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Adventure 10/17/04 Review...It's LONG!

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Here it is.......


At long last, here is my review of our Southern Caribbean cruise on the Adventure of the Seas from October 17th-24th. (Aruba, Curacao, St. Martin & St. Thomas) Be warned, it is long! Please stick around. We also spent 2 pre-cruise nights, and 3 post-cruise nights in San Juan, so I have included my thoughts on those as well. This review is based on our opinions as first-time cruisers. The “we” would be myself, “30-something” and my mom, also “30-something”!! LOL. As soon as I figure out how to get the software to work, I will add a link to the pictures I took. I won’t go into too much detail about the ports. We only did one ship tour (in St. Martin), one independent tour (on the pier in Curacao) and a lot of running amok on our own. (Aruba & St. Thomas)


I booked the cruise last February on my own but later had my TA take over. It was a surprise for my mom and we used it as our annual pre-holiday getaway. I am a Department Manager for a major retailer so I think you can understand the need for rest!


We departed our central NJ home at about 4:30 AM to drive to a local hotel to pick up the shuttle to JFK. EWR and PHL are a bit more convenient; however, even including the cost of the shuttle, JFK was still a little over $100 cheaper. Our flight was on American Airlines departing around noon. I used on-line check in (THAT is great!) and the self-service kiosk to check our bags. The agent attached the tags and we were off for breakfast. Total time from drop-off to coffee, less than 30 minutes.


As for the flight, we were on an Airbus aircraft. We like these because of the configuration of seats. But, they call it an airBUS for a reason! The flight was packed and, many people were, well, slobs. I don’t think they were all NYC-area natives! The bathrooms were gross within an hour. Enough said. We did get a hot lunch, chicken or pasta if I remember correctly. It wasn’t bad and actually resembled chicken and pasta.


A cab from SJU to the Ritz-Carlton was $10.50 + tip. I used Marriott Rewards points for our two-night pre-cruise stay at the Ritz. It is a lovely property, but they are remodeling a restaurant and some of the rooms. I was not told at the time I made the reservation. The only info I found in the Internet regarding this was that the Club Level was closed for remodeling. (And that was after I returned.) The staff is top notch, but the hotel shabby due to the remodeling, or the need for a redo. I do not think it was worth using the amount of points required, nor can I see paying over $300 per night. I had expectations about a stay at a Ritz-Carlton and they were not met. I don’t think a 4-diamond hotel should have dirty, torn linens or bottle caps under the desk. We looked at 3 rooms (with lovely views of parking lots) before asking them to find me other accommodations someplace else. Wound up with a pool-view room. Again, it wasn’t a bad hotel, just not the Ritz experience I hoped for.


We ate dinner at Metropol, a little Cuban place about 1 ½ blocks away. The meal the first night was great. Try the Mojitos and Cuban platter: a little bit of everything. We went back the second evening. The food was not quite as good. Skip the pork chops. They were deep fried and inedible.


Finally Sunday October 17th arrived! Our cab to the pier was $20 plus tip. (I think cabs are WAY too expensive in San Juan-I swear, they are cheaper in NYC!)



“Guesting”. We arrived at the pier around 11:30 AM. Aside from the traffic getting into and out of the area, getting in wasn’t bad. The cabbie dropped us off right in front of the porters. $5.00 to the porter and we were on our way into the building! At this point, the line was very short to check in. We signed our forms, gave the credit card and got our SeaPass cards. As we were in a Junior Suite, the agent directing people where to sit put us in the second line of chairs with the Diamond & Platinum C&A members and other Suite guests. Not sure if this was correct but hey, we were following orders! Actual boarding began shortly after 1 PM. After the mobility-impaired people were assisted on board, we were about the 20th people on the ship! We walked up the gangway, had our picture taken and were on board! That was exciting! Seeing everything in person for the first time instead of just pictures was cool-I felt like a little kid!


We rode up to deck 9 and looked for our cabin. Several people were doing the same thing and none of us realized that the doors to the corridors to the cabins were closed! Silly us! We all figured it out and found our cabin. The cabin attendant, Joanne was walking by and said she was done, and we could go in. The cabin was very big, about the size of a standard hotel room. The brochure says 277 square feet. There was a slight odor of smoke. Joanne told us she hates smoke too and she shampooed everything since the previous occupants had been smokers. Long story short, she lent us her personal Lysol, the smell was practically gone by the second day and we were very happy!


