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What was the nicest thing a crew member did for you?

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I was on the Carnival Miracle a few weeks ago. Me and the wife were a bit lazy that day and got off at port a few hours after being docked. Strolling down the gangway(?) where they like to take the pictures was the Captain. He was talking to some of the crew. We took the the pictures and the Captain walked up to us and asked if we would like a one of a kind photo. We gladly accepted thinking he would do that to help sell the picture as we would gladly buy. But then he told my wife to take one with her camera so he could see what it was going to look like with a wink, that way we would not have to purchase it. What a nice guy and a great gesture. We ended up buying one anyways.

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My wife purchased the blowfish collectable cup from one of the bars. Later that cruise I threw away the straw. I thought they would just keep replacing it. Bad news they don't it changes each time so they told me. I went to every bar on the boat trying to get the right straw and nobody could find one. Needless to say the wife was not happy. One of my waiters in the MDR was working one of the bars on the back of the boat during the day. He saw me and asked how he could help. At this point in the cruise we had talked with him many times and he shared much about his life and family. He was our buddy for all intensive purposes. He told us to wait right were we stood and he took off. Five minutes later he was back and had a new straw for me that he went and dug out of storage. My wife was thrilled and I tipped him a 10 spot. Loved that guy. He was awesome to us at every turn.

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We were on the navigator of the seas and found a good time at the piano bar with an entertainer named Phil Anderson. (I remember because we joked he was John's cousin.) By the end of the cruise he knew all our favorite songs and included them in his show, including serenading my fiance. Had the absolute best time with him.


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On 5/25/2014 at 4:00 PM, MooseyMoo said:

Anyway, on this cruise we had a formal night and also a semi-formal night. One at the beginning of the cruise and one at the end of the cruise. The dress up night at the end of the cruise, we all met in the lobby to take pictures. Some of the boys (the 14-15 year olds) were acting weird so I moved closer to one of their big sisters (or aunt or maybe mom) and she said, "They are all hoping to get a picture alone with you". I laughed and said, "of course we can do that". She got a smile on her face and said, "I don't know if you realize this or not, but they are all planning to go back home and tell their friends you were their girlfriend on the ship." Apparently this had been talked about and they were trying to figure out how to make it happen. I tried not to laugh out loud and made my way back over to my boys. Trying not to be too obvious about it, I made a point of posing with each boy with our arms around each other with our heads tilted together and gave my best "girl in love" smile to the camera. 😉

Bumping an old thread, but meh.


Wow, what a cool example!  You made a world of difference to those boys and their reputations back home, with what was probably a minor favor on your part.  And too funny with the "girlfriend on the ship" thing!  It sounds like something I'd have done when I was 15.  (The cruise line name tag would have given away the truth, but whatever.)


Now, my own example.  On my first cruise, I had two excursions booked: a Hemingway Museum tour in Key West, and a dolphin swim in Cozumel.  The morning of Key West day, I found out that my Hemingway excursion was canceled.  I got really bummed out, and went to Guest Services.  The girl was apologetic, but said the reason for canceling was inclement weather.  (Which was true: it was pouring buckets that morning.)  During breakfast, a fellow passenger gave me a pep talk, and I decided to walk to the same museum on my own, wearing a Carnival poncho I bought.


The dolphin swim was more problematic: It was in Mexico and not within walking distance from the ship.  Now, I like dolphins, and wanted to swim with them for 10 years beforehand.  So I planned my whole cruise around that excursion.  So if it got canceled too, it would ruin my cruise.  (In a pinch, I'd probably manage to find my own way, since I know Spanish and can navigate buses well.)  So for the rest of the Key West day, I went back to Guest Services multiple times, asking if my dolphin swim excursion was still on.  Time and again, the girl working there put up with me like a trooper, assuring me that it was, with the same smile and professionalism as the first time.  (I explained my situation to her, so she didn't think I was crazy.)


On Cozumel day, after my day ashore, I was walking through the atrium.  I heard someone call me over from the behind the Guest Services desk.  It was that employee.  She asked me how my excursion went.  I talked her ear off about how fun it was, and thanked her for being patient with me.  It was my first cruise, so I didn't know how the crew evaluation system worked.  Today, I'd have located an officer, written a complimentary letter about her, and made sure the officer got it.

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One of our waiters on the Sernade of the Seas brought me tea and lemon juice because I told him I had a sore throat. He also gave me extra lemon juice packets to use in the cabin. When I saw him the next day in the Lido, he asked how I was feeling.

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