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Arnos Vale


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It is on the Caribbean coast and a little North of Scarborough. I have emailed Arnos Vale directly as I have been considering going there instead of Pigeon Point. They told me I should not pay more than $15US each way. I have also been told that Arnos Vale prices for food & drink were pretty expensive by Tobago standards. They said a beer there was $14TT vs approx $6TT anywhere else.


Cabs may not be readily available there so you should arrange for driver who drops you off to pick you up at a specified time. I understand that they are pretty reliable.


When will you be there? We are on the Celebrity Summit arriving in tobago on March 11.

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I just want to tell you all about my experience with Arnos Vale. We were on a holiday cruise on the Constellation. We had a nice Roll Call going so I decided to contact Arnos Vale at the suggestion of a Trini friend who recommended it back in '06. She did her swimsuit photography there right before she won Miss Universe in 1998.


Well, at first, we got a group of about 16 people, which somehow turned into 34 people right before we sailed. I e-mailed the very efficient women, including Sintra Bronte, the owner, and they said No Problem! We had RT bus transportation, lounge chairs, towels, fruit punch, juices, water, soda, beer, the most gorgeous beach you could imagine with fantastic snorkeling around the edges (I'll try to put a picture below, I'm not very good at it), use of the really big clean pool, freedom to walk through the bird and butterfly sanctuary, and THE MOST delicious island buffet lunch, including salads, chicken, fish, rice, beans and their own homemade ice cream. She even opened up 2 guest rooms for us to change in - one for the men and one for the ladies! They picked us up at 8:30 and we left there about 4:00 pm, back to the ship at 4:30. All in all, an incredible day at about $70 a person. Try to find an ALL DAY ship tour for that price!


The port area is sketchy, some crazy Rastaman climbed on one of our bus in the morning and started harassing and screaming at people, but a 30 something brother/sister team sent him flying back to whereever he came from ... the woman driver said he wasn't from T&T.


We ALL called this





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The port area is sketchy,

some crazy Rastaman climbed on one of our buses in the morning

and started harassing and screaming at people,

but a 30-something brother/sister team sent him flying back to whereever he came from


... the woman driver said he wasn't from T&T. ===> Like that matters?

- or somehow makes it more acceptable?? :confused:

This is the sort of stupid, entirely-UN-necessary incident

that brings bad Tourism PR upon some of the Caribbean islands!



Some stoned-out Rasta freak guy just decides to play up.

- Nothing more.



Why was he not apprehended and immediately transported to the nearest Police Sta.?

and held in a cell there, 48 hrs. without charge

-long enough to dry-out/come-down, and consider the folly of his actions?! :cool:


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cincicouple: i am on the same ship as you guys Can you please give me the info for arnos vale?

i may be going alone.

also you should join our roll call for this cruise


Hello, We are signed up for the roll call and are interested in Tobogo's Arnes Vail. How do I know if there is an organized group going?(this is the first time I have joined the Roll Call). There are 70 people currently signed up.

Thanks you, Cheers, Maureen

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Arnos Vale is a small hotel with a small but pretty beach, it used to be a hotel nobody could stay at, run by the Mafia I was told!! Anyway we went one day for drinks & see the birds particularly the Mot Mot, this was under different management I hope as we weren't made that welcome...more tolerated. There are a lot of steps down to the beach.

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I was just wondering if they charge by the person for cabs or by the van? we are a family of 7 and on our last cruise we "rented" a guy in aruba for $300 a day to take us everywhere. it was about 8 hours good deal but usually 7 people gets expensive.

thanks in advance. we are on the Summit march 6-13th also.

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We just returned from our cruise and made Arnos Vale a morning stop. Cabfare there and back was $10pp ($12pp with tip), beach access was $3pp, an extra $3pp for a beach chair. While they did not roll out the red carpet and shoot off fireworks at our arrival, we felt welcome. There were only four beach chairs out for our party of eight, but four additional chairs were quickly produced without our having to ask.


IMHO, the snorkeling was fantastic! The reef has some damage (or so says my DW, who is the experienced one in our family-- she used to breed tropical fish commercially) but appears to be in good overall shape. A couple with us recommended entering on the north (right) side, otherwise it's a bit rocky coming straight in. Many underwater rocks and reefs with an abundance of varieties of fish. The beach was far from crowded-- only us eight for quite a while, with another three couples showing up later that morning.


Because of reports on this thread and a review on an outside website, I knew that lunch and drinks would be expensive here, so we only stayed until noon and brought along our own soda and bottled water. Still, factoring in a reported $20pp for lunch and $2 for a beer, it would seem to be a good overall value for an all day stay.


I referenced Wineguys' experience when I contacted Arnos Vale Hotel, and they said they would be willing to give us the same $70pp all-inclusive price if we could get a group of 10 together, if anyone's interested in that for a future stop.

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