Our balcony was around 60 square feet with 2 chairs, a lounger and a table. Loved it, and used it a lot!


The storage space is more than I have at home. We had a walk-in closet that was big enough to use as a dressing room and more shelves, drawers and nooks and crannies than we could fill! There were more than enough hangers for 2 people.


The bathroom was also nice sized with a bathtub, not just a shower. There is a shampoo dispenser inside, plus nice big bottles of shower gel, shampoo and lotion. These found their way into the suitcase. We used the soap and had no complaints.


We were on our way to Windjammer for lunch by 1:45. The food was very good. Roast beef, pasta, salads-I can’t remember everything. It is not gourmet but perfectly edible, at least as good as the local Old Country Buffet. In many cases it was much better. If you go hungry in this ship, there is something wrong with you!


The balance of the afternoon was spent photographing and exploring the ship before too many people were on board. We had a boat drink in the Lobby Bar and went back to the cabin. Miracle or miracles, our bags were there (probably around 4-5 PM) so we unpacked. Incidentally, I carried on a bottle of champagne purchased in San Juan. No one stopped me or took it away.


After the lifeboat drill (boy did we all look silly in orange foam!!) it was a quick (NOT!) trip back to the cabin to dump the PFDs and run down for dinner. We were 2nd seating in Strauss at a table for 8. We tried to switch to a smaller table but that didn’t happen. Turns out, our tablemates were fun. Two sets of honeymooners & us-all first time cruisers, and a couple from New England on the second half of a back-to-back cruise. Boy were we jealous! They were all great and the experienced cruisers gave us some advice about disguesting that would be helpful later.


Our server was Filip from Bulgaria assisted by Lenka from the Czech Republic. We can’t say enough about them! Our Headwaiter whose name I forget did stop by each night and chat with us. I have read many reviews where people never see that person. We did, I just can’t recall his name.


Anyway, I don’t have the menus nor do I remember all the food, but I will tell you what I do recall.


Our first dinner consisted of an Onion Tart (yum!), chicken consommé (yuck), rib steak/prime rib (yum), chicken Philadelphia (Chicken breast, some sort of sauce, forget what it was, but it was good!) and White Chocolate mousse or Key Lime Pie for dessert. (Yum, but there is WAY too much mousse on this ship and I don’t mean the kind with antlers!) Stick with the recommendations of your waiter. They are usually correct!


At this point we were tired and the baseball playoffs were on so we returned to the cabin. We skipped the Welcome Aboard Show. DUMB! The shows we saw were so good later in the week, we could slap ourselves for not going to all of them. So, take my advice, GO TO THE SHOWS! They are GREAT! I don’t know how people can say they are amateurish. OK, everyone has an opinion. But these people work SO HARD to entertain you, please go! The ship was full-about 3300 people and there were always empty seats!


By the way, we gave our cabin attendant a calling card (AT&T from Target. They can be used for international calls, the time will just be less) and an advance on her gratuity. Not sure if it made a difference but we had a spotless cabin, ice and towel animals every day. (Except the first night) They work so hard, and she really appreciated this gift. Joanne said she would call her daughter!

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I had to split this up because it was too long.....


Here we go again...


Day 2-at sea.


Ate breakfast in Vivaldi. The food was ok-French Toast and Pancakes.


I was sick all day, most probably a reaction to the flu shot I was forced to get a couple days before we left. (The doctor insisted-my mom and I both fall into high-risk groups so please don’t flip out! I didn’t want to get one!) Thus, I missed an entire day of vacation, missed lunch and the Captain’s gala. (And the Grand Mariner soufflé! Boo hoo!)


They did serve almost the same food in the Windjammer for dinner. By this time I was feeling well enough to eat something. I had loaded up on Benadryl and the seasick medicine from the ship’s Medical Facility. I really don’t think it was seasickness. The water was very smooth and I never got sick before on smaller boats. Back to the food. They served Chateau Briand, duck, vegetable strudel, fish, Mongolian Grill. (Pick some meat, pick some veggies, they stir fry it for you!) The servers here this evening were very nice, carrying your plates and all. The food was very good. Could be hotter, but it was good. The Windjammer is almost a different place at night, more restaurant-like, less hectic.


I did not get my invite to the Meet & Mingle. As far as I know it was at 5 PM Monday in the Blue Moon. Sorry to miss all my pals, but I was sleeping off whatever was making me sick!


