station. If you walk to the SeaBus station, board the SeaBus and it will take you across the harbour (Burrard Inlet) and then you will transfer to a bus that will take you to the CSB and SkyRide. Simply tell you bus driver what you are doing and he/she will be sure to let you off at the right stops, they are very good about this. There are a couple of other free attractions between the CSB and the Skyride which you may to visit if you have the time. Below are links to them as well as to the transit system:




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I didn't realize they are two different companies:eek: Now i get it. $9.00 is the current daily rate to ride the City bus (translink) and the $35 two day pass is for the Big Bus which has 20 stops.

The city bus will do the job at a cheaper rate and includes the Sea Bus and Sky Train. Is the city bus system relatively easy to figure out? I looked at the web site and it seems like there are lots of different links. What is the CSB and "C" store?


How much time do you think I should plan on spending at the different places I mentioned?


I will be in Vancouver June 27, 28, 29.:) Flying home June 30th.:(

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Sorry that I didn't make myself clear, "CSB" is the Capilano Suspension Bridge and "C" store is a convenience store like a 7-11, however there are many independent C stores in Vancouver. Yes our transit system does work very well and if you go to the "trip planning" drop down screen you should be able to walk through it, however should you have any questions we will be happy to help you.


As for times in each place:


SkyRide - 2 hrs

CSB - 1 1/2 hrs

Stanley Park 5 to 6 hrs

Aquarium 2 hrs

Gastown 1 to 2 hrs

Granville Island 2-3 hrs

Van Dusen Gsardens 1 to 1 1/2 hrs

QE Park & Blodel .... 1 to 1 1/2 hrs


For the most part these would be average times but depending on you interests and weather you may want to spend more or less time at each. For instance if it is overcast and raining, I would suggest saving your money and not go to the CSB and the Skyride.

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I agree with Putterdude....I would skip the Capilano Suspension Bridge, Grouse Mt., and a good part of Stanley Park if it is raining and cloudy.

At the CSB and the Park you'll get soaked....and you won't be able to see much through the clouds on the top of the mountain...and you'll hget soaked to boot!

All his other times are pretty much on the money....I would probably take a little less time at each of the places....but then I have lived here for 60 years!!

We have a wonderful city...rain or shine....and hope you have a great visit!

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I agree with the above posters about the times - however I will add my list of places to visit and enjoy in VAncouver in case you get all of yours done and want to explore a little more


Info on Vancouver from a local!


My favorite must do attractions are


1) Grouse Mountain – http://www.grousemountain.com – this is a wonderful scenic mountain only about 15 mins from downtown Vancouver. Ride the airtram to the top for lots of fun activities that include a loggers show, birds of prey show, 2 movies (1 about the Vancouver area and 1 about the 2 Grizzly Bears who make their home on Grouse Mtn) ride a chair lift and visit with 2 live Grizzly Bears. Enjoy a meal in any of the restaurants. Caveat only spend the money to go up on a clear day.

2) Capilano Suspension Bridge – http://www.capbridge.com – this is Vancouver’s oldest tourist attraction and I still enjoy visiting it! Located on Capilano Road just before you reach the Grouse Mountain parking lot. Walk across a suspension Bridge over the Capilano Gorge, wonder the trails thru the rain forest, walk thru the treetops on the new Tree Top Adventure, visit the trading post for a huge selection of souvenirs, watch native weavers and/or carvers at work.

3) Capilano Fish Hatchery is also located on Capilano Road and is a great place to view salmon jumping up the fish ladders to get around the Cleveland Dam. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capilano_River_Regional_Park

4) Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge is also located in North Vancouver and is much less touristy than Capilano but it also is not as spectacular. The bridge is slightly higher above the water but much shorter in span. Located in a Provincial Park this bridge comes with some nice hiking trails and you will find an ecology centre in the park as well as picnic tables and a food concession outlet. Should you choose to enjoy the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge always cross the suspension bridge first and then hike down the trail to the lower (Twin Falls wooden) bridge to cross back over the Lynn Valley River and return to your car – that way you are hiking downhill rather than uphill. http://www.lynncanyonparkguide.bc.ca It is also free to visit this suspension bridge!

