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Knitting needles


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Absolutely! My sister has a craft shop in So. CA and she brings her knitting and needlepoint with her wherever she goes. On our Regal cruise last April, she had the CD put a notice in the Patter that anyone interested in needlework meet in one of the lounges every day from 10 - 12PM. By the end of the cruise, we had 20 ladies who got together every day, knitting, doing needlework or yakking.


Wherever she is on the ship, and I've seen this time after time, people stop by to see what she's making and to talk about their own projects.


So, tell your friend to go ahead and bring their knitting. They'll make lots of new friends that way. :)

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I would be more concerned about bringing them on the plane. I believe you can bring them in your checked luggage on the plane. I would call Princess directly about bringing them on board the ship but given the fact that there are steak knives in every dining room :eek: I hardly think knitting needles would be perceived as dangerous.

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I love to crochet on long flights but always thought that my crochet hook would be taken away. This past year I saw a flight attendant knitting while waiting for our flight. We got to talking and she said that crochet hooks or knitting needles were now allowed (which shocked the heck out of me). Next flight I took mine and didn't have a problem one.

Kind of weird that you can't have a little nail file on your nail clippers or they will break it off before allowing them on, but you can take crochet hooks and knitting needles. :eek:

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't done it myself.


As for the ship, no problem whatsoever there either.

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Just back from Britain two weeks ago and there was no way you could take any knitting needles in your carry-on. Checked luggage was fine though - it may depend on where you are starting from as to whether or not you can do it.

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For flights originating in th US and where the TSA is responsible for security a visit to thier site will clear up any misconceptions about what is premitted and prohibited to be carried on. Knitting needles are allowed to be checked and also in carry on.


I don't knit and don't want to carry them on but here is the URL.



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Well, I quilt and crossstitch and I had to buy this little ring with tiny razors around the edge to cut thread with because I found out I could not take my tiny sissors on the plane with me. I bought it at a crossstitch store and the lady said she had sold many of them lately...The little wheel has a clasp on it and I put it on a chain around my neck like a necklace and have taken it on several overseas flights with me.

Never had a problem yet but could end up strip searched one of these days when a gungho security man spots it..Ha:.)

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I own a yarn shop and get this question from customers all the time. I reccommend they go on the FAA or NTS website and check the list of prohibited items. Before I travel I do that and they are usually listed in the NOT prohibited column. We decided they now realize women are more dangerous without their knitting needles than with them! :D It seems they go back on the prohibited list duiring orange alert. Last time I flew (June) I carried not only my knitting on needles, but spare needles in my bag (circular) and had no questions. I also saw that sharp sissors are not allowed so since I was going all carry on and couldn't put them in my luggage I bought a pair of dull tip sissors in the kids craft area for 49 cents, thinking if the took them, who cares. No questions. Just check right before you go and knit away!! Have a great trip.

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