A note about the crowds. There are lines for everything, formal photos, ice show tickets, meals and even Shopping Shelby. With that many people it is to be expected. But I wish Royal Caribbean would do something about it. My biggest complaint is that people will not let you leave a venue first. They practically tackle you to get IN for stuff like Win-A-Cruise bingo.


Day 3-Aruba.


Ate breakfast in Windjammer. Bacon, eggs (ick), biscuits, coffee, the usual. Look around at the different stations though, sometimes things are different. A note on the coffee: Some complain. It is perfectly drinkable. Not the greatest in the world, but enough to get you going.


As for Aruba, been there, done that for a week last year. Got off the ship and ran around shopping and such. Went to grocery store for some snacks and beverages, and room freshener so we could give the stuff back to our cabin attendant.


We were joined in Aruba by the Crystal Harmony. Looks like a nice ship, much smaller than us!


There are many people at the pier with tours if you want to avoid using ship excursions. Last year we used Wix Tours (wixtours.com) for an island tour. They were super. Check them out as an alternative to De Palm. I think De Palm is too big. I recommend the Aloe Factory. The products (shampoo, lotion, etc) are wonderful and very inexpensive. There is a little kiosk in the shopping plaza across the street if you are not taking a tour that includes the factory as a stop.


Mom stayed on the ship and vegged on the balcony while I was running amok. For you news junkies, they have a little fax of parts of the NY Times, (and some foreign papers like London, etc.) These are available on deck 6 in the business center late each morning. Took me 3 days to figure this out. Now everyone knows! Ate lunch at Johnny Rockets. The fries and onion rings are great. Burgers and BLTs are not. They charge for sodas and stuff, and they do not have iced tea. The malts were pretty good. That was a late-night snack one day!!


We ate dinner off the ship at Tango Argentine Steakhouse. This restaurant is a favorite of ours from last year so we wanted to return. It is a quick bus ride from the pier. The AruBuses are $2.00 US round trip. Great way to get up to the beaches/hotel zone. The bus station is just across the street from the pier. The food at Tango was still good. They have a $19.95US early bird featuring salad, an entrée including Filet Mignon (pretty good size too, I couldn’t finish it and MEAT is my favorite food), fish, pasta, and flan. They also have a free tango show. This special is from 5-7 each night, which leaves plenty of time to get back on the ship.


That evening we watched the Red Sox beat the Yankees. Went up on deck to watch sail away. There was a poolside buffet. Looked good-Mexican food, pastry, fruits & veggies. Too many people. Not hungry.


As a side note, the pools haven’t looked too crowded. Yes there are people, but there were chairs any time I walked by. One pain is smoke from adjacent balconies. We like to leave the door open sometimes. Had to shut it so the smoke smell wouldn’t come back.




Had a Room Service continental breakfast. The call you first to tell you they are coming. Then later, we went and had a little juice, coffee and oatmeal in the Windjammer.


Watched us pull into port, that’s neat. Get up and do that sometime. This time we were flying solo, no other ships to keep us company. Did a tour with someone on the pier for $15.00. It was fun but the guide spoke mostly in Spanish. The Spanish speakers got more info and lots of little jokes. At least we went to the Curacao factory. YUM!


Returned to the ship, dropped off mom and went shopping and had a frosty cold beer in town. Stopped by the Mikvah Emmanuel Synagogue to get a gift for a friend at work. Not being Jewish, I have no background on this sort of thing, but this is the oldest synagogue in continuous use in the western hemisphere and it is very lovely. They have tours I believe. Returned to the ship and had little snacks in the room. No big lunch today. Walked through the Windjammer and the food looked good, but I don’t remember what they were serving. Rested a bit. I was up way too late watching sail away from Aruba. (It is at 1 AM after all!)


Tonight’s dinner was casual. There were many people in shorts or jeans. I don’t think this is appropriate expect for the first and maybe last night’s meals due to the luggage situation. I don’t mind Khakis, capris and golf shirts but shorts and jeans? I don’t want to sound snobby. Believe me, I don’t want to dress for dinner. But the dining room is so nice, that you at least want to look like you are dining, not coming back from the beach.


Dinner this evening was a fresh fruit plate, crab cake (good, but not hot), salad and pork chops. Yum. The baked Alaska was very good too. PS, Filip asked us where we were the 2 previous evenings-he wanted to make sure we were happy and that all was ok.


