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We have a wellness program here on campus and it focuses on many aspects outside of just weight or numbers, but I've always said and pushed for mental health care, but unfortunately its costly even for our consortium. But I think even though normally, I consider myself mentally average (health wise) there are times and things I could use help with. And I wish I had a resource for that. But cost is not possible at this time. I do think mentally I could use some help with my weight. Its the only thing I've never focused on. Why do I over eat? Why do I make the choices I do. Unlike most biggest loser contestants though, I don't have any dramatic experiences that have made me fat. I've not been abused in any way, I was never deprived or homeless, or raped.......never been married, so no divorce, no kids, so no pregnancy weight or hormones. My life has been pretty normal and average with no real complaints. I have some confidence and maybe slight anger issues (but I've actually done really well on my own adjusting and getting better). So, I'm not sure what a mental health professional could dig up that would be a cause or maybe not a cause, but a link to my weight.


I have been trying the 5HTP that Dr. Oz suggested on his show. Its a natural dosage of serotonin. It helps stablize you moods and keep stress down and helps your body create more of the chemical that says your full. I did it for 3 months and I def. felt like I reacted to stressful situations with me control and logic. My food intake was better, no perfect, but more thoughtful too. You have to wing off of it for a month though b/c your body becomes used to the dosage and it will just fall flat. So this is my month to go back on and I'm ready to feel some level. Its also natural and I like that. A lot of people I know are on prescribed meds and I just don't want to go there. I haven't talked to a doctor b/c I feel that I've recgonized the problem and I should now be able to take steps to prevent it further. Until I really starting thinking about the symptoms of depression, I didn't realize that I had a majority of them. Half the battle is not being in denial. So I'm ready to get back in the game. 4# down already, probably water weight. But still, its a start.

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In regards to what you take that Dr. Oz recommends, why do you have to go off of it? I guess I will goggle it to find out more.


Are you going to find another roommate? Maybe being alone is also adding to the way you been feeling.


I know when I have a cruise planned I always stay more motivated:)


Well I am glad your posting again.



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You go off of it b/c like most things you body becomes used to it and it doesn't have the same effect anymore. Its recommend to wing off it (lower you dosage a little at a time-I did it over a 2 weeks period) then do a month free of it, then go back on it. Or at least that's what I read. I'm having trouble finding it around my area actually.


I have a new temporary roommate, who is a nice girl. Younger, but she has a pup to play with my dog and we actually are in the same sorority (I founded it), so its nice. But she got a job in the next town and had to move right away, so it was easy for her to move in with me, but its about a 40 min. commute so she is looking for apts. closer and will eventually move out.


I'm actually at 6# down since Monday and I'm still making some bad choices and I haven't really added in the exercise yet. But its a start.


I had to go try on clothes for something last night and I was having trouble fitting in the largest size. Fitting into sizes has never been an issue with me, size is just a number, however, when you look in the mirror and start pulling yourself apart, its not healthy. When you have to try and find positive things to say, then its a problem. I was perfectly okay with my body 35# ago. I'ld look in the mirror and feel great and sexy. Now I don't and I'm sure your like, "35# at your weight probably doesn't make that much of a difference in looks" But to me it does and I want that back. So, that's my goal. Get there.

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I really haven't posted because I don't have anything positive to report. I haven't lost anything, I gained back most of what I did lose. And I've been trying for about 6 months to find a way to get myself back on track.


My work's wellness program is using as as test subjects for a wellness nurtional program called Metabolic Typing. Its basically eating for how your body processing nutrients. I texted as a mixed type, but my nutritionist is leaning me towards a protein. This week I will test eating 40% protein at meals. Its 40% protein, 15% fat (which mostly comes from protein, and 25% carbs (this includes brown rice, all veggies and fruits).


We are doing diet check records to record what we eat and how that makes us feel (full, full of energy, sad, angry, happy etc.) And we weekly record stats on weight, and bodily functions etc.


My nutritionist suggested that I seek some counseling for some signals she sees that are possibly compulsive eating, but of course she can't really say, that's not her degree. And also some concerns that I haven't been processing some emotions of grief, loss and stress from the past year, which could be hindering or encouraging bad eating habits.


Our insurance has an online program for counseling where I can kinda skype to a certified counselor or psychologist, so I've signed up for that and I'm waiting on an apt.


Right now, I'm just trying to keep the weight off and working through a lot of life that seems to have happened at once. And I realize fully that life will happen and its not an excuse, but I consider it a reason. I very good at rationalization and dealing with stress and issues, but reasonable when very high stress and emotional things keep happening to you about every 3 months, that is not enough time between events to process each situation before another comes up. Hopefully, the therapist can help with that.


That's it. Nothing big going on.

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