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Thread Hijacking (Off Topic Posts)

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[SIZE=-1][B]Thread hijacking[/B] is the act of trying to steer a web forum discussion [B]thread[/B] off topic by discussing a subject entirely unrelated to the subject at hand. This would also include making references to the original poster, or even to OTHER posters, that have nothing to do with the subject at hand.[B]

[/B][/SIZE][SIZE=-1][B]There is far far too much of this going on in the NCL Forum.

We realize that in some instances, this happens naturally. However, it does appear to be intentional by certain members. [/B][/SIZE][SIZE=-1][B]Please be considerate of your fellow members; posting off topic within a discussion -- 'hijacking' -- is boring and only wastes everyone's time. Think twice and, for some of you, even three times before posting off topic in an existing discussion: [/B][/SIZE][SIZE=-1][B]not "thinking" may result in loss of your posting privileges on Cruise Critic.



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