Tonight’s show was Velvet Rope. This show was excellent-not to be missed. Returned to the cabin to watch the sox wipe out the yanks. Actually I did watch a couple innings here and there at the Sports Bar. As did about half the people on the ship.

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And here is the end......


Thursday-Sea Day.

Breakfast in Windjammer again at about 7:15. The breakfast foods were still not very hot.


Sat out by the Solarium pool from 9-10:30. Got a good spot for a while, and split when it started to get crowded. Attended Shopping Shelby’s port talk and wound up buying the coupon book. Once in St. Thomas & St. Martin I collected all my free stuff. Got a nice tote bag and more loose gems than I could want. Lucky for me I work in retail and my friend manages the Jewelry Department. Hopefully I can get some of then set. Shelby is a nice gal, but she manages to do a 4-hour port talk in 90 minutes. Please switch to decaf!! She is helpful and does give you good pointers. I was not seriously shopping but many people were and did very well. PS if you are buying liquor get it in St. Martin or St. Thomas. I can’t believe how cheap stuff was. I came home with 6 bottles. Should have gotten 4 more. And if you goof up and forget to shop in port, the liquor at the SJ airport is equally cheap.


Tonight was the Hot Ice, Cool Art show and the second formal night. (Our first since I was sick for the first one.)


Dinner featured onion soup, salad & fresh fruit for appetizers. IMHO all the broth soups taste the same and they are kind of salty. The prime rib was tasty. The lobster tail & shrimp combo looked good. One tablemate ordered an extra lobster tail. The headwaiter removed the shrimp and tail from the shells. For a minute I thought he was going to feed the people too!! LOL. The crème brulee was also very good.


The headliner show that evening was singer/impressionist Roger Behr. In a nutshell, he was side-splittingly funny and “clean”.


Hot Ice, Cool Art (the ice show) is another do-not-miss activity. I have no idea how the skaters can do that stuff on a moving ship.


Friday-St. Martin.


Company again-the Golden Princess. Boy is SHE big. Looks a little like a shopping cart. We docked to the starboard side (where our cabin was located) so we had all sorts of fun waving to people on the Golden. A bunch of little kids we were! Ate both breakfast and lunch in Windjammer. The pizza and burgers are good, but I wouldn’t call them the best ever. Again, you will not starve.


Took an island tour through the ship. Dennis was our guide. He was super. If you take a tour and he is your guide, please do not talk when he is talking. There is a lot of information in his head and he will wait until the private chatter is over. He is a very nice mane and very proud of his island. We went to both sides of the island and I got dropped off in town to shop while mom went back to the ship.


The construction in town is annoying. They are putting in cobblestones and there are piles of these stones all over the place. Los of dirt/sand in the streets. If you are mobility-impaired or traveling with someone who is, be very careful. It is a little hard to walk currently. They should be done around the holidays I think.


Also do not miss the Guavaberry liquor store. But be careful, the stuff is strong! Other than that, the shopping is good and the island is very nice.


Tonight’s show was Can’t Stop the Rock. Again, very good. Don’t miss it! Dinner was Italian night with garlic soup and minestrone (both good), shrimp scampi (here comes the headwaiter again to get the shrimp out of the shells-the shrimp were tasty), chicken Marsala, tira misu and warm chocolate cake. All winners.


Watched a little of the guest talent show. The 3 people I saw were very good, not just karaoke-types but good voices.




Saturday-St. Thomas


Again we are by the Golden and docked on the starboard side so we can watch the world go by, opposite the Marriott hotel across the water. We were in port by 7. You have to do immigration here. Show up with your passport. We went around 8-8:15 and were done within 20 minutes.


Ate breakfast in the restaurant as the line for the Windjammer was ridiculous. The food was hotter and we were done faster than in the buffet.


Rode over to the Marriott to look around. Not impressed. They are renovating. We saw a big suite and it was in bad shape. This was the Frenchman’s Reef property. It was pouring rain so I opted to not look at their sister hotel, the Morning star Beach resort.


Other than that all I did was walk around and shop. Great liquor prices at AH Riise. Got some really nice tee shirts at a little store in town. Also walked around Havensight mall on the pier. Ate lunch in the Windjammer. The pork chops were quite tasty.


Attended Catholic mass at 5 so we missed sail away much to my dismay. They have mass daily at 9 AM. Went back to our room to finally drink our champagne.


