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November 1st...D_Day..Want to join me?

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Today I'm starting a stricter DIET..exercising more..drinking more water!

Tired of playing with same five pounds since the DEW started, because of the few trips I've taken.


Starting today and going thru till Jan. 14th 2004. Till I go on my cruise.

This will help me for cruise and the DEW Pledge too! (two and a half months)


Thought if others wanted to join..there's things we could do to help each other. Even thro we're on different diets we could...

Post our Menus

Give helpful receipes.

Help each othert to exercise more.

Hints to drink that water.


Tomorrow I'm making Chicken Breasts in the crock pot..Chilli (with less beans)

Sugar-free Jello.. Salad stuff in frig. Just to get me started.

Trying/doing low-carb but with less fat.


Think you do better if you have food prepared ahead of time and don't

skip meals. You'll over eat later. Always have a good breakfast!


Well I'm doing it..you'll hear from me off and on...

Hope others join me..

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I'm happy to join you!

My cruise is December 4- I'd love to be 5# lighter by then.


I'm with you on the need to always have healthy foods on hand otherwise it's too easy to be tempted. I need to shop everyday to have fresh salad fixings etc. I get lazy after work and don't want to go to the market- or don't want to go to the gym. Knowing that someone else is out there struggling to get the same things done helps me a lot!


Crystal Lite Peach tea satisfies my sweet cravings during the day- and in the evening I love to have some peach herb tea with Splenda. Nestles no fat hot chocolate (25 calories) also makes a satisfying warm after-dinner-settling-in drink.


Thanks for starting this Belle. Happy November 1!

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Happy November 1st! DH and I started back on Phase 1 of South Beach today. We've both gained about 12 lbs since June and we need to get it off. Good luck everyone!

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I'm with you Belle. I'm cruising 1/16/05. I need this extra motivation with the holidays coming, the DEW pledge and this cruise.


I walked today. Slow but walked. Hurt my knee and was a baby last week.

Doing strick induction, Atkins for three days, than regular induction for two weeks.

Going to get more water.


Thanks Belle I need a kick in the butt.

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It's nice to have someone with you when your trying to go stricter..

(that's how I feel) especially after I've been eating and will be harder to get

strict, now have you two and others I hope to be accountable to. That way

think we do better! (In fact that is what this board does for everyone)

This is just a smaller group trying to be stricter than normal to get us going!


Have had green tea and water this morning and eggs. (remember I'm in Calif. so three hours earlier than you.)


Making my chicken and sf jello. Jello is what I use to satisflies my sweet tooth.


Good Luck to us all. Drink that water.


PS Shelia..It's so nice you have your husband to do this (diet) with you

makes it easier..doesn't it? Now you have us too and we have you.

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I'm cruising 1-16-05 too. Where are you going?


I needed a kick in the butt too..so I kicked myself..LOL!

Glad your joining to.


We can do it..Know we can! Hope your knee gets better soon.

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Belle, it is nice that DH is doing my WOE with me. It really makes it a lot easier for me to stick with. That is why I've been cheating so much lately...because he hasn't been following our WOE. I've been a lot better than he has though. At least I've been exercising. I'm also very thankful to have all of you also. I tell all of my friends and family about my wonderful on-line support group. :D

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Belle, I can only participate for the next 11 days. When I go on a cruise I enjoy everything and that includes food:D . But I will work out on the ships gym everyday.:rolleyes: I really want to drop 4 more pounds by the morning of Nov 13th.

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Can you tell me how you prepare your crockpot chicken?


Good day for me too. Have a roast cooking and big salad- cauliflower potatoes. An hour of aerobic exercise.


Now AFTER dinner is always the trial!!!


Let you know how I fared tomorrow!

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Day one gone for most of us as I type..after 10 pm here, still up, drinking water!

Sounds like most of us were prepared for day one..now to day two!

Hope everyone made it pass the "afternoon feeling hungry" and the after

dinner "food wants.. mainly sweet cravings"!


May I ask a favor, can you all put your name down that we can call you by

It's nicer to address by name and spell it right, especially we will talking to each other every day.

Know some of us know some of the names but not all of them, easier this way, to start fresh and write them down.


You can call me Belle! Smiling!


The chicken receipe think maybe got on one of these post, if not, somewhere on the computer.


6 chicken breasts..I used chicken tenders (ones like small chiken breasts.10)

1 Jar spagetti sauce..I used one with mushrooms

1 onion..I only used a little bit of one

2 tb garlic

2 green peppers.. I left them out

Pkg. of fresh mushrooms and slice


Put in crock pot, cook on low 7 to 9 hours


It came out good, very tender..I put the chicken and sauce over french stye green beans

(used them like noodles/pasta)


Day two..Good Luck! Sending Good Thoughts your way! We can do it!

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Hi Belle,


Ok, You got me! We sail the week before you do and I really need to get off trhis plateau and get focused and losing before and during the holidays so I am shooting for 5 by New Year's Eve! Doesn't seem like much but the first 50 came off much easier. May have to pull out dh's tux to get him on the bandwagon too! The food has already started at work so today's goal is to stay completely away from the food table.

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The more the merrier..translation..more of us working to be stricter

will help us all!


Day two..You know what I started yesterday..writing down everything I eat and drink.

Keeping track. I know some do it on the computer but I just do it on my own.


