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Triumph Cruise


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First let me say that I have crusied four times. 3 were with Carnival and 1 with RCCL. Our family decided to Cruise for a family vacation and I conviced my bother (4x cruiser of RCCL) and Sister (3x cruiser of Hollan American) to cruise Carnival because of the WONDERFUL time we had on the Conquest. My mother had never cruised before so she didn't care what line we went on.


Here goes!


We were originally to leave on the 25th, but due to Jean the cruise was postponed by two days and we left on the 27th. We made the best of it and had a hurricane party at the hotel. No one blamed Carnival as we knew they were looking out for everyones safety!.


We arrived at the port at 10:30am and there were about 300 people already there. The Carnival personnel were all confused and didn't know what we were suppose to do. Therefore they decided to have us all wait in a line till they were ready for check in. We got in line and were waiting. Then when they did open for checkin they were allowing people that just walked in to go to the head of the line, not just some, but everyone that walked in would walk right up to the desk and get checked in. I don't blame the individuals cause there were trying to find out what to do as there were NO carnival personnel at the door to give them direction. Therefore I found a personnel and requested that they post someone at the door so that individuals could join the line and allow us to check in as we were standing here for about 45 minutes. They said they would try, about 30 minutes later they had someone there doing that. It took us about 2 hours just to get checked in. Then the sent us to the other room to get our sign and sail cards. NO pictures were set up yet therefore we didn't get the coming aboard pictures taken, (there were 12 of us and we all wore the same special shirts for this picture) Oh well the personnel at the sign & sail were alread and gave us our cards (very quickly here) Then we when to have our picture taken for the cards, the man there was very curt and not very happy. He told us to have a set and wait till the x-ray machines were ready. We did. All set in this area filled up quickly. They openned the x-ray machine and just opened the gate and it was a free for all. We my mother needed a wheel chair therefore we did not attempt to fight the crowed. Then the gentleman form the picture for our sign and sail decided to stop the line and have everyone to sit back down. I was standing to look for my mother's wheel chair as we had parked it by the wall till we needed it. Well it had disappeared and I was looking for another. The gentleman from the pictures on the sign and sail, came over and said "You get on the ship when were ready, just sit down now" I tried to explain that I needed a chair for my mother and he said "SIT DOWN, WE'LL GET TO YOU WHEN WE ARE READY!" I had other passengers then say "He wasn't very nice, was he" I continued to stand and did find a chair. We were then escorted through the x-ray machine and were on board shortly after. What a pain! I have NEVER had such a bad Embarktation.... They were completely unorganized and the staff were frustraded as we were.


Happy to be on board we all went to our cabin, then were to meet on deck 9 to get our late lunch. We all went to the lido deck to get some food. We mother was having a hard time getting some of her stuff, so she called me other to help her reach something on the buffet and a man said to me "Did you just cut infront of me" I explained that I came in to help my mother. He said lets all be nice and you should go to the back of the line and wait to help my mother. WHAT! she had already waited in line and she just needed me to help her reach for somethings.. I choose to just ignore him, and continued to help Mom.


Lunch was nice. We then enjoyed the day. The show that night was good. We all enjoyed this day fairly well.


We were all setted at the same table in the Paris Dinning room. Very nice. Our services here was WONDERFUL. Best service I have ever received on any of my prior cruises in the dinning room!!! Food was good, and was what we expected.


When we retired back to our cabins, I noticed that our room had not been touched, no turn down, no mints, no Capers, no shampoo or soap in the bathroom. My husband call the steward's beeper and he came we told him about this and he left and later our Caper was pushed under the door, nothing else. I had a little shampoo and soap left over from our stay in Miami.


Second day.


We used our own soaps and got ready for the day. Went to the Paris dinning room for breakfast. I was so excited as I love the eggs benedict! I suggested everyone order it as it is my favorite! We that was a mistake! They put in on raisen muffins, not a good idea it really wasn't that good either. I was so disappointed.


We joined in a couple of games and spent the day by the pool.


My husband found our stewart again and requested again the shampoo and soap be filled for our room. He said the people that had our cabin the cruise prior stole it and he would see what he could do. No refill this evening either!!


We wanted some entertainment for the evening and didn't care for the song and dance act in the Rome Lounge so we when to the clubs in the aft deck. No one in the piano bar, no entertainer or server. The Rio Lounge was used for Kareoke everynight. That was the ONLY entertainment in this lounge everynight! (YUK). There was a band in the other lounge, but we didn't care for that. So we went to the casino. Had a good time there.


My husband was upset that they had a sports bar, but they had no sports on as they could only get the same channels as we get in the cabin. The bar tender told him that Carnival won't pay the extra fee to get ESPN or Fox Sports.


Everyone in our party was having trouble with the room keys. The sign and sail cards were not working right. My son was having trouble with his sign and sail card, it would not let him charge things. Therefore my husband and son went to the information desk (4 different times) to get this fixed... They informed us that their computer system is working correctly.


The rest of the Cruise it was more of the same...

Everytime we tried to go ashore our cards won't work and they would re-take our pictures.... Not once, but everytime. They were doing this for several people. Big hassle.