All I remember about dinner was steak and it was good. Sorry-I really thought I made better notes. Oh well. We went to jackpot bingo and got within 4 numbers. Someone (NOT US!) won over $6,000! The farewell show was also great!


We did the automatic gratuities and supplemented them with cash. They bring you envelopes and vouchers. You just put the voucher in the proper envelop and hand them out.




All good things must come to an end. Darn. We ate in Vivaldi around 7:30. It really wasn’t crowded. Went back to the cabin to get our stuff and sat in the Lyric from about 8:15 until 11. They hand out colored bag tags but they call you to get off the ship based on flight time. If you have a flight any earlier than noon, I would say forget it. There were 3 ships in San Juan unloading and getting ready to reload. I cannot see any possible way to make it to the airport for an early flight on Sunday.


Waiting to leave the ship was a pain. As we stayed in SJ a few days we were the last off. By that point, most of the announcements were only in Spanish. Bad.


We left the Lyric at 11 and were in a cab on the way to our hotel by 12. I think an hour is a little too long in the heat, especially for elderly passengers.


The cruise itself, overall was magnificent. All the staff really are concerned that passengers are having a good time on their vacation. They all take pride in their work and they always smile. These people work ling hours and spend months away from their families. Please take care of them!


We tipped a few dollars after each meal in the Windjammer as well. Seems these servers really appreciated this, even though you didn’t always have the same people taking care of you. 98% of them would carry your plate, get you a beverage and get you refills. I think it was worth a couple bucks.


For the main meals in the dining room, there is always a vegetarian choice, a healthy version of an entrée, chicken, pasta and steak. Also, if you really want something, ask 24 hours ahead. If they can, the chef will make it for you.


I didn’t use the gym or spa and really didn’t spend much time by the pools. Too much other stuff to do.


Our cab to the Courtyard was $20 plus tip. To make another long story short, after several hours there waiting for a room and dealing with an incompetent staff, we moved to the Wyndham OSJ which will be a Sheraton in a matter of days. Skip this place if at all possible at least until next year. The renovations are, well kind of a mess. The place is dirty and I have no idea how they are going to get everything organized. Plus the pool was closed. No one told us they were renovating. We left after a couple days and wound up at the Wyndham Condado. Much nicer but in no way a 4-diamond property.



I don’t want to dwell on these lousy hotels after such a great cruise. If you want specifics on any of the hotels, email me. Also if you have any questions about the ship or review please ask.


I would cruise again, with Royal Caribbean, possibly on AOS even though mom thought it was too big. We did not like San Juan and will not cruise from this port again. The people at the pier were not the problem. The ship was beautiful and very well maintained. We didn’t think it was tacky in any way. The whole place is spotless. Our cabin was superb as was the cabin attendant. We wanted to bring her home.


I hope this review helps someone as you all helped me when I was planning the trip. Thanks for sticking around!

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We did the AOS in 1/03 , identical itinerary, and I'd sware someone was talking about a different cruise.trip.ship....after reading the above.


Not to say good or bad, just different, which goes to prove that no two people will see the trip in the same light....


Our trip and experience was completely different....great, but very different...

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Thanks for the great review -- I'll be on the AOS in 3 weeks!


I had a question (I'm sure I'll think of more).


You mentioned the Mikvah Emmanuel Synagogue in Curacao. How far is it from the ship? How would I get there? Do you know what hours it's open? I'm very interested in checking this place out.




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The synagogue is right in town. I can' t remember exactly where, but it is a fairly well known place. I just asked someone and the pointed me to the right place. One of the tours through the ship stops there. The ship docks maybe a 10 minute walk from town, or you can hop a cab. I think it's about 6 dollars. You can walk though.


Poppy.....I sent you some info

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Thank you for taking all that time to post such a detailed review!!Until our January cruise I read all the reviews and dream!!

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Eeeks...we are booked at the Wyndham OSJ pre-cruise Dec. 9-11... we really wanted to stay in Old San Juan, so I am disappointed to hear it's a mess! Is it really that bad??

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Hey Meg,


Nice review. We missed you, both on the boards before the cruise and also on the ship. Glad to hear you had a great time. We did too. We made it to the Meet and Mingle. Only about 10 of us showed up. That was disappointing. Take care.