I did well yesterday..stuck to it. How did you do? Did you make it thru your hard times of the day?


Remember to help each other we have to come in here each day, whatever

time you can and talk give idea and hints. Even if you don't have a good day (we're all human) by coming in here you'll get you back on your diet sooner.

Thats what's going to keep us on this stricter way of dieting!


Remember if you do mess up one meal or day..YOU get back right on your diet plan. Lose only a meal or a day not a whole week! We ALL have to learn that!


Be good..think weight loss..drink the water!

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Hello again!


Another good day. I made a wonderful and easy election dinner tonite. Covered the bottom of a 13x9 pan with chicken tenderloins. Then cut up a red onion in slivers and laid it across, then the same with a green pepper, Followed by some mushrooms sliced, then some fresh tomatoes sliced. Topped it all with 2 tbps of margerine melted, some garlic, salt and pepper, fresh basil and sprinkled with mozzarella.Baked at 350 for about 40 minutes (the chicken was frozen). It was wonderful!


Exercised today...I am down a pound in the last three days.


Back to work tomorrow- always harder but I have lots of dinners prepared.


Thanks Belle for starting this. I feel RESPONSIBLE to you and others here and it motivates me to work at this!

Like you say, drink drink drink H20!


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count me in too, my cruise is 01/22/05. I need to lose

before this cruise, just returned from a cruise 10/23/04

and gained 4 pounds on a 7 day cruise. I walked some

mornings, but couldn't help the food all day. really need





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Nancy your Chicken sounds good to.


Doesn't it feel great to be good! Eating right..drinking our water

and exercising.


It's good that we're trying this together..

keeps us all on the "straight and narrow"!


Paulette Welcome!

I'm so jealous thro..cruise in Oct. and then in Jan.

Lucky you!

Join us..we all want to be stricter and a few of us have

cruises in Jan. too.


So let the POUNDS come OFF everyone!

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Belle reporting in today. I didn't yesterday as we had off work. Drove an hour each way to get my daughter from collage so she could vote. It was her first time so she had to vote in person. Stood in line, total exercising for the day:( I made a commitment to this thread to go three days on strick Atkins industion but failed the first day.


So, to date. I made water goals both days. I have Started my three day goal over and am into the second day. I have made the exercising goal both days worked.


I told my daughters yesterday I have made this commitment. So, they are always willing to keep Mom in line:)


Good luck to everyone. Strength to all of us. We will make it thru the Holidays and onto our January cruises.

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Day Three...

Know it's hard some days to stick to it but you did good you got right back on!


I'm doing the diet and water right but not the exercising yet.

Since I was on vacationing eating everything..now I'm getting the withdrawl

headaches from eating less carbs and sugar.


Hope to start back to the gym tomorrow I was going today but we're getting our house painted. Today he's power washing and then putting the samples I want to see up on the wall and not sure the time he's coming.

So hope gym day starts tomorrow, I've done a few exercise here but I do better at the gym.


Well hope everyone is doing good, know it's hard when you start back strick..We Can Do It Together!


We really have to get strict, keep at it..the Hoildays are coming..we

want to get thru them eating right. What will help is we're doing this together

and some of us have an extra reason..January Cruises!


So think Diet..Water..Exercise!

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Is it getting easier or harder? I'm still getting headaches but they will be gone soon. I HOPE!


We had rain and hail here today..big hail, stayed on the ground like snow..

can't believe it.. not in "sunny calif"! LOL


So the painter didn't start today, will start tomorrow.


Well weigh-in day tomorrow..hope we all did well.

Won't be able to count all of my loss on weigh-in post because of gain on vacation but

It will be a loss. (But will be able to say real loss on here!)


Everyone have a good evening.

I have a question..are you all 3 hours ahead of me?

Now I see that two of you aren't. Vegas and Oregon are on my time.

Others of you are ahead? Hard to remember sometimes.. I'm talking about

"this morning or afternoon" and it's already passed for you.


Really doesn't matter about the time..we all want to get thru the

DAY and EVENING eating right! We just keep talking to each other..

helping each other no matter the time zones!

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Hi Belle, Two hours ahead and starting to feel and look like winter here which means it is time to get focused. Not great but not bad either so we'll see what happens at weigh in. Worst part is suddenly having a hard time with getting in all the water but I am working on it!


Hope everyone else is doing well. Where is your water?

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Hi again Belle,


had a good day too. Had dinner waiting for me when I got home which sure made it nice. Also took a 30 minute walk in the morning and Curves after work tonite.


The nite time is always my downfall. Want to get through tonite without snacking!!


Take care and LOSE LOSE LOSE!



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Posted a stay the same but might have to do with all the candy left when the Trick or Treaters didn't show up. Thank goodness, little of the stuff left is the least bit tempting (already managed to finish all that off). Concentrating on getting all the water in, nothing bad going in and Subway salad for dinner.


Everyone have a great day!

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I got 5 lbs off since Monday! Know was vacation weight..water weight

but at least it's off. Now won't be as fast but will stick to it with the help of you all. (also I'm one of the ones who loses weight slow) tends to make me mad but what can I do!

Just have to plug along, maybe my body will kick in this time and do it faster..who knows!


Hope you all did well since Monday..Keep up the good work!


Donna..Candy gone now..you'll lose now! Whats good is you didn't gain!

So your starting fresh!

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