Several of the lights in our cabin were broken. NOT just not working but falling apart and into our hands when we tried to turn them on. Wires showing. We called the steward and he would just shove it together and tell us it was fixed. NOT. We did get our Shampoo and soap on the THIRD day of our cruise. The bowl on the bathroom counter with the little extras disappeared on the sencond night of our cruise. Still don't know where it went. We asked the stewart, but he had no idea. We did not receive our comment cards the last night of the cruise and had to go to the information desk to get them. Just on thing after another.


The food in the buffet never changed, same menu everyday!! We did enjoy the Grill and the Deli very much.


My son and nephews enjoyed the pizza a lot!! They ate there ALL the time.


After the first night show it got worse. One night the evening show was only the guess talent show. It was a repeat of the Kareoke in the Rio Lounge!


We never saw anyone in the disco. (Well not very many people in the disco, maybe 10 or so from time to time)


On the last night we finally got to the piano bar and it was GREAT. I did really enjoy this and was mad that it was the last night. The gentleman infomed me that he didn't start till arounnd 10:30pm. Well must nights we were so bored that we were in bed by then as there was nothing else to do but be in the casino. Can't afford to spend all my time there.


Sorry this sounds so negitive, but it really was. I know it wasn't just me as I didn't talk to Anyone on the ship that was pleased with the crusie. Several said they were going to contact Carnival after they went home and tell them how bad it was.


As for ports we went to Progresso (waste of time, nothing there) The beach had glass on it and wasn't nice and there are only a few beaches with sand, most was rock) The shops were few and not as nice as Cosmel.


Cosumel was fine but we have been there four times so we knew where to go and what to do. We were there from 9:30am till 11:30pm. Way too long. Nothing to do on ship while in port and all the shops close at 6pm so if you don't go bar hopping in port, there was nothing to do.


I will cruise again, but I have am not sure about Carnival. I know the rest of my family will not!!! This was their first and last on Carnival.

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It sounds like the ship/crew was really frazzled by the changes resulting from the hurricane. I know it must be especially hard for you since you're the one who recommended it to your family.


I'd get in touch with Carnival and especially mention the rudeness and lack of service. I'm sure it had to be hard on the crew but, hey, no reason to take it out on you.


Hope your future sailings are uneventful :)

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I'm sorry you had such a bad cruise. It Must have been from the hurricane. I know everyone that lives here in Florida are just sick and tired of hurricanes. I cannot imagine living on a ship. Its hard to adjust to things once your routine has been ruined. I'm sure they all felt the same way.



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Sorry to read of your difficult cruise.


We cruised on the Triumph (the Sat after 9/11) for our 25th anniversary. Had a wonderful cruise. Would cruise on the Triumph again - in a heartbeat!!!!!

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It sounds like the ship/crew was really frazzled by the changes resulting from the hurricane. I know it must be especially hard for you since you're the one who recommended it to your family.


I'd get in touch with Carnival and especially mention the rudeness and lack of service. I'm sure it had to be hard on the crew but, hey, no reason to take it out on you.


Hope your future sailings are uneventful :)


I do agree--let Carnival know. On my May cruise, they asked that if any staff member was memorable, to let them know about it. So--on your comment card, mention by name the best and the worst. Others on this board have said Carnival DOES fire staff members who receive complaints, and reward those who receive kudos.


I'm sailing Triumph for my second time in a few weeks--my first time was 99.9% perfect. I hope that "hurricane season" is to blame and that my second cruise is as great. Others I have spoken to have almost only good things to say about the Triumph. Sad that John Heald, Ed Rocks, and 2-slick won't be there for my next cruise, but I'm ready to enjoy their replacements.

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You do have some valid complaints, and I hope you will write to Carnival. I know how it is to be frazzled because of hurricane issues, but you paid good money for your cruise and it doesn't sound like you got good value for it.


The food in the buffet never changed, same menu everyday!!

Hard for me to understand this one; this has never been the case on any of our cruises. :confused:

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I'm sure very dissapointing to you. There are so many factors involved would be putting it mildly. as we were on the cruise right b/4 you and had the two extra days. There we alot of our passengers complaining about not getting back to port missing work, missing flights. Heck one person said she was going into the hospital on Monday. I'm sure the attitude of our PAX didn't help the cause. The crew is human. Does that make it right-- NO! But remember that was the 2nd time in a little over 2 weeks that this happened. The hurricanes are taking a toll on everybody down there. I certainly can't imagine the crew dealing with unhappy Pax because of the change in schedules in that short period of time. Carnival should be aware of your situation,and Hope you don't completly give up on them. on the food bit ours changed everyday except for breakfast.

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I was also on the cruise right before you. 9/18 :::waving at beerman::::

as far as the port confusion, did Carnival tell you that some of the previous passengers were still onboard at noon? There were 9 cruiseships in port that day and we were brought to a different terminal. The ship was docked at hightide, the gangway was very steep, all leading to frustrations and confusion. Hurricanes bring out the worst in people. On our sailing some were thrilled with two extra days, some were nasty as can be. I heard many people taking out their frustrations on the crew. Berating a poor waitress cause they are out of lettuce on day eight is really uncalled for. I am sure this carried over to your cruise. Many people were angry get on the ship. (I had to wait til almost 3 p.m. for my ride home, so I observed many people arriving) That is also evidenced by your confrontation with the man in the buffet line with you.

Hopefully you will give Carnival and the Triumph another chance. I know I will

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