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Thanks for the Great Revue!! WOO HOO!!! We leave THIS Friday for San Juan and off to the AOS Sunday 14 Nov!!!!!!!!:D

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Amazing review. Thank you for taking the time to do it. My husband and I will being sailing on the AOS in 4 weeks. You review answered so many questions!!


We will also be flying out of JFK on American Airlines. What is the online check-in and where did you do your luggage at?


Thanks, Heidi

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Meg, what do you mean ......"Watched a little of the guest talent show. The 3 people I saw were very good, not just karaoke-types but good voices". You should have stayed around to see our group of 28 perform !! We had a great time in the show but had a blast rehersing.


You missed the best part of the cruise,



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Great review with detail!


Did you go to the Portifinos or Chops? If not did you talk to anyone that did?



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Thanks for all the nice comments....took me 2 hours to type the thing, and that was with notes made on board on my PDA. (I tried to make notes on THAT thing in sentences-still took forever!)


Ok let's see...in no particular order, mainly because my thoughts are all goofy....



Heidi-check out AA.com - all the info for on-line check in is right there. took maybe 3 minutes and most of that was walking to the printer at kinkos to pick up the boarding passes.. (i like using their high speed...i have only dialup here in central NJ-what do you expect...i am lucky i have electricity. )


anyway, at the airport you can do curbside or go in to the self serve kiosk to check your bags. actually you can check in there too, but online was cool.

at the kiosk, swipe a credit card for ID (there is no charge!). the bag tags will print, the agent will affix them. then you go over to the sniffer machine and then up the escalator to security. we stopped to eat but otherwise it would have been 30 minutes from shuttle to gate. I suggest using a service or bribing a friend. the construction is mayhem but the airport was way better than expected.


Glen...my tablemates went to Portofino the last night...(no chops on AOS)/ i wasn't thrilled with the menu, a little to fancy for me and i talked to one person who didn't really think it was great. but many like it. we had no trouble with the dining room food.


we were NOT charged 3.95 at johnny rockets. someone was on the 10/31 sailing and paid 3.95. we only paid a TOTAL of 3.25 or less for 2 sodas as they don't have iced tea. maybe they changed the policy in 2 weeks.


LOU.....i started catching my tablemate's cold that night....all i remember is feeling a little sleepy and stuff so I returned to the cabin....you guys probably would have made my night...sorry i missed you. hey 28 people, all from mass.??? bet you raised some heck!!!


jean....maybe a lot of people didn't get their invite...like me. i really wanted to meet y'all.


Bobby & PTarbay......you better have big suitcases, i am coming with you!!!!

bobby-you will love it......don''t miss the guavaberry place in st. martin


bhughey-maybe by then it will be OK. it wasn't THAT bad, like not a roach motel (sorry!). i just thought is was REALLY shabby and dirty. like, even the casino had like 20 slot machines missing. if it is just for a night you will be ok. BTW they will charge you an early check-out fee if you want to leave. I refused because i was misled and they did waive the charge. i also moved to another wyndham property. I strongly urge you to look at a couple rooms before you sign in so if it is still a mess, you will be able to leave. OSJ is a little more convenient, BUT the Condado at least was on teh beach and had a nicer overall appearance.


OK..I think i got them all, but again, let me know if you want any other info. AOS is a GREAT ship and we really loved it. we are looking at RCL for alaska!

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Heidi or Bobby....could you help me out maybe???


I think you are both on the Aruba route??!! And chance one of you could get me a couple of the souvenier menus?? i don't need them all (unless they are only like 2 bucks apiece) email me if you could.....of course i will pay the postage and cost. i should have gotten a couple for my scrapbook from my 1st cruise but i never did....i am a dingbat!






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Meg, we had 28 in the Talent show, but the whole group in our party was 67, all from Mass, of the total only two of us were Yankee fans who took quite a bit of grief from our travel mates. I can't tell you how much fun it was to sail with a group of 67 friends, all ballroom dancers.


We initially thought we would enter the Talent Show with all of us participating. We were going to do a Waltz ..... wearing our Formal attire ..... Danging to the music from Titanic ......... with our Life Vests on...



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Are you the ones who consumed all the adult beverages and left none for the rest of us????? You should hae seen how much liqour came aboard in St. Thomas and it wasn't from the PAX!!


Sheesh...sounds lke you had FUN!

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Great pics! Thanks for sharing. I can scarcely believe that in 2 weeks, I'll be seeing all this in person, on my first cruise!


Thanks again, for all the info & impressions.



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