5) Stanley Park – http://www.city.vancouver.bc.ca/parks/stanley/ - is the crown jewel of Vancouver's parks. As one of North America's largest urban parks, covering over a 1000 acres and offering an abundance of activities. Enjoy the totem pole collection at Brockton Point, hiking trails, beaches, water parks for the kids (young & old), rose gardens, miniature train, petting zoo, aquarium – http://www.vanaqua.org – hollow tree, many view points, and several restaurants.

6) Gas Town – the location where Vancouver originated. The name is derived from a very colorful character named Gassy Jack who was one of the first settlers in the area and a salon keeper – while in Gas Town don’t miss your photo op with the statue of Gassy Jack and by the Steam Clock.

7) At the start of Gas Town is the Harbor Centre Tower http://www.vancouverlookout.com a great spot to start your tour of Vancouver with a birds eye view of the city. Either take the elevator up to the lookout level or go to the top and enjoy a meal in the revolving restaurant.

8) China Town is only about 6 blocks over from Gas Town and is the largest China Town north of San Francisco. While in China Town enjoy a visit to the Dr Sun Yat Sen Classical Gardens http://www.classicalchinesegarden.com and also make sure you visit the world’s thinnest building it is only 6’ wide!

9) Granville Island – http://www.granvilleisland.com – is a huge public market area which not only sells fruit & veggies but you can also buy frozen fish to be shipped to your home. May artists make this their home and you can watch them at work in their studios – making this a great place to buy unique souvenirs. The Granville Island Brewery is also located here and you can stop in for a free tour & tastes. There are theatres for live performances and many fine restaurants. A fun way to get to Granville Island is via the Aquabus – http://www.theaquabus.com

10) Burnaby Village Museum – http://www.city.burnaby.bc.ca – is an open air museum with over 30 restored homes, shops, school, church and a 1912 carousel situated on 10 acres

11) Gulf of Georgia Cannery – http://www.gulfofgeorgiacannery.com – is a restored fishing cannery located in the historic fishing village of Steveston (part of Richmond). Here you see exhibits that showcase the history of the fishing industry in British Columbia. Once finished in the museum it is great fun to walk along the fishing docks and see the fishing boats which are selling their catch. There are also some excellent restaurants located here.

12) The Vancouver Maritime Museum located on the shore of English Bay is fun for the whole family with lots of hands on exhibits for the kid in all of us. Here to you will find the ship St Roch which the RCMP sailed from Vancouver to Halifax via the Northwest Passage and then completed the return journey in 1944. You actually get to tour this ship. http://www.vancouvermaritimemuseum.com

13) Queen Elizabeth Park – http://www.greatervancouverparks.com/QEPark01.htm -The 130 acre (52 hectare) park is one of the most beautifully maintained public parks in the world. Second only to Stanley Park in annual visitations, it receives nearly 6 million people a year who marvel at its superior standard of garden plantings.

The park was originally quarried for its rock which served to build Vancouver's first roadways. In 1929 the Board proceeded to acquire the property which had become an abandoned eyesore but still served as the site for two holding reservoirs for the City's drinking water. Dedicated as a park by King George VI and his consort, Queen Elizabeth (the present Queen's mother) on their much lauded visit to Vancouver in 1939.

14) Fort Langley is the restored wooden fort built by the Hudson’s Bay Company as a trading post. It is the origin of British Columbia and was the first capital. This Fort is operated by the Federal Parks Board. http://www.pc,qc.ca/fortlangley

15) If you are a wine lover you might want to rent a car and spend a day visiting a few of the many excellent wineries located in the Fraser Valley only about a 1 hour drive from your hotel. Almost all of the wineries offer free tastes & tours.

16) If you are a real animal lover than here is my latest find “Mountain View Conservation & Breeding Centre” It is located in Fort Langley about an hour drive from downtown Vancouver. Mountain View Conservation and Breeding Centre is a leading non-profit Canadian facility that breeds endangered species in family groups for re-introduction back into their natural habitat in Canada and around the world. This facility is not a zoo their goal is to breed rare and endangered wildlife and re-introduce these animals back into their natural habitats. Presently Mountainview hosts over 50 species of the world’s most threatened animals and birds. See animals such as the spotted dog from India, Giraffes, and much much more. Here you do not wonder around as in a zoo rather you are given a guided tour with commentary on each animal group. Check it out at http://www.mtnviewconservation.org

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You did a fabulous post. I was stressing on trying to go to Victoria but I think you provided plenty to do for two days that we are going to be there. It will be the end of our two week trip so I think less is more.


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