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ABC album for our 4th cruise

Homestead Mama

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Homestead Mama, are you cruising to Alaska?

if you are, some thoughts:


A Amazing Alaska

B Balcony shots, Buffet delights

C Carefree cruisers, Canada delights (Canada Place pier), Creek Street

D Desserts to die for, Dining Room tablemates

E Eagles, Elegant Fashions

F Formal night, Fabulous Food, Free Time activities

G Gala Night, Great Activities, Great Shopping

H Helping Hands (staff), Helicopter Ride, Hubbard Glacier

I Ice sculptures, Ice (Hubbard Glacier)

J Jam full luggage, Juneau treasures

K Ketchikan catches

L Lunching in .....

M Massive Mountains, Mendelhall Glacier

N Not enough days

O Opulent Scenery

P port activities

Q Quiet Times

R Russian Church (Sitka), Room Service

S Snow capped mountains, Shopping, Salmon

T Towering mountains, Tons of photos, Time to relax, Tenders

U Universe Wonders, Unparallel vistas

V Vacation Pluses

W Why We Cruise

X Xcellent Vacation

Y Yarns to Tell (stories)

Z Zillions of ......

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so could add to someone's idea about No worries for letter N.. I have No dishes,, No laundry, No whining kids, No cleaning house, No meals to make.It would be very easy to take pictures of pile of laundry,, dishes filling the sink, etc for this page.


Now that is an awesome idea. I'm going to have to borrow that!! Honestly, I think you'll be happier with a 12 x 12. I'm a journaling kind of gal (mostly because I'm afraid when I'm old(er) and gray(er) I won't remember the significance of what was going on in the photos :D) so I can always fill in with journaling if I have too few photos for a 12 x 12 2-page spread.


Cruzisme, those are some great ideas! Love the Desserts to Die For.


Gotta love this board. The info sharing is awesome here.




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Hello all-


I am also an avid scrapper. For our honeymoon cruise, I did an ABC album and it is still one of my favorite books I have done. For our Alaskan cruise, I scrapped in chronological order. I have yet another cruise to scrap that I am looking for another way to do the album, so I'm open to any and all suggestions.


Anyway, back to the ABC, it was a western cruise. And we went with a group of people. Some or all may or may not work for you, but I will leave them here. I used a 12x12 and a 2 page layout for each letter. - I had to many pictures for an 8x8.


A- Alcohol =pictures of use drinking and buying

B- Boarding =our picture of us boarding the boat taken by Carnival and

other pictures before we got on the boat

C- Cruise =this was a place for odds and ends that didn't fit elsewhere

D- Drunk= we partied hard and got a bit silly on the last night

E- Eating= pictures taken in the restaurants with waiters and food

F- Formal Nights =

G- Grand Cayman

H- Half Moon Resort = where we went in Jamaica

I-Iguanas - we saw a lot of them

J- Jamaica

K- Kodak Moments - Again another page for people shots that didn't fit elsewhere

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ok. I will finish. I some how got kicked off.


L-Leaving port = pictures of the boat in port and us out on desk before

sailing and the lifeboat check

M- Mexico

N- Nights


P- Pals = this included pictures of the people we met (which will still see 7

years later - very cool)

Q-Quiet Moments - pictures watching sunset, naping, and just lounging

on the chairs on deck

R- Rose Hall - A place we went in Jamaica

S- Sting Ray

T- Tourist= shots of carring cameras and men carring all of our shopping purchases, pics of wearing souviner t-shirts - anything were we look out of place for the surroundings.

U- United Kingdom - One of the couples we met and hung out with all week was from the UK

V- Views -All landscape shots

W- Watching the Sunset

X- XX-Rated Bathing suit pictures and silly pictures

Y- Ya Mon! - Jamaica picutes

Z- I can always get off easy here because our last name begins with Z. so they are all pictures of the 2 of us.


Help this may give you some additonal ideas.


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Travelfor4 those are some cute ideas! Would love to see your album if you can post it.


I am typically a chronological scrapper. In fact, a little on the OCD side about it. But I really like the idea of the ABC book. Who knows, I may make one of each. I make them with myself in mind anyway. Scrapping is my therapy. Looking back through them is something I enjoy.


After all, I have no false illusions my 2 sons will fight over who gets to keep the scrapbooks when I go off to the old folks home (probably the other way around..."you take them" "no, you take them".) :D.


I spent yesterday afternoon searching the galleries on the two peas website and the scrapbook dot com website. I entered my cruise ports of call in the search filed and was surprised to find lots of examples of pages. Might provide some inspiration if you're needing it.




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Thanks for the websites for reference. I am a bit technology challenged. I have no idea how to post my scrapbook pages to a board. I wasn't even able to figure out how to post a picture for my CC logo. I have not even begun to try scrapbooking digitally. But, I like you and OD about scrapping in chronological order which is why I think this ABC book is one of my favorites. Good Luck.

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oh this thread has been so fun with all the creative ideas shared.. thanks for the heads up about 2 peas.. i love that site.. I too scrap chronologicle (sp) anyway.. so I think it will be a fun stretch for me! I think since this is my first I am overthinking all the possibilities.. like how many pages per letter and only one subject per letter?? and doing the letter in all the same color cardstock or do i want to use felt or chipboard ?? :D all this planning has helped make the waiting for my much needed cruise come quickly.. :D

for my "u" page i was thinking about unreplacable.. . and journal how much we are unreplacable to each other and more journaling along those lines ...with a picture of us together.. hmm doesn't look as good as it sounded in my head ..might have to tweak that some :p


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I agree, this thread has been really fun and full of great ideas. Love the umbrella drinks for U.


How about "Undeniable Love" or "Undeniably Still in Love" for pics of the two of you together. Especially those sunset/sunrise photos of you both together (ask someone passing by to take your photo).


I'm thinking about buying one of those flexible tripods that is tabletop size. The legs are about 12 inches long and made of this sturdy, flexible material that you can bend around things like railings or set it up on just about anything in order to get into to your own photos (using the timer function).


The time is ticking by faster than I thought it would. My friends & I have been planning our cruise since March. I really thought the time would drag on slowly but there is always so much to do.


One thing about planning is that you can purchase the supplies little by little so as not drain the budget when you get back from the cruise. I have an enormous "wish list" saved on scrapyourtrip dot com. I'm going to purchase the items over several paydays. I also look for stuff on ebay.


Keep the ideas coming :D Makes the time tick by a little faster when I can focus on something fun!!



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Reading another post from earlier on, I want to also second the idea of planning your pages before you start.

I got my album 12x12 and went through and put postit notes on each with a letter of the alphabet and then sorted through the photos. Some of the names I changed as I went along and some photos were moved to a different category if I thought I had better photos. Eg, I had my formal shots under d for dining but when I had great photos of Dunedin(port stop in NZ) i changed the formal photo to F for formal..


Then you can sort through your bits and peices and put them in. Then I decided if I needed a 1 page or 2 page spread. Some I only did one page which then made the next letter could only be a one page(to follow on).


Hope all this isnt clear as mud!!!LOL

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Does anyone have a couple pictures they can post of their pages? I've never heard of an ABC scrapbook before, and it would be nice to see a few page examples! =]



Here is mine.

The one constant i used was the same stamps for each title. I also tried to keep opposite pages similar.



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Oh kaseyoz. your album is gorgerous.. I love the colors.. layouts... and style you have. thanks for sharing!!:D Ladies if you have not checked it out.. you need to. it is great.. i might be doing so scraplifting from it. Is that ok Kaseyoz??




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Hey Kaseyoz,

Thanks for sharing. Your album is absolutely gorgeous. I love your choice in papers. For the one that has "It's five o'clock somewhere" are those letters you bought/made? Or is that actually on the paper itself? That would be perfect on "D" for drink of the day. Love Jimmy Buffet!!


I'm with Homestead mama - will probably have to scraplift a few of those awesome pages. I especially like your "kids" page with the faces along the side.


Thanks again,


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Thank you so much for your kind words. I enjoy doing the pages for myself so am always happy to share.


Any ideas you can get from them please use, that is why we share.


With regards to the "It's 5 o'clock" page. The "it's 5 o'clock" part is a sticker i bought, I just used my stamps for the Hibisus? part.


I actually wore the same top for embarkation for my first 2 cruises by accident, now I have decided to always wear them on board.


I hope I get plenty more uses out of it

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Thank you so much for posting your album! All your pages are very cute... I love the Life Vest page!! =]


The ABC book is such a great idea! I am going to have to try that... especially if it's for a cruise that I have already been on once... it is unnecessary to make another scrapbook of the same cruise... but doing this makes it a little different!

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Homestead Mama, what a great idea! I am definitely going to steal it!

We are going on the same cruise the week before.

I like the 8 x 8 size of scrapbooks, just because they are smaller, but because they are smaller, it is harder to get pictures on the page.

So, I have decided to stick with the 12 x 12.

Maybe do two cruises in one book, for all the trips we take in one year, etc.


I have also started doing digital scrapbooking and it is so much fun. I do the 8 1/2 x 11, or whatever a sheet of paper is. (I am number challenged). I print them at home. I have also found a place to send them to be printed, but usually can't wait. I have several neat pages (I think, for my first ones)

of a trip to Florida. Would be glad to share if anyone wants to see what you can do with digital.

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Oh bother.. i would have loved to meet a fellow scrapbooker. I was just noticing that one of us is from Austrialia, other the east coast and I from the west coast but we met because of scrapbooking. what a cool thing!! Sure wish one of you were going with us! When you get back from your cruise, OkieFive, I would love to know how you liked it and what pictures i NEED to take :D . And maybe we can help each other with deciding what to use for which letters.


Has anybody found a line of paper that works great for cruising pages??.

Just thinking that i want to use the same printed papers thoughout my album to give it some flow.




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Has anybody found a line of paper that works great for cruising pages??. Just thinking that i want to use the same printed papers thoughout my album to give it some flow.


Jaylene, have you looked at scrapyourtrip dot com? It is the most amazing website for travel related scrapbook items. They have an entire section dedicated to Alaska cruises.


I'm going to go into the poor house with that website. My policy with hubby: "Don't ask, don't tell " when it comes to scrapbook supplies :D.




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Tropcial Scrapbooking is also another great site. I've gotten alot of my paper also from Scrapndeals.


I hope everyone comes back after the cruise when the albums are done and post pictures please. Last year at this time I had about 80% of my Alaskan Album done since I saw everyone pictures I kinda new what pages to go with for each port. So far all I have is my chipboard letters pasted to some card stock.

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I have used both these sites to buy travel, cruise and baseball stuff. baseball stuff is hard to find over here.


Even with international postage it has been quick. I havent bought anything for a while as they changed their postage rates and it was costing almost as much as the goods. I will put an order in just before we leave on this trip as you can go their warehouse and pick it up.


I will certainly be on the look out for any scrapbook shops when I am over there.

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  • 3 weeks later...

hello ladies.. only 7 more days.. oh I can't wait.. and I was firming up my abc list.. so glad I had it here online because my desk seems to have eaten it :rolleyes: . Anyway I have a few questions for those who have been on Celebrity line.

do the cabin stewards make towel animals??

do they take your picture when you first board ??

thank you ladies



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