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Voyager's woes, updated


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>>I have just been advised that the pod could not be fixed in Cochin and will now sail direct to Dubai.


Also the boat will need to go into dry dock in order to be fixed, but at the moment i am not sure where this will be, as previous posts have stated that no dry dock is available in Dubai?<<


We are headed for Dubai and work will continue there but there was no mention of drydock in either of Captain Dag's announcements.

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We are headed for Dubai and work will continue there but there was no mention of drydock in either of Captain Dag's announcements.


Peggy, are you still only making 14kts? If so, you have five days of travel to get to Dubai. Arrival on 31st (or late on 30th) would be best you can hope for.


Did anyone head off to Taj Mahal and then to Dubai? I know Marcie did that a couple of years ago (but didn't have to wait so long for the ship).



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FWIW, today I attended an executive webinar with Mark Conroy and submitted the question about how they were handling things. Here is what I received moments ago. This is not really any new info, but it does indicate they are trying to sail the next voyage. I recommend those affected wait for official word from those within the company and continue to seek all the info they can. I wish everyone well that is onboard and also Paula and anyone else who is affected.


Hello Debbie,

I am coming back to you with an answer to your questions you posed during the Regent Executive webinar:

Q: Do you see the current problem with the Voyager and the nets on the current voyage as a very short-term problem, and how is it being handled?


Below is what I received from Regent on this:

As you are probably aware, the Seven Seas Voyager is experiencing problems with one of its propulsion pods. After leaving Singapore, one of the pods shut down. Upon arrival in Phuket, divers inspected the pod and discovered that substantial lengths of heavy fishing line were tangled in the propeller and on the shaft where the propeller connects to the electric motor.

They removed as much of the line as possible and the ship proceeded to Cochin at reduced speed and consequently arrived in Cochin 24 hours later than scheduled. Engineers from the manufacturer of the pods joined the ship in Cochin as planned to further inspect the propulsion pod and attempt to repair and re-start it. As the pod requires more work than originally anticipated, repairs will need to be completed in Dubai.

As the ship can only operate at limited speed and it is imperative that we arrive in Dubai on or ahead of schedule, the ship will now proceed directly to Dubai where we expect her to arrive on the evening of the 30th or the morning of the 31st.

Additional technicians will join the ship in Dubai and work on repairing the pod so we may operate the April 1st voyage as scheduled.

We are working up a compensation package for all guests who are currently onboard and will announce it shortly.

Please let me know if you have any other questions that I can help you with.


Sinéad O'Connell

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>>are you still only making 14kts? If so, you have five days of travel to get to Dubai. Arrival on 31st (or late on 30th) would be best you can hope for.


Did anyone head off to Taj Mahal and then to Dubai? I know Marcie did that a couple of years ago (but didn't have to wait so long for the ship).<<


We're still in the 13-14 knot range and are due in Dubai the monoirng of the 31st (from Dag at 9am today).


I don't know if people went off to the Taj Mahal - I did see several poeple leave the dock area shortly before we sailed with a small amount of luggage but didn't know any of them or what their plans were.


In reality, we have not had any more communication except Dag's comments . . . I'm sure that Regent needed to know what was up once the techs were on board.


And thanks Debbie for your information . . . .

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latest press release on Voyager status:


Seven Seas Voyager to get pod fix in Dubai


Repairs to a Seven Seas Voyager propulsion pod are scheduled for Dubai in several days. As earlier reported, the ship has been operating at reduced speed after fishing line became tangled in a propeller, causing one pod to shut down.

Engineers from Dolphin pod manufacturer STN Atlas met the ship yesterday in Cochin, as planned, and determined the pod needs more work than anticipated. As a result, Seven Seas Voyager is now proceeding directly to Dubai and will miss calls at Mumbai and Abu Dhabi.


Arrival in Dubai is expected late Monday or early Tuesday.


Additional technicians will join the ship there to carry out the repairs so the April 1 segment of the world cruise can operate as scheduled, a Regent Seven Seas Cruises spokesman told Seatrade Insider.

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It is possible that I'm overly concerned. The fact that Regent is trying so hard to meet the April 1st deadline makes me hope that the pod is truly "fixed" and not quickly patched up while it awaits parts that will be installed in another port. Unfortunately, I've seen companies rush to meet deadlines with truly sad results.

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i'm wondering what i should do about my upcoming leg (IST->FLL). i haven't yet bought air tix or booked the hotel in case there are a couple of days' drydock delay in Dubai -- or, in the worst case, that repairs can't be completed. i'm supposed to board on the 18th of April -- far enough in the future, to be sure, but i don't want to wait until the very last minute to book.

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well, it had gone from $988 to $952 in the past few weeks ... and ...


... a bit worried by your post, i just looked again, and it's gone to $738!!!!!


(i generally have extra good luck when i travel)



... what i'm risking, really, is the hotels i want filling up by the time i book. apparently Istanbul is one of the hottest tourist destinations ...



edit: p.s., i'm still in the workforce, so don't want to occupy additional vacation days, plus i have a 19-yr-old cat i'll be leaving alone while i'm gone....

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yep, i think this is the first time he'll be without a cat companion ... had 2 when i left for last year's cruise; one (the youngest!) was dead when i came home, then Sam's companion of 14 years died ... took in a stray who has since vanished (suspect coyotes spotted in my neighborhood) ... hope Sam enjoys mostly sleeping for 3+ weeks!


most IST hotels can be cancelled with a bit of notice ... you're right, i should just go ahead and choose -- it's not as if i don't have anything else to fill the next 2.5 weeks with!:)


... best not wait until Dubai arrival i'm sure....

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Coming from someone who has lived in two U.S. territories that many do not know are part of the U.S. nor do they know where they are, I agree that many need a geography lesson. Most of those types would not go to India or anything with "Indian Ocean" in the mix or anywhere they thought was "Middle East" or whatever, either. Sure, some may not want to go there, but people got on a ship thinking they were going to Mumbai (and I would have, too), which was recently a terrorist threat for Americans and Europeans. I can't believe that most that would go to these less traveled areas would not look into it. I know many just put their faith in the cruise line, so that is the same as research to them.


I think we still do not have all the particulars, and really those on board may not either. I would expect a lot of mixed emotions such as disappointment, irritation, relief, and possibly some fear by a few. I am sure safety is the number one priority. I am sure TPTB are enlisting every contact they possibly can to help them through all of the areas they will be traveling and doing their best to provide the best experience they can given the situation.

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Jackie, I would say pretty much anyone I have sent anywhere outside of a quickie trip to Mexico or the Caribbean researched it for months on end and had me do the same. Much of the luxury sector is well-heeled and have many experiences upon which to draw.


This computer system thing has been a frustrating situation over the months, but I think that is an Apollo synergy situation that might not be related to anything that would affect navigation.


Regent is going to continue to have some challenges. They did some synergies with operations with Oceania and such regarding the computer systems to help fund Prime 7 and the rest of the refurbs. They are trying everything to give us a better experience every year, and they consider that their best marketing strategy.


Ultimately, it wiill be how they handle customer service, safety, compensation for issues, and things of the like that will be discussed here (a very small portion of their clientele). I would say the average luxury sailor is less versed in past ship problems than they are in the ports and travel situations of where they are going. I could be wrong...

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You're right, Host Dan ... I was already feeling guilty.


John & Linda's blog entry is very informative -- much more detailed info than heretofore available. I sure hope she (Voyager) doesn't require drydock if all such facilites are indeed full. I wonder what that eventuality would entail. Eagerly awaiting....

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In 2000, we were on the Song of Flower headed towards Muscat from Bombay. In the morning before we arrived in Muscat we were informed that we would be leaving the ship because of a burnt bearing on one propeller Shaft. The captain Dag informed us that we were being left off in Muscat and we would be going home. That was a surprise and a shock to all of us on board. They took us off the ship to a very fancy hotel for one night during which they booked our airlines to the US. Most people took the German airline to Frankfurt, and then to the US. Unknown to us the flight that went directly to Frankfurt was only Coach Class, available. We were lucky and went to Dubai and then home by business-class and first-class. Our baggage made it to Phoenix and we flew into Tucson. No baggage in Tucson. The next day baggage arrived by taxi. It is interesting that this problem has in common the same captain.


Radisson now Regent gave us a total refund for the missing segment and 14 nights on any other ship. This is what they're doing now for the people on the Voyager. Regent has never let anyone down in this kind of situation.

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Thanks to all for the thread about the Voyager technical issues. We are also booked on the Istanbul to FLL leg. The hotel we are staying at in the old city is quite affordable, and gives a discount for cash, so if we have to cancel it's not a big deal.


We were on the spring 2008 FLL to Barcelona, and had a pod failure on that trip; it was a sensor in the drive gear head which was within the hull, so the vendor tech who borded in the Azores was able to fix it in a couple days without affecting the schedule at all. This problem sounds much more complex!


Keeping our fingers crossed!

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John and Linda's WC blog (link below) recent entry gives a technical description of the

problem with the Voyager's pod:




Colonel Wes - there is only one technical (?) error I can see in this most interesting description of what happened or might have happened -- ABB is not a Finnish company! ABB stands for Asea Brown Boveri and is a Swedish/Swiss company which resulted from the merger of Asea (Swedish) and Brown Boveri (Swiss) about 15 years ago! Does it make a difference to what is happening - not at all! Let's hope that all is sorted in Dubai and the passengers can continue with their cruise.

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