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  1. Hello, not able to write review because the drop down menus don't offer the required categories, like the port we started in.  We did the upper Mississippi south bound from St. Paul, MN to St Louis.  Overall it was an awesome cruise, who knew the river would be so incredible.  Lots of eagles, pelicans and the bluffs were spectacular.  We picked a great week because the ship was only half full.  The staff were great, the rooms were nice, the ship was beautiful and the food was good too.  Average age 70-85.  Our whole group was not really the target demographic, I'm 60 but took my 90 and 93 year old parents and their 87 & 89 year old friends.  My group really enjoyed the whole trip, but are not moving the best, so didn't really get to do most of the offered excursions.  They did get off at each stop and took the local loop bus ride each day, which was enough to satisfy them.  My only negative was that it was difficult for them getting on/off the ship.  My dad uses a walker and the ramps had big steps up/down and they were sometimes very steep and narrow.  I have photos of menus, daily activities offered and my single room should anyone be